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Found 92 results

  1. Triade dna250c, case analyzer, device still charging at 0.001- 0.009 amps when i run case analyzer its showing my mod still charging at 0.001- 0.009amps.the battery is at 25% an left sitting for a few hours before running the test.i have tried a firmware update, soft and hard reboots, disabling usb charging. i have checked the battery profile, its ok.i have NEW (LG HG2 batteries)LINK to batteries have looked online for hours for a fix but no fix, just other people with the same problem. But there is no information on how they resolved the issue.can you please help me fix thisthanks I have lodged a ticket and so far there has been no help this is the reply I got. (Your battery needs to be fully charged before starting the test. Additionally, I would let the device sit for and hour or so before starting the test) I don't think anyone actually read my ticket!
  2. TheVapingSquire

    Replay working, but not properly.

    So, I've had my paranormal for a while and I've never been able to get the TC mode or replay to work properly. What I mean is, I cant get decent vape off of it with any TC wire. The replay function works, but the vape I get from the device is weak. Occasionally, I'll get a decent vape, go to set replay and its weak again. I've recently bought another TC mod and tried my builds on that. They work beautifully. Is there something wrong with my board or have I been doing something wrong from the start? Also, how can I delete my puff recordings from memory? I really dont need 11K+ recorded puffs. Tried reset but it didn't do anything. That just recorded that I had reset my device 8 times...
  3. FrolEA


    Version 1.0.0


    Стандартная тема для Paranormal DNA 250C в неоновом стиле Standard theme for Paranormal DNA 250C in Neon style
  4. Version 1.7.1


    Modified Default Evolv Theme for USmodz Updated for Replay Temp Control Added Conditional Screens Order of icons from left to right *(SETTINGS)* *(Boost/Pre ON/OFF switch)* *(Level adjust Boost/Pre 1 increment)* Settings File: USmodz-Settings-1.7.ecig
  5. beardedvaper

    Rick & Morty

    Version 1.0.0


    Just a quick theme I put together! Watch the pickle!!
  6. Version 1.0.0


    My first attempt at creating a theme. Please let me know of any feedback that you have on this.
  7. Version


    Default file values for the Think Vape Finder 250C
  8. ParanomalPredaThor

    Display Timeout

    Hello everyone, does anyone know where I can set the time for display timeout ? (if there is a display timeout setting) thank you
  9. Version 1.0.01


    DNA250C slap speedy job based on another users upgrade of the basic.
  10. Version 1.1.1


    This theme has been greatly simplified in order to allow the pretty pictures to be loaded onto a DNA75c board. It has full wattage control and temp control, and not much else--including no replay.
  11. infered5


    Version 0.0.2


    Minecraft UI DNA 250C theme. Not tested on 75C. Supports: * Lock Screen * Main Screen: Change Watts, Enter Settings, Check Atomizer, Change Profile * Settings: Change Atomizer, Puff Info, Diagnostics, System Info Atomizer (Profile): Profile, Recheck Ohms, Boost, Punch Puff Info: Info about puffs Diagnostics: Power, Temp, Ohms, Volts, Ampts, Battery, Board, USB System: Date, Time, Brightness, About About: Puffs, Revision, Serial, Patents Coming Soon: * Clean Up System Screen * Clean Up Puff Info Screen * Clean Up General Menu Highlights * Add Battery Percentage to Main Screen * Add a way to remove highlight from main screen
  12. RastaVaper

    Classic Advanced

    Version 1.0.0


    Classic Advanced A stylised and subtle theme based on the stock version and enhancing it with more available options within eScribe so you don't have to plug in your mod to tamper. Designed with simplicity but pure functionality and every day regular-use in mind. The theme's colours have been optimised to look its clearest and most legible on the DNA250C screen from all viewing angles. LED light has been programmed to match the colours on the theme. Please note: The replay function has been entirely edited, please go to the Replay screen to switch it on/off , toggle the warmth, switch on/off whether it's active on the profile in use and finally if you want to replay your last puff. This is designed to work with dual-battery DNA250C mods, the battery functions will not clock the rest of the cells if you're using more than 2. Classic Advanced.ecigtheme
  13. Version 1.0.0


