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    Room temp

    Reference mod sat overnight to reach room temp. Started EScribe, plugged in reference mod (holding mod by the tank so as not to raise the device enclosure temp). Immediately clicked Device Monitor and read room temp. Digital Room Thermometer setting next to reference mod read 69.70 F and Device Monitor showed room temp. at 69.52 F.
  2. retird


    Glued bolts may not be sufficient for either mounting nor grounding.
  3. Installed 1.0.34 from post 1 of this thread. Norton Internet Security didn't like it so had to bypass Norton. Details of Norton stated a very new software update and less than 50 users of it identified by Norton, and etc. so it deleted it before allowing it to reside on the computer for installation. Works just fine after install so far. Also has a firmware update when you run EScribe (2015/9/30)Ran guick Norton scan after installed and 2 tracking cookies were resolved. Threat name: Detected As:SAPE.Heur.A5AC7First ever EScribe that Norton gripped about. Could it have something to do with a contributed Italian translation?From Quarantine: Running a full scan now. If I find something else then I will add it fere.Full scan came up with nothing. All is good and Norton just needs to update their stuff I think.
  4. retird

    DNA 200 first real review

  5. retird

    Tricks of the Trade

    How about pre-tinning the B+, B-, and 510 Out of the board and the wires of the battery and 510. Set the board and solder the 510 out and B- first. Solder the B+ last being careful not to short the wire to ground..
  6. retird

    Escribe on android and/or is?

    Seems many are using this tablet and installing EScribe on it. (not sure you could charge the device from this tablet but I'm reading EScribe works on it tho.) video:'s: For an inexpensive piece of hardware, this device has an amazing number of features: A quad-core Intel BayTrail CPU1 GB of RAM.16 GB solid-state disk drive.A 7 inch (18 cm) IPS/LCD 1280x800 touch-sensitive screen.A micro-HDMI connector that can provide a full HD 1920x1080 output to an external monitor.TWO USB ports. One is a standard full-size USB 2.0 host port. The other is a micro-USB port for charging the device.However, inserting an OTG ("On-The-Go") adapter cable (a kind of mini-USB hub commonly used on smartphones) into this port will create one or two additional USB host ports. An example of a cable that will do this is here: micro-SD card slot that will accommodate cards up to 64GB.WiFi b/g/nBluetooth 4.0Two 1600x1200 pixel cameras - one front-facing and one rear-facing.Despite the CPU being a quad-core 64-bit device, the installed version of Windows 8.1 is the 32-bit flavor.
  7. retird

    DNA 200 first real review

    The wire providers could furnish the csv. info right on the package.
  8. retird

    zip charging ?

    If I recall the board temp can go as high as 150F on the dna200 board. Error message:Too Hot: The DNA 200 has onboard temperature sensing. It will shut down and display this message if the internal board temperature becomes excessive.
  9. retird

    Hcigar vt 200 help!

    If you are not in temp mode it never asks if it is a new coil as you are vaping in power mode (wattage). In temp mode you only get enough wattage to reach and maintain the temp setting thus a 50 watt setting may not be needed. Example: I vape at 400F @ 24 watts with a nickel coil. It briefly hits 40-ish watts (during preheat) and immediately drops to 20-ish watts and then 13 watts and lower after reaching temp. It only uses the wattage needed to maintain temp.Some folks lock ohms and others don't I never use ohm lