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Let's see your 250's!

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My V5 Boxer Style, slightly bigger screen window and rounded buttons and reworked the internals a wee bit for the door. This one i spent a lot of time on sanding and polishing to get silky smooth... then added some carbon wrap to the front panel just to be different. Currently fitted with the dual 18650 sled but can easily be changed to a lipo.

2017-11-16 18.53.34.jpg

2017-11-16 21.11.53.jpg

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I've had the boards, DNA250s, since they came out and got the enclosures about two months after that.  Finally got the pair of them done.  Drip3D enclosures.  They seem bead blasted then anodized and

Just finished stab wood box with dna250. Awesome performance, as with all my DNA mods. Installation is straight forward and the custom options with escribe make set up a breeze.

Just completed this, I designed and printed the mod on my own kit, slightly bigger than a hammond 1550p but much lighter

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