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Found 3 results

  1. Hi New DNA user here (but long time Arctic Fox user), with a newly purchased Lost Vape Paranormal 250C. A couple of issues that I'm having and I'm wondering if they are 'normal for the Paranormal' or whether I need to submit a ticket: 1 - Case Analyser Trickle Charge When trying to run the case analyser it is showing a low level charging current from the usb connection (fluctuating between about 0 and 0.03). The case analyser completes OK and the room temperature when complete is showing within 1 degree C of my room thermometer reading. The coil resistance readings also appear to be accurate (within 0.001 ohms of the steam engine coil wrapping tool prediction and again within 0.001 of the readings from my other mods which are running arctic fox. Should I be concerned about the usb trickle charge, even though it seems to give accurate cold resistance readings and room temperature readings will it affect the mod performance in other ways? Is this normal? 2 - Cold / Weak Vape Using Temp Control with Stainless Steel Wire Using Stealthvape SS316L 26g wire with the steam engine DNA curve for SS316L wire I get a very weak and cold vape with the DNA 250c. 420F produces virtually no vapour. 470F is a cool vape (what I would normally expect at 420F) and to get a reasonably warm vape I am having to go up to 520 - 530F. Using the same coil / tank on my other mods which are running Arctic Fox I am getting a far warmer and nicer vape between 420F and 470F whilst using the same Steam Engine SS316L curve. To get a comparable vape with the DNA 250c I need to use the steam engine curve for SS304 instead of SS316L! The cold resistance of my builds reads consistently between the DNA250c and my other mods. Internal resistance of the Lost Vape Paranormal is set at 0.004 ohms (so even if I were to set it to 0,000 ohms it wouldn't change the registered coil resistance sufficiently to resolve the problem). The cold and weak vape occurs on all my coil builds with SS316L (both single and dual coils). . If it helps, I'm currently using a dual coil build on a Geekvape Zeus dual coil tank. 6.5 wraps of 26g Stealthvape SS316L around a 3mm rod and about 8mm total leg length per coil. The build reads at 0.251 ohms on the Paranormal DNA 250c and 0,250 ohms on my Arctic Fox mods. The Steam Engine prediction is 0.250 ohms. I'm vaping in TC mode with 75 watt power set and no preheat. The device monitor is showing the temperature quickly increasing to the set temperature with minimal overshoot and then stopping within +/- 4 F of the set temperature for the duration of the vape. So the monitored TC performance is consistent and smooth for stainless steel wire, but the coils are clearly not reaching the indicated temperature when using the Steam Engine SS316L figures. Is this 'cold' vape normal for the Lost Vape Paranormal / DNA250c or is there something wrong? Any help would be appreciated! Pete
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Theme with Paranormal logo on the background Credit to djlsbvape for the original file
  3. Hi, I recently started using my LostVape Paranormal. Unfortunately, I noticed that there is a problem with the display. After a while the display becomes unreadable. An example of how it looks like I was trying to capture on attached picture. I tried to upload other themes, but it does not give anything and the display on each of them becomes blurry and appear vertical lines. Did any of you meet with such a bug and have an idea of what might be a problem ? I will just add that some pressing around the display does not change anything.