    A liitle theme for the com. hope u all enjoy this
  14. Alright. So I 'read' the manual. And I googled around for a while hunting down others voltage issues but everything I find is battery related... I think my case might be a little more specific. So let me preface this by saying i like to tinker. So decisions were made to ensure that I could change things around often. This should take care of things liked "dude that is a-lot of wire" and "Why in the f**k do you need a terminal strip". Since I am also a fan of over-building everything we can avoid things like "Bro; but it's barely 4 amps!" or even the occasional "you can get cheaper better built ones online". It's just a simple passthrough box (screenshots attached) with a terminal strip to terminate all connections. Easy to take apart and put back together and modify. This is far from its final form, just a proof. I'm coming over from a GENE chip (the drag) because it's time to leave batteries behind. I got the 250c because I can't help myself, easy enough to justify with a "just in case" --right? I got the giant case because I have big clumsy hands and limited to moderate patience when the lower back starts to ache from hunching over to work on tiny things in smaller places. The power supply is a genuine Meanwell LRS-150. Will be connected to a LRS-350 for the full 30 amps when in final use. So that I can use all of 45 of those 350 watts... That out of the way lets talk about 9.38 volts. And why the DNA chip seems to think that's what its getting. * Plug in brand new chip. Apply 12.25v. * Plug in USB (5v). * Download and push latest firmware and reset * Generate custom material profile based on COMPLETELY TRUSTWORTHY(tm) Reddit information. (screenshot attached) --- TC/r value. To: 0.00240 --- Temp sensing (of course) * Set the custom values in the profile. (Screenshot attached) --- 45 watts --- No preheat --- Temp cap 525 --- No replay --- Locked resistance based on new coil 24 hours at room temp. * Push to device * Satisfaction (until i check the diagnostics) Wiring is 2 runs of 16 gauge for power and ground from the PSU to the block. I would love to have used 2 runs of 12 but the aviation connectors wouldn't have it. Speakon for V2 if this proof of concept works. 12 gauge for everything else. Seriously disappointed in the stock pad-soldering solution for a supposed 400 watts. That's it really. Thing performs flawlessly at these settings and feels exactly like my GENE chips at the same (converted) settings. I just don't understand why the chip is reading 9.38 volts. Doesn't behave like its under powered, still need to get my shunt and ammeter in the loop to see whats up in that regard. I understand every time you add a link in the chain, another connection, another length of wire, another terminal and so on you add resistance which can effect voltage at high power levels. I scuff-buff-n-clean all my connection points and solder joints. Clean all conformal coating off and pre-tin the pads and wires. I also fully admit I solder with the dexterity of a ham-fisted gorilla on methamphetamine. I have tested every link in the chain repeatedly with a multitude of multiple multi meters and displays of varying known offsets. I know beyond a shadow of the doubt I had the 3rd time I de-soldered EVERYTHING and re-soldered it; those pads are absolutely mechanically and electrically connected. Thanks in advance. Hope I just dun-goofd' a setting somewhere. I'm worried I cooked it during some of that professional soldering..... Had fun writing this up and getting the screen shots though 😉 -Crit (bonus points for why it thinks it has 3 cells when i didn't even so much as solder on the connector)
  15. Version 1.0.1


    Hallo, ich habe das Standartmenü der Paranormal 250c so weit wie es ging auf Deutsch übersetzt, Viel Spaß (HI, i translated the Defaultmenu of the Paranormal 250c to German, as far as i could. Enjoy )
  16. Greetings fellow vapers! I've been looking into building my own mod, woodwork powered by DNA250c, but with pretty much everything sorted, I've run into one major setback. Can't figure out wiring for a single battery device. The 250c data sheet has 2s, 3s, 4s wiring printed out, but no mention about single cell setup. Does the mean 250c can't run on a single battery? Or am I missing something? Cheers edit: typos
  17. Version 1.1.0


