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churd83 said:

Well that's lame lol, but thanks for the quick response.

Work around.... using EScribe

  1. Go to Materials Tab and click on the “cross” (new material) icon. You now have a wire type naned “unnamed”. Click on “unnamed” and type in “Name” and “on screen name”. (name the new material maybe something like “Empty”). Un-check Temperature Sensing. Now add the new material to the “ Materials on Device” list (click on the arrow to add the new material to the right hand material list).
  2. Go to the General Tab and select a profile you want to change.  Type in the Name and On Screen Name.  Select the Coil Material (the coil material you added in step 1 above).  Now change the Power under Settings to 1 watt.  Upload the profile.
  3. Repeat (or copy) for each profile you are not wanting to use and upload.

You should now have 8 profiles with those not being used shown as “Empty”.

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turbocad6 said:

you could also just pick 4 profiles and repeat them 1-4 and 5-8, so cycling through profiles it would keep cycling through these 4 profiles as if there were only 4...

You really don't have to scroll thru the profiles. Just use the up and down buttons to move up or down from the current profile.
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