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  1. 9 minutes ago, SirTimmyTimbit said:

    Is there any official docs/videos on what the replay exactly is and how it works? I thought it's just another way to do temp control. I'm going to have to run some tests. I just checked the default theme and you're right the wattage there is read only. I might make it like that on my themes too.

    Thanks man, I really appreciate it :) 

    The next update will show the charging current in the lock screen as well


    No official doc's/video's of how it works as of yet.   From the Datasheet (linked below) it says: 


    Replay is a new feature introduced on the DNA 250C. Replay is intended to capture the flavor and satisfaction of the “perfect puff” and provide the same level of performance and consistency on all subsequent puffs. The use of Nickel, Stainless, Titanium, or other material that increases in resistance when heated is required. In addition, Replay will also prevent dry hits when used with wattage control.

    To use Replay set the device to the desired power level and operate it normally. Once a satisfying puff is achieved, activate the feature to save and replay the saved puff each time the device is fired. Puff length is not a factor and the user will not be limited to the length of the previous puff. Disable Replay to resume normal operation or find a new puff to save. If Replay cannot be enabled the coil is not compatible.

    250 Color Datasheet

    With every revision of your themes it just gets better !



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  2. 2 hours ago, SirTimmyTimbit said:

    Yah they match, I just verified this. They display and manipulate the same variable so they shouldn't report different values. Were you looking at the punch/boost gauge by mistake? They're right next to each other and it's very easy to confuse them. Reorganizing the atomizer profile screen is #1 on the to-do list. 

    I just checked and there are no fields with a status "OHMS".  Not sure you're seeing :/

    As I understand when you save a puff in replay mode you're just saving the temperature. You're feeling out the puff instead of saving an arbitrary temperature value like you do in TC mode. That's why it works best when you save a puff with a fully saturated wick and a relatively cool coil. 

    So you'd change the wattage in replay mode for the same reasons you change it in TC mode. You turn the wattage up to reach your max temp quickly and let the chip throttle you to your desired temperature. Or you turn the wattage down to use TC as protection from dry hits. 

    In your case it's working exactly as it should. At 5 watts you're not reaching the temperature you set, so you're pretty much just using VW with dry hit protection.

    I have no temp setting in my Replay profile and the material is set to Watts. That is how Replay was designed to work but can work in TC profiles also..To me when you set your "Perfect Puff" there is no need to adjust anything while Playing as you have already found the puff you like..  Being able to raise or reduce wattage while Playing can  change the "Perfect Puff" you set to Play thus it is no longer your "Perfect Puff" and it may confuse ones who have not used a DNA nor temp control. . At least that's my thoughts.  Replay is designed to be simple so once you set the puff no adjustments are needed so that is why I offered the suggestion....

    By the way, your themes are the best I've seen...... I even offered a suggestion to Evolv about one of the features you added to this theme on the lock screen.... I've been beta testing for them for years now...


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  3. I like the Material-ish too.....

    I do have one thing that may need changing on both UI's.  When Playing you can select the wattage shown right under the Red Gauge and you can change the wattage while Playing.  I selected it and dropped the wattage from 22 to 5 and this effected Playing by reducing the vape drastically.   Playing, I think, should remain as it was initially set.  Is their a purpose for being able to select that wattage and to change it while Playing?

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  4. Pardon me Sir Timmy..... I just hit fire button without vaping so I could view the screen and the power does work real time then goes immediately back to 22 watts when releasing the fire button (can't see my screen while vaping).... sorry for the Senior Moment on my part.....  a similar function on a different theme keeps the last live reading on the Main Screen instead of going back to the set wattage in Replay. See if I can find that theme....

    My Color Theme - 0.ecigtheme

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  5. 1 hour ago, SirTimmyTimbit said:


    Are you on 1.6.0? The wattage field does update when you fire in replay. The field is on the top left corner right under the blue power gauge.

    That's a great idea about the USB connection status! 

    Just released 1.6.1 with an updated lockscreen. I'm using one line of text right now, I hope to replace it with 3 icons that turn on or off depending on which connection type is active. I think that would be more descriptive.

    Sir Timmy, thanks for the reply......  I'm using 1.6.0, and maybe it was updated since I downloaded it. When I vape in Replay the Main Screen shows 22 watts under the left (red) guage. It never changes from 22 watts.  The guage setting is Power.  The center guage setting is Blue and set to Voltage and constantly reads 0.78.  The right most guage is orange and reads battery level. Really a moot point now since you now have 1.6.1......

    Here is the theme file I'm using on the 75C. I'm gonna download your latest right now.... Thanks



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  6. Nice Theme........ only wish that it would show real time wattage used when in Replay instead of just the set wattage.... on the main screen..... and on the lock screen it could show, when a usb is connected, it would show not only charging but also usb data cable is being used..... in other words a charging symbol and a usb data symbol when a data cable is being used....

    Many times I have seen folks saying their device won't connect to EScribe only to find out they are only using a charge only usb cable...

    Attached  shows my attempt to show the lock screen modified.... pictures for USB and Data are not really good enough for your excellent theme but you get the idea...

    THX for the nice theme....


    Gauges-1.6.0 TEST.ecigtheme

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