    Version 1.1 This update introduces a visually enhanced Replay experience. Mx2: Clean and simple main screen that adapts to your needs! Easy navigation with icons menu. Theme is available in both Green and Blue. Works on DNA 75c and 250c devices with Replay Here is the main feature of this theme. The information displayed on your screen will change according to your vape style. Displayed info adapts for the following: Replay mode with any temperature sensitive material selected (pre-activated) Replay mode with selected material "Watts" (pre-activated) Replay Activated Temperature control Wattage Mode Each of these screens will provide different data according to your needs and your specific vape style. No need to navigate sub-menus to find what you're looking for. All you'll ever need is on your screen Icon menu is simple to navigate, yet providing all the information your board can offer. "Back" and "Home" buttons will help you navigate easier. Designed for simplicity Puff Charts screen gives you the option to record 9 different type of data for your puffs. These 9 options are represented by the colors they have on the chart. No more guessing! Hide info is a new feature added in version 1.1. You can now hide the battery %, Ohms and Voltage with Amperage from the main screen. You can have the "clean" screen experience instead of the more technical one. When hiding "battery %", the battery icons will get bigger with more accurate representation. It's all about customization! All and all an advanced theme even a simple user can navigate. Try it out and let me know what you think in the comments and reviews. The Mx2 theme is provided for free. If you like my work and want me to create more DNA color themes, you can always support me with a secure PayPal donation by clicking the button below: You can find my new theme here: The iOS Theme *Sidenote: Huge credits to @niandra3 . His themes are the only ones i enjoyed using when i got my dna board. "Mx2" was inspired and based on his "Clean Black and Blue V1.7" theme. Check out his latest theme here: Clean Colors
  18. Version 1.0.0


    StormTrooper - DNA75C & DNA250C With Replay
  19. Version 1.0.0


    StormTrooper - DNA75C & DNA250C With Replay ..
  20. Hi New DNA user here (but long time Arctic Fox user), with a newly purchased Lost Vape Paranormal 250C. A couple of issues that I'm having and I'm wondering if they are 'normal for the Paranormal' or whether I need to submit a ticket: 1 - Case Analyser Trickle Charge When trying to run the case analyser it is showing a low level charging current from the usb connection (fluctuating between about 0 and 0.03). The case analyser completes OK and the room temperature when complete is showing within 1 degree C of my room thermometer reading. The coil resistance readings also appear to be accurate (within 0.001 ohms of the steam engine coil wrapping tool prediction and again within 0.001 of the readings from my other mods which are running arctic fox. Should I be concerned about the usb trickle charge, even though it seems to give accurate cold resistance readings and room temperature readings will it affect the mod performance in other ways? Is this normal? 2 - Cold / Weak Vape Using Temp Control with Stainless Steel Wire Using Stealthvape SS316L 26g wire with the steam engine DNA curve for SS316L wire I get a very weak and cold vape with the DNA 250c. 420F produces virtually no vapour. 470F is a cool vape (what I would normally expect at 420F) and to get a reasonably warm vape I am having to go up to 520 - 530F. Using the same coil / tank on my other mods which are running Arctic Fox I am getting a far warmer and nicer vape between 420F and 470F whilst using the same Steam Engine SS316L curve. To get a comparable vape with the DNA 250c I need to use the steam engine curve for SS304 instead of SS316L! The cold resistance of my builds reads consistently between the DNA250c and my other mods. Internal resistance of the Lost Vape Paranormal is set at 0.004 ohms (so even if I were to set it to 0,000 ohms it wouldn't change the registered coil resistance sufficiently to resolve the problem). The cold and weak vape occurs on all my coil builds with SS316L (both single and dual coils). . If it helps, I'm currently using a dual coil build on a Geekvape Zeus dual coil tank. 6.5 wraps of 26g Stealthvape SS316L around a 3mm rod and about 8mm total leg length per coil. The build reads at 0.251 ohms on the Paranormal DNA 250c and 0,250 ohms on my Arctic Fox mods. The Steam Engine prediction is 0.250 ohms. I'm vaping in TC mode with 75 watt power set and no preheat. The device monitor is showing the temperature quickly increasing to the set temperature with minimal overshoot and then stopping within +/- 4 F of the set temperature for the duration of the vape. So the monitored TC performance is consistent and smooth for stainless steel wire, but the coils are clearly not reaching the indicated temperature when using the Steam Engine SS316L figures. Is this 'cold' vape normal for the Lost Vape Paranormal / DNA250c or is there something wrong? Any help would be appreciated! Pete
  21. ReDtHrE3

