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    Proper use of Battery analyzer

    "Low Ohms" would come on the screen of the mod periodically so I stopped it, will try again with two lamps in series.My cold ohms was 0.5 and I had to turn off TP as it went to immediate TP when firing.
  2. dwcraig1

    Case analyzer results

    What does the board do with the settings of case analyzer, is it for TC accuracy?
  3. dwcraig1

    Proper use of Battery analyzer

    Well folks, the above setup failed due to " LOW OHMS", I'll run the battery down vaping it tonight as I want to run the case analyzer.I understand that 1 ohm is recommended.
  4. dwcraig1

    Proper use of Battery analyzer

    Here's my setup, a 12 volt 35 watt quartz bulb.About 0.5 ohm cold. I haven't done it yet but this is what I probably will use. There is quite a bit of heat so care must be taken, at least the heat it away from the mod.
  5. That's also the brand of the battery inside.So I thought I'd give the Hot Fire charger a try. I've read that it may over charge. Finished at 12.71 volt according to my meter. About 4.24 per cell I guess, not the best, could have been worse.
  6. I just about replaced it just to get it off my mind but it really works OK so I'm leaving it be for now.
  7. I would rather used a 7 x .50 mm bolt but I only have the tap. Screw nut onto the tap as shown, then washer, then receiver and screw into 510. Hold tap from turning and screw nut downward drawing 510 into nylon sleeve. My nut here is a VS rDNA 510 with it's one end drilled out. Crude but effective.
  8. Re 510: I measured the voltage between the battery negative and base of atty (0.35?) while firing and got 0.14 volts on my Hotcig and 0.03 volts on my Opus. I made up a little puller to pull the pressed in one out to replace with a FD v3 shorty. The hold back for me is possible need of warranty and it works just fine.
  9. dwcraig1

    VapeCige VTBOX 200

    Gee, folks complaining about not being 1800 mah, I'm more worried it's not 35C.
  10. dwcraig1

    VapeCige VTBOX 200

    As I don't have mine as yet I was going by the dimensions listed for the Lion Power 1500 35c. DNA200 works fine with 7.4 volt pack but only outputs 133 watts. [/QUOTE]
  11. dwcraig1

    VapeCige VTBOX 200

    As I don't have mine as yet I was going by the dimensions listed for the Lion Power 1500 35c. DNA200 works fine with 7.4 volt pack but only put out 133 watts.
  12. dwcraig1

    VapeCige VTBOX 200

    My plan for my Vapecige box was to convert it to dual 18650's but it appears that it may be about 5 mm too short lengthwise for a sled.Perhaps someone would be so kind to measure the area for the battery and post it. A couple good 18650's could provide 22 wh.
  13. dwcraig1

    hcigar vt200 battery voltage

    In EScribe using the "Mod" tab, charging mode. If set to "maximum puffs" it will charge to 4.2 volts per cell and if set to "maximum recharges" it will charge to 4.1 volts per cell.
  14. A bad connection with the atty at the 510 whether it be the ground or the output would have the same result, check that center pin to atty connection as well.
  15. dwcraig1

    LiPo Charging Issue Found!

    Keep in mind than if the DNA board sees a data path present it will only charge up to 0.5 even with USB 3.0
  16. Yes, it still does with newest version and firmware.
  17. dwcraig1

    Titanium coils

    Either the insulator on my Opus' 510 wasn't screwed in all the way or I forced it down with my Infinite Magma clone with it's extra long 510. I was having problems with changing resistance till I correcting it. Here's a picture of it prior to screwing it all the way back in. I then added a dab of Super Glue gel to keep it there. It didn't appear stripped so I'm not sure how it got that way.BTW, that glob of sealant you see here appears to be silicone that "they" used.
  18. dwcraig1

    Check Battery - no charge symbol

    I'm really hoping someone "in the know" addresses the 3.6 volt cut off stated here.
  19. dwcraig1

    How do i make custom screens?

  20. While you may already have this version it would maybe be a good place to start.2015-08-17 EScribe (I'm slow)
  21. If you mean "how to make it show longer" to give time to take a picture, that is adjustable in EScribe with the "Theme" tab by changing the seconds. I'm not sure but I believe all versions, probably best to be using the latest one anyway in most cases.
  22. dwcraig1

    New coil up same coil down

    Kind of working backwards to what one would expect.
  23. dwcraig1

    New coil up same coil down

    It doesn't work that way on mine. Opus also for what ever that's worth.
  24. dwcraig1

    Zif socket and cable

    Maybe the screen is not on the bottom as we think it is.