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  1. jimlad

    Permanently set usb charge current?

    Usually when charging at the full 2 amps, it'll charge ok for maybe 20 minutes and then the charge will start turning off and on (mods still powered up ok and fires), or dropping to .5 ish amps then returning back upto 2amps again for a few seconds.
  2. As the title says, is it possible to Permanently save the Usb charge current on a DNA250 (not color)? Ive got a 1300mah lipo installed and ive noticed if i charge at the full 2amps the charge indicator on the mod keeps turning off and on. Im guessing its thermal regulation? If i set the charge current in device monitor to 1.7amps, the charge remains solid but i cant get it to permantly save it when i try charging from a wall adapter. If it's not possible to permantly set the charge current is it safe to charge at the full 2amps with it been a 1300mah battery or should a buy a usb wall adapter that only goes upto 1.5 amps or something similar? Thanks