    BOBA FETT theme

    BOBAFETT.ecigtheme Probably needs work, feel free to edit it further, just a basic Boba Fett theme... I'm still tweaking it ab bit here and there constantly.
  22. TheWizardOfoZ


    Version 1.0.0


    its my first time let me know how it is VapeOn v3JokerLKLK.ecigtheme
  23. WhiteLies

    Replay Issue

    Greetings fellow DNA user i am really new to this DNA world, just coming from regular 35$ ish mod, and really happy to use this paranormal with dna 250c and as we might know, the featured benefit is replay mode right ? i use digiflavor drop RDA with SS316 with nominal cold resistance rating at 0.15 ohms, at first when i switch to replay mode, the mod will fire really weak no matter how high wattage i put into, and after tinkering for awhile, and with basic knowledge that SS wire resistance will increase after heated, i push measure ohm on the setting and it reads 0.17. it fires great and i able to save it. world just work like a charm at that time. problem is, after i stop vaping for a while, let say 20 mins. the coil reading will return to 0.15 (as temp cooled down), then it wont fire as great as before (weak firing) even the replay mode is still turned on from previous vape, until i push measure ohm again and re read 0.17 ohm, it will fire great again. i have tried to lock the resistance when it reads 0.17 and on 0.15, still no fix though. kinda frustrating if i have to re measure everytime i start vaping after long rests. is anyone having this kind of problem too ? or this is a known issue bug ? or may my understanding about TC is wrong at this moment ? your suggestion is so much appreciated, thanks for reading my rather long post cheers😁
  24. Got my Think Vape Finder DNA250c in the mail today from China. Unfortunately, it won't fire any of the 6 tank attys I've tried, though the same attys work fine on my Smok X-Priv. On the Finder, I get "Check Atomizer" about .2 seconds after pressing the fire button. Nothing I've tried in Escribe has helped - soft reboot, hard reboot, upgrading firmware - no change. "Analyze Atomizer" in Escribe works as expected until I hit the fire button, then I just get question marks and the same error message on the device. Not sure what else to try... any advice? Otherwise, I'm stuck dealing with the seller through Aliexpress to get a refund or wait for an exchange. Ugh.
  25. So I'm trying to make some custom gauges. but I can't figure out which data fields I can use. For instance, it doesn't seem like Puff Time can be used as a gauge (I can assume this is because there is no defined min and max value). But also Time (Minutes) cannot be used, neither can Ambient Temperature. I kind of wanted to make an animated logo that slowly changes color, so using a gauge seemed the best way to do it (tried using Minutes, but Seconds would be even better if it was available). But using a field like Atomizer Temp (which does work as a gauge) does not achieve the effect I'm looking for. Can anyone tell me which fields can be used as a gauge? I do know Screen Brightness, Replay Warmth, and Atomizer temp all work, are there any others? @James this would be a great feature to enable any field to have a gauge, and let the designer define custom min and max values since I'm assuming that's the main hurdle to allowing this.