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Let's see your 250's!


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My Triade DNA250, I've a trio of different back covers; the two in the picture (Black, Red Leather) and the one the mod is wearing but out of shot in the cracked antique leather which is my favourite!

I've standardised on the Kanger Subtank Plus with it's 7ml capacity and have one using the Ni200 SSOCC coils, mainly for work - and a pair that I use the Kanger Mini RBA+ mainly for home use.

Also gone heavy on the heatsinks too.

As a terrible tinkerer (classic cars, model-building etcetera....) I've added custom screens using eScribe and currently looking at picking up a worn/used Triade with a view to strip it down, and brass-plating the casing and back - the intention being to create a unique steampunk themed Triade.

I've gone from 20 L&M Reds a day, through an eLeaf 30w iStick and then a Cuboid, and loving the versatility of the DNA - as one of my work colleagues said recently, I've turned a habit into a hobby.

I'd say more of an obsession really.............





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Recently got myself a 3D printer, have already build three DNA mods, all the typical rectangular box shapes, but now i have designed and printed my own take on teh Boxer, just waiting for the board to arrive so i can build it, all press fit bar the board screws and 510 nut...


2017-06-25 16.03.35.jpg

2017-06-25 18.17.29.jpg

2017-06-25 18.17.39.jpg

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I've had the boards, DNA250s, since they came out and got the enclosures about two months after that.  Finally got the pair of them done.  Drip3D enclosures.  They seem bead blasted then anodized and the finish is really nice and feels nice to hold, no finger prints either.  I use FDV V3 510 connectors, had to use them since they've been sitting for a few years, and Nanotech 1300mah batteries.  The black one is mine and has an Aromamizer V1 on it.  The violet one is for the Mrs. and has a Fogger V4.1 on it.



Here they are, side by side, with the covers off -



And here's a closer view of the inside of mine, but they're bot the same.innards.thumb.jpg.615faf0719640b40344c9aeeeec29c21.jpg


I compromised by mounting the board sled/screen holder with LokTite, gel, instant adhesive.  The batteries are secured with Velcro, two one inch squares per battery.  Normally I would have kludged some metal brackets and JB welded them into place for both the sled and battery but I wanted to get these things completed and in use.  Overall, I'm happy with them but still need to run case analyzer on both of them.

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