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  1. You might try looking at Puff Info in ECigstats
  2. dwcraig1

    What does "Replay Idle" mean?

    I would try another theme and see if it make a difference and go from there. Here is the stock Drone theme. Of coarse be sure to be using TC wire. Stock Drone Theme.ecigtheme
  3. dwcraig1

    mod not reading fresh batteries

    My guess would be the wiring from the battery sled has come undone. Not at all sure but that's what I think.
  4. dwcraig1

    mod not reading fresh batteries

    First off your video doesn't play. Use EScribe Device monitor and see what the voltage for the cells is listed as and post them here.
  5. dwcraig1

    TCR Value

  6. dwcraig1

    Dna 75c can't connect

    First thing to due is to make sure that the cable that you are using isn't a charge only cable. The early (old) versions of EScribe aren't going to work either, make sure to use a current version.
  7. dwcraig1

    Firmware Update for Mods

    Not much difference for most users.
  8. dwcraig1

    Firmware Update for Mods

    With your mod connected to EScribe and Device Monitor tab selected the firmware version is in the lower right side corner. The latest recommended version for 250C is 1.1 SP35 ( EScribe 2.0 SP17) and early release version is 1.1 SP38 (EScribe 2.0 SP19). https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/66731-early-firmware-and-escribe-suite/ Most folks opt for the international version over the US version. EScribe will tell you when an update is available but early releases are not included.
  9. dwcraig1

    check atomiser drone 250 problem

    Who did you make multiple ticket with? Evolv warranties the board for 1 year.
  10. dwcraig1

    check atomiser drone 250 problem

    The 510 on the Drone is spring loaded and has a fairly stiff spring. This simple test will tell you if the 510 is electrically sound: Open EScribe with mod connected to computer with data cable with no atomizer and select Atomizer Analyzer at the bottom of the General page. Atomizer Analyzer should show "?" Next use a small screw driver inserted into the 510 to short the positive pin to the ground of the 510 (threads). If you get a reading of Ohms instead of a question mark then the 510 is connected to the board. If no change then the 510 is not properly connected to the board or the board it faulty.
  11. dwcraig1

    check atomiser drone 250 problem

    Other than checking if the 510 positive pin is stuck at the bottom of the 510's body there is not much than can be done without disassembling it. Ask for help here: https://helpdesk.evolvapor.com/index.php?a=add&category=1 You will get a response, probably won't be till Monday as they don't operate on Saturdays or Sundays.
  12. Ask here also: https://helpdesk.evolvapor.com/?a=add
  13. EScribe shows the two cells around 4.135 volts when charging stops. It is set foe maximum puffs. If I check the cells with a volt meter they read 4.2 volts. Does anyone else have this problem?
  14. dwcraig1

    Vapecige VTX 250C Battery Charge Problem

    The reason that I deleted my post was because it was for the Vapecige box not the SXK Boxer. On the SXK I believe that the offset piece screws onto the 510 pin but am not sure.
  15. dwcraig1

    Help for Neo go mod/DNA GO!

    What ever gauge Kanthal or Nichrome that you are using....use the same gauge non-resistor wire and it will vape pretty much the same at the same wattage.
  16. dwcraig1

    Help for Neo go mod/DNA GO!

    I would recommend using NiFe 48/52 or Stainless Steel 316 for your builds, Kanthal or Nichrome would be a lot of mass at 0.25 ohms. O.25 ohms would be a good target, even slightly lower as the resistance increases with these wires as they heat up.
  17. dwcraig1

    Help for Neo go mod/DNA GO!

    Your figure of 3.5 volts output (max) is right in the ballpark, you must use lower resistance to be able to achieve 30 watts/ 40 boost. https://www.the12volt.com/ohm/ohms-law-calculators.asp As far as battery sag/voltage drop be sure to use the most powerful 18350, Vapecell 9 amp or equivalent.
  18. dwcraig1

    New user 75

    EScribe will help you figure it out as to what is happening. Your temp is rather low so it will be easy to hit. Check to see that your voltage drop when firing isn't dropping to the level of the Cell Soft Cut Off. Most likely you just achieving your temperature setting and the wattage is reducing as needed. In the snippet my DNA 75 dropped down to 2.71 volts for just a moment, the Cell Soft Cut Off here is 2.75 volts. If it would have stayed at 2.71 volts for any longer the wattage would have dropped.
  19. dwcraig1

    New dna60 will not power on

    Have you tried using the fire button that's on the board?
  20. dwcraig1

    DNA 250c.. Stuck.

    Method 1. Open EScribe, go to "Help tab" and select "Backups". The are dated, choose the one that you want. Connect mod and upload settings. Try with different cable if still having problems. Method 2. (see image) If no backup is listed open EScribe with mod NOT connected and choose your board, batteries, ect. Save (under File tab) to where you can find it (desktop?) You need to give it a name. With mod connected to EScribe go to "File tab" and select "Open"......choose the file that you saved and upload settings.
  21. dwcraig1

    75c Battery Calibration

    There are only two settings in Escribe that are going to effect the charge life of the cell. One is whether the cell charges to 4.1 volts or 4.2 volts and the other is the Cell Soft Cutoff. The curve will only make your battery gauge more accurate.
  22. dwcraig1

    Did you connect a x.xx Ω coil?

    510 length just might be the problem. There is no standard for 510 so they can vary some. Is there anyway you can extend the pin on the atty?
  23. dwcraig1

    DNA75 Replacment screen