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Let's see your 250's!


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Well I must say the only way to push this chip to the limit is to Craft your own mod.

Just like this GIANT mod featured with a MASSIVE 4900mAh 11.1V (54.49Wh) Li-po power set.


But I just didn't notice the size and weight it's gonna be untill I put the battery set inside........

and all of a sudden I was like, is it such a waste of this massive power storage?

so I bought a 12v to 5v USB chip and got this done:596a339d61226_QQ20170715231801.jpg.997de77b231ef2c242b74a8ccb2c0ae1.jpg

a little bit flaw there but that doesn't matter.

SO i got this shit

Aluminum casing with hand drilled-filed holes, carbon skin and a little bit rainbow deco.

I call it

SA250W Carbon Deluxe

also can be used as an emergency power supply~~~~~(no one cares but my phone with a poor battery)


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Hello, Evolv forum land!  I've been lurking these forums for ages debating how badly I needed DNA-level TC in my life, but I finally bit the bullet:  joined the DNA world and squonk life in one fell swoop and couldn't be happier!  It's not a custom stabwood, but for now, this is my new daily-driver:



The TC is amazing now that I've gotten my head around the nuances of properly setting up a DNA device, and I honestly doubt I'll ever be satisfied with anything less again.  Brilliant work, Evolv!  Loving it~  (Lost Vape didn't do a bad job, either, but we all know the board is the real star here XD )


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