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  1. Regarding lithium ion battery set up 1. Operating minmum voltage of evolv board: Spec sheet says 3.0v. Does this mean board shuts off if battery resting voltage is 3.0v or display check battery message? 2. Weak battery: Spec sheet says it will display this message when battery needs to be charged or requires you to use higher amp rated batteries. Is this determined by measuring voltage sag of the battery? Using some form of thermister to monitor battery temperature? I would like to know actual process in triggering this message 3. Check Battery: Pretty much same question as #2.
  2. Hi, i just bought a therion bf dna75c, but it wont turn on and i dont know why. My battery works in other devices and the atomizer too. Help pls, i dont know what to do. I can turn it on if i conect it to my pc. but when i try tu put an atomizer it turn off when i unlock it.
  3. So far as i know, after i used my dna75 and escribe for a while, the battery profile seems quite simple, the profile affect only what you see on screen but not how the device works with the battery. It wont help the device to manage a better power or whatever related to the battery but only the tinny bar on screen so why so many battery profiles online with so many complicated information on it? I made my own csv based on my personal use and it works quite good with any 26650 and 18650 batteries no matter the brand and the rate of the battery. For me, a battery with 4.2v is fully charged and i
  4. Hello, I'm a new user. Yesterday a issue a battery analyzer on my vapecige vtbox250, after I left on my usb wall mount charger, check the effective charging without problem and go to sleep. This morning I go to take my box and I noticed that the battery was on 30% and not charging. Try to check wit evolve device monitor and I got that usb is giving 5volt but only 0.006 amps. Try to change cable, usb charger, computer but nothing. Try to restore the out of the box profile saved (also the battery profile), but nothing. There are others checks I can go ahead wit
  5. hello everybody..you have come this box. I plugged in the battery and I immediately noticed that the maximum charge that I have is 97% and does not rise above this limit. It also downloads very quickly at each fire consumes about 3-4% of bacteria. use in watts at 50. how can i fix this problem? I tried with 4 batteries and all the same. thank you so much
  6. I just got the Lost Vape Paranormal. the issue is that the battey never shows 100%. fresh fully charged batteries (vtc 5, 6, lg hg2, sammy 30Q) that show 4.2 on the charger (D4) only register 98% in mod.
  7. I want to place my ohms where my current battery meter is and put battery 1 where the amps are at the bottom of the screen and battery 2 where the volts are in the middle and battery 3 where the ohms are currently. Can someone help me with this on my think vape finder 250 this is the only screen I want to do anything with. Thank you in advance.
  8. Hello everyone, I got this issue with my vtbox250 by VapeCige: when the box is fully charged the battery percentage on the screen drops dramatically after every puff. I don't believe the percentage shown reflects the true battery level, still it is quite annoying as it represents the only minor issue of an otherwise exquisite box. I believe it might have something to do with the wh parameter, so I attached what I see in eScribe. Thank you all for your help
  9. Hey guys so i recently bought a mod used with a broken screen, luckily gingervapes had a 6 month month policy so i sent it in & it got fixed and sent back. I didnt use it for a few days then i put my rdta on it with fresh charged 25r's. 0.14 ohm set at 90watts Working fine up untill I now noticed once i got to 60% battery, the battery symbol would flash and i was getting throttled power (50-60 watts) Tried a new set of batteries, works fine but again once i get to 60% throttled power. Went into escribe and the cell 1 & 2 were even 4.2 (tried with fresh batts) any i
  10. Hello, everyone! First of all, it's my first DNA mod and I know just nothing about it and all the stuff, so please help! This morning I got my new tuglyfe dna250, so when I took it from the box it was switched off, pressing the buttons didn't help me to switch it on, so the most logical decision for me was to charge it, so I connected it to my pc and it turned on but the screen wasn't bright at all and the charge was at 0 %. I downloaded evolve software to check out if everything is working correctly, but as the Escribe showed me, the battery wasn't even charged for 1% and all th
  11. This issue doesn't seem to make temp control screwy or anything so may just be cosmetic but I notice every time I put in a new battery the room temp reads extremely high. Normally after a battery change it will show a room temp around 94f and a board temp around 90f. After an hour or so the room temp reading will show the correct 72f but even if I don't take a single vape from it while it is reading 72f and swap batteries the reading will go back to the mid 90's. If I don't swap batteries and charge through usb the temp stays correct or at least close enough to be within a degree or two of the
  12. I am using LG Choco, 2 cell, 3.7v, 3000mah. hope that someone could help me fill the proper w-h and cell cutoff to my therion 166 battery safety profile. pictures below
  13. Currently own the triade 250 and i run it at 160w on a goon 1.5 rda. i get check battery message at about 28% what can i do to fix this? will running battery analyzer help? if so can i just do a few big loops of wire to run a 160w test? or do i need to buy specific gear? im a complete noob when it comes to the dna chip
  14. I have a brand new Lost Vape Tirade DNA 250 setup it up how I want it. Using Samsung 30Q 3000mah batteries set watt hours at 33.3. Have four brand new sets all married but the battery meter always shows empty. Also have samsung 25R 2500mah set at 27.75 and it does the same thing all fully charged with brand new charger show I can see there at 4.20 when they come off the charger. But the battery meter always shows empty. What is the problem and how can I fix it show I can see how much battery % I have left? Pro's please help. I've attached the .ecig file to see if anyone see's a problem o
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