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  1. DNA Papst Soulvape


  2. DNA Papst Soulvape


    @James Many people from the German DNA Crew have taken their turn and translated as much into German as we could. The old German translation that is automatically installed with Escribe is already a bit older. Since you implemented a lot of new things in time, 60 percent was not translated. The new version of our translation looks completely different. We would be glad if this version would come automatically with the next Sp. (Like our obsolete version back then). Best regards from Germany Soulvape (Michael) German_DNA_Crew_DE.po
  3. DNA Papst Soulvape

    German DNA Crew Theme

    большое спасибо. подсказки всегда хороши. я подумаю о твоих намеках
  4. DNA Papst Soulvape

    German DNA Crew Kitty Edition

    Version 1.0.1


    Hier auf Basis des German DNA Crew Theme die Kitty Edition.
  5. DNA Papst Soulvape

    DNA German Crew Woman Edition

    Version 1.0.1


    Das bekannte Theme nun für die Frauenwelt 😉
  6. DNA Papst Soulvape


    Nimm die Kurve, dann passt es perfekt Wire
  7. DNA Papst Soulvape

    Brunhilde German DNA Crew Theme

    Version 3.6.6


    Schwert klinge ist Weiß, beim laden Blau. Replay Fähig und alles in Deutsch.
  8. DNA Papst Soulvape

    Lostvape Orion DNA Go

    the escribe version with dna go board support are in the moment for evolv beta test people only.it works very good, but not many setting for the new dna go board.
  9. DNA Papst Soulvape

    German DNA Crew Theme

    Version 4.4.2


    Für DNA75C und DNA 250C Replay fähig.
  10. Please make this great theme replay ready
  11. DNA Papst Soulvape

    Mesh and Replay

    have you test it in pk mode?
  12. DNA Papst Soulvape

    Internal resistance dna 250c Paranormal

    my paranormal 250c have 0,003 ohm. Much measured!
  13. DNA Papst Soulvape

    problems with replay

    it do,i vape and the wick dry, and the chip goes down wit the watt so no dry hit :-) look video
  14. DNA Papst Soulvape

    Bug in Replay

    with your help, the error has not surfaced. Please never disable the pk mode . Only in Pk Mode Kanthal and ni80 work very goodin replay modus :-) pk mode and kanthal in replay (vape until cotton dry) in german language
  15. DNA Papst Soulvape

    Bug in Replay

    Thats right. And the it switch in tc Mode? And What is the pk Mode?