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  1. Well my question to you more or less is how do you get an almost instant response to your atty when you press the fire button, I’m using 316l wire 3mm id on a Zeus x dual coil.  and what is the best way to set my DNA up. Trying to get a pretty good set up, but a newby like myself is finding it a bit hard to find the best way to get it there. I appreciate your help if its extended. 

  2. 1 hour ago, retird said:

    The very first vendor linked on the google searched page says this if you try to buy look at the color selections as some colors are not sold out.........   and this  and this  

       I didn't check all the other vendors... good luck....  

    That’s crazy. Element was one of the first I went to and they said they were sold out of all 250c. I even have one of those reminder things lol. But thanks for your Yelp. 

  3. On 1/19/2016 at 2:49 AM, Skeptikel said:
    Bayk1ll said:

    wish it had more than just their faces... not really worth it lol

    It's a solid design that doesn't so desperately try to make each screen unique, even when it means that quality is traded for variety. Besides that, variety is not the only thing that makes a theme "worth it lol", nor does everyone want it. Another plus is that the designer took the time to make/convert it to black and white, unlike the grayscale themes I see too often.

    How has this worked for you?