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  1. 17 hours ago, SocalStagetech said:

    hey Frank thanks for the beautiful theme.

    I seem to be havin an issue trying to edit a profile for my sai quartz dish.

     trying to use preheat but in temp mode. escribe will let me select it and set it but the theme seems to keep setting it to punch instead. ive tried resetting it a few times and it always shows punch on the skin never temp. 

    Yes I think that's a theme error , I'm going to fix it next release (hopefully soon).

  2. Hello

    I think that when you fire it the resistance impedance getting higher is very normal .

    Actually I'm vaping on a ni200 0.25ohm coil in TC and when I fire it jumps to 0.45ohm , locked or not.

    I'm not a DNA guru , been reading this : 😁

    Sorry ,maybe if you ask directly in the forum I'm sure you can get better help !

  3. 1 hour ago, FrankV said:

    You can lock the resistance in on the replay profile inside escribe but I can’t do it on the mod. 

    Yep that's true I can replicate that. That's strange because in the theme the only condition for lock icon to be hidden is temp sensing material is not true  and this condition is true if replay is working😲

    Anyway , if you remove the above condition , you can lock the coil no matter what , I've attached a modified theme for you , please check and let me know if it works.




  4. Hello

    2 hours ago, FrankV said:

     I’m still having issues not locking in the resistance on replay mode. I see it in the SS316L profile, but I don’t see it in replay. I just built a dual SS316L alien coil and the resistance jumps around as it heats up from .16-.18 ohms. Just curious if I can sample the resistance when it’s cold and lock that in while doing replay mode? 


    I'm not sure to understand 100% , but as far as I know no locking is necessary in replay mode. Said that , you see no lock icon with that coil because the firmware doesn't recognize it as a temperature sensing material. Try with a simple TC wire and then you will be able to lock it. The lock icon in the theme is hidden if "coil temp sensing material" is "untrue" .

    2 hours ago, FrankV said:

    My other her issue is the theme doesn’t wake up instantly when I press the fire button. After multiple fire button presses, it will wake up but it has a lag from idle to active mode. The device isn’t locked it’s just idiling and I’m not sure why it won’t wake up quickly. Any help? 


    I think this problem is firmware related , not theme.

    Take a look at this thread , there is a patch you can try (at your risk :) ):



  5. Hello

    44 minutes ago, FrankV said:

     Any help on getting this feature to come on or explain how I can lock the resistance in would be appreciated! Im sort of new to DNA devices so forgive me for the new guy questions :)

    To lock the resistance : from  the main menu select the ohm values and click , you go in the coil menu (see below) , where you can lock the coil


    45 minutes ago, FrankV said:

     How can I change the time the screen goes into idle mode?

    You cannot do that directly from the theme , but from theme designer :

    open the theme with theme designer -> Appareance menu -> Fading -> Active time (modify this field as you wish and save\upload theme to your mod)



  6. 4 hours ago, vaperneto said:

    Thanks Frank,

    The way I see in Escribe is that you should choose either punch or Temp to tweak, ie, if you choose one the other should be disabled.

    I might be wrong but anyway have a look and think about it

    Yep you're right , on Escribe you can choose punch OR temp , I will check for a solution on new theme revision. Thanks for finding this bug !

  7. Hello

    They're talking about this in this topic.

    James from Evolve says :



    Replay will play back whatever the original puff was. If the original puff was Watts mode, it will do that. The original puff wasn't a dry hit, so Replay will try to make sure the new puff isn't either.

    (If, on the other hand, you really like dry hits, you can Save Puff on one, and it will be happy to repeat that for you too. ;))

    Our default theme uses Replay in a Watts material profile. If you vape power controlled this is an easy step up to temperature protection.

    (Yes, you can play back a temperature mode puff if you want, but then it's not as easy to use. Some people find it works better for finicky temperature-sensing coils, but it's a big gain for power controlled vapers mainly.) 


    My opinion is that replay is working in TC , and it records the last TC puff trying to replay it. Don't know if this answer your question , but yes I would use replay AND TC with Titanium coil 🙄


  8. Hello Loxias

    Happy you like my theme.

    Maybe the DNA firmware (the theme is just aesthetic , you cannot decide data refresh time or modify the logic) has a lower refresh of Device Monitor. So I think the lag on preheat indication is not something you can modify and it's common to all themes. Maybe you can try a simpler theme and see if it reacts faster... ?

  9. Hello @CK1  , you have to (I assume you're using windows o.s. ) :

    1. Connect your device to a pc via usb cable
    2. Locate on pc where the file is (file extension is .ecigtheme )
    3. Double click on this file , a small window opens
    4. On this window click button "Yes, Install"
    5. Wait until the file is uploaded
    6. Enjoy 😀

  10. 14 hours ago, mjordan79 said:

    Even when I use Kanthal, the button is marked as "Ready" with the green check mark and it's clickable. If I click it, the box "flash" for a moment but obviously it doesn't activate the feature.
    With the previous version, the feature was automatically skipped when using Kanthal.


    Hello and thanks for the feedback.

    The difference between the old and new version on replay function are only aesthetic , I mean I just replaced a picture with another one.

    The condition (which turn  the ready pic on)  "Coil can replay" is the same , and it comes from firmware not from my (or any theme).  I doubled checked this ;)

    So sorry I cannot help ....  don't use kanthal on replay :grimacing:


    ps : tonight I will try to put on a ka1 coil and see what's happen ...