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  1. Evolv's Data sheet shows 4 cell wiring and pinout for 400 Watt DNA250C....

    To me the 4-cell wiring gives 16.8 volts input between battery + and battery - on the board.   Connections G,1,2,3,4 are for cell voltage monitoring.  At least that's my understanding.  

    Looks like the data sheet shows the MAX input current is 30A with Peak at 32A.  

    The data sheet also says: The DNA 250C runs on two, three, or four series voltage from lithium polymer or lithium ion batteries, and features battery monitoring and an integrated 2A charger.



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  2. If batteries are fully charged and installed in series you should not be getting a check battery.  Contact vendor since it is new.  What voltage do you get in Device Monitor in the EScribe Software you have installed on your computer?




  3. 17 minutes ago, Wayneo said:

    By now you'll see It's nothing more than a slightly and hastily warmed over copy of the djlsb theme with Replay (IF the djlsb version didn't have Replay)

    Start escribe.
    File -> Open that .ecig file
    Theme tab -> open/change/look at/save theme (after deleting 1 wallpaper)
    You'll see nothing but theme


    Ya saved me the time it will take to look at it....  😉

  4. That .ecig file gives me the same error message that you are getting. I wonder if the Mod Designer has somehow locked the file so it cannot be installed on another 75C device? I also grabbed just the theme out of your .ecig file to try to upload and get the same message. From your .ecig file I see this and you might want to contact them at the e-mail shown... Please let us know what you find out.,....