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  1. A DNA60 with USB charge/data port connects to EScribe. The version of EScribe for your DNA75C is certainly capable of connecting to all of the EScribe capable boards. I'm not a Mac user so I don't know the specifics but when I first connect a DNA device Windows detects it and automatically installs the drivers for it. 

    There are quite a few DNA60 mods coming out that have no USB port but to have a USB that is charge only well I can't image that.

    Does the manufacturer claim it is upgrade-able?

    Perhaps one of our Mac users can offer more insight.

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  2. Well one way would be to number the cells 1 ,2,& 3  with a marker and change their position in the sled and then look at Device Monitor and see where they moved to. Note the voltages of the cells first so you can discern which is which. Other wise you would have to check how the sled is wired to the balance tap on the bottom of the board....too hard.

  3. After looking at your Device Monitor snippet I see now what I missed earlier. Your cell #1 is 4..2 volts, that is full charge. Therefore the charger is balancing the cells and that's a bit of a slow process.

    After you bring all 3 up to 4.2 volts I suspect your problem will be gone.  Let us know how it goes.

  4. Device monitor shows that it is charging at a rate of 0.28 amps so it is charging but slowly. Try a different cable and\or power source. Check to see if USB port on the mod has dirt/lint in it.

    Your cells are slightly unbalanced but I don't think it's affecting charging but perhaps it is. Do you have access to a stand alone charger? If so charge them that way and get them balanced and see if that helps.

    Charging with data connection max is 1 amp and without data connection max is 2 amp. 

  5. 1 minute ago, Voodoo said:

    I bought it at my local dealer which are reputable and have spoken to them so warranty is no problem I just wanted to see if it could be fixed in my country so I don't have to wait a month to get it back.

    Dealer don't fix they send to Philippines and how they deal is not my problem which they have confirmed.

    Thanks I thought it was DOA all the time it's going to Philippines Monday 

    That is correct. I have a DNA75C Spade and it has the highest mod resistance by far, works well though. It's somethog like 0.02 ohm where all my others are around 0.004. 

  6. 3 minutes ago, Voodoo said:

    It could be connection problem between atomizer slug and the circuit board. the positive pin may not be and make clean along with the corresponding positive plate in the mod.

    Is this what you mean?

    I doubt very much that the board is the problem though anything is possible I guess.

  7. My thoughts is that the wiring is the problem, the 510's positive or it's chassis ground. Regardless it should be returned to place of purchase.

    Well it doesn't have a regular 510 so the output or ground for the atty.

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  8. 1 hour ago, ArminB said:

    hello there is a problem with file because maybe extension of the file I can't upload file or I am doing something wrong could u pls check 

    thank you 

    It worked fine with my 250C. Perhaps you are going about it incorrectly. Go to File/Open....select the desired  ecig file then Upload to device. 

    Still not working? Tell us.

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  9. So I didn't really know the answer for sure so I installed the US firmware on my DNA75C and tried to enable the profile that I was using to be able to Replay. No you need the International version. Just go ahead and install it as the boards are the same boards, it's a legal thing for Evolv.

    Here is what I got when I tried to enable Relay with the US version (SP 33.2 US)


    no replay.JPG

    Edit: So after posting the above I noted that it only mentioned Boost so I went back and did it over. Replay did not work with the US version.

  10. I'm going to respond to this but it probably isn't going to do you folks any good as they need to be returned. But I will tell you how to figure out what's most likely at fault. Connect you mod to EScribe and make sure it's set for 2 cell operation. Go to Device Monitor and check the voltage of cells 1 & 2, if one of them is higher than 4.2 volts and the other is real low then the battery management chip has gone south. 

    Then if no cells are above 4.2 volts,

    The voltages are read from the balance tap at the bottom of the board. Most likely the connections to them is poor for what ever reason.

    So the problem could be with the battery sled wiring, see image,

    Since these are new they need to be returned where purchased. If that proves too difficult open a ticket with Evolv, perhaps they can help with it.

    2 cell wiring.PNG

    Check under the battery door, look at that small connection between the cells that makes when the battery door closes, that is the connection to tap #1....might be a problem there.

  11. 9 minutes ago, VAPINGSSP said:

    Thanks. Its funny that you showed the easy side by side....thats what I'm getting swapped to a DNA 60. Its a long convoluted story, but someone I have trusted for years, bought tons of stuff from recently screwed me.  I already gave him the mod and paid for him to put in a DNA60 chip. I thought nothing of it until now....then realized there is no USB, and how would I know if its legit. I have a clear easy side by side too, so will definitely compare the screens side by side (lol, no pun).  But thinking when I boot up the screen it won't say ambition mods anymore....won't it say evolve or something like that or different? 

    Don't look at the screen as it looks authentic, look at the component layout on the board.

  12. It is capable of being programmed to say what ever is programmed into it . If your guy puts in a board without programming it  then it will have the stock Evolv setting and will say "Evolv" on the start up screen.

    I hate when the builders don't add a data capable USB port. EScribe is half of the show.