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Got a board back with burnt fuse.   What would the mouser or digikey part be for a fuse replacement,  I have already removed the blown fuse.   I would like to replace the fuse myself as to not have the user wait a long duration.

Update:    I read the manual and it stated the fuse is manufactured by Schurter and the part number is 3413.0332.22

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fuse data sheet from mouser:

3413.0332.22 is the pn listed in the DNA 200 data sheet -the final .22 is ordering in 1000pc blister reel.
The .0332 would be the 25a variant, this fuse package is sold in 7a through 25a types - with these 4 digits varying by rating

Just to confirm, searching by pn 3413.0332.22 returns the same UST 1206 print that is referenced in the mouser link.
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I'd say your good to go :)

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