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Found 14 results

  1. Version 1.0.2


    DNA 60 (Deutsch - einfach) V1.0.0DNA 60 (Deutsch - einfach) V1.0.0Einfaches DNA 60 Theme auf Deutsch.
  2. Hi, Is anyone here familiar with this mod? I came across a new in box, Infinity Insider Mini, which I just purchased that runs a DNA60 off of a single 18650 (maximum configuration). The design is very reminiscent of an old Svoemesto double barrel styled mod I purchased almost a decade ago now, called the Semovar (with hybrid connector). It was based on a Nivel chip, which only allows a maximum of 15w. I had originally planned on trying to change out the board in the Svoemesto, but I honestly wanted to preserve it as a collector's item. These things was pretty epic
  3. Hello fellow Modders, I'm no expert in electronics and I'm hoping someone knows how we can wire properly an LED on the DNA 60 board for lighting it up when firing the mod. Connecting it along with a resistor directly on the output to the atomizer , It Works but obviously depending on wattage selection the brightness varies and also it changes the atomizer resistance value that the board is reading. (small soldering point are not really a problem as I've already replaces the tiny LED diode of the charging board with one of my preference and it works well) If you know any other pote
  4. Version 1.0.0


  5. I got my esquare yesterday and I've been messing with it pretty much ever since. Background: I have an Alien 220 and a goon 24mm i run as my normal set up. Got a merlin mini RTA with the esquare and have been playing with them both. The alien can be finnicky with the TC, but it is pretty good about not giving me a dry hit. Materials: I'm using 24x36 single core clapton SS 316L with single coils in both my Goon and Merlin. In the Goon i tried first it with 5 wrap spaced 3.5mm twisted coil. Now i am running a single coil 6 wrap, 3.5mm spaced coil, ohming around .33-.36. On the Merlin i sta
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This is my first custom theme and is intended to fit into a SteamPunk setting. I used the Steam Engine's default theme and left the logo intact, since the term can apply to any personal vaporizer, but I reworded the screens and designed them using Victorian principles, grammar and typefaces. I could not have done this without the wonderful tool provided by @Mikla here:
  7. Version 1.0.0


    font name: Electro Shackle Enjoy...
  8. Trying to swap a small screen dna40 for small screen dna60 on my jemit design maximus. Is that possible?
  9. My Esquare DNA60 is having problems doing TC with SS316L. I put in a new coil, it won't change its resistances from the last one, pop out batteries, still won't, take off atty and hit fire, still won't change. Ohms aren't locked at all and even if I move it to device diagnostics it STILL shows the last coil under live ohms for no reason. To make it worse on a 0.65ohm 26gSS316L single coil it just will continually nuke the coil with 50w-60w when the temp is set to 450f and just decimate any coil I put into it. No matter how I build, if I lock ohms or not, its just isn't doing TC
  10. HI i really need a discharge profile for Efest 18500 1100mAh Flat Top Battery for my lost vape coral dna60 of someone could help it would be great thank you
  11. im looking nice custom theme for DNA 60 small screen for my billet box DNA60w board anyone ? thanks for your help
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Smile when you vape
  13. so i just bought eptite dna 60 after 2 weeks i have an issue , when i put battrey in , on the screen show check battrey . but i put rda on it and i fireing the epetite is off so what should i do ?
  14. Need some help guys. I was recently given a Epetite DNA 60 mod and I've noticed the resistance is somewhat lower than the coil should be running. I've inserted a 7 wrap 2.5mm 28g kanthal coil on my kayfun 3 mini and have only gotten 1.07 ohms. On my DNA200 it is reading 1.31 ohms. Provari showing 1.2ohms. Can anyone here be kind enough to share the factory firmware so I am able to get it to work properly? I don't have a copper/ brass 510 pin to calibrate the device. Let me know if I'm missing something. Thanks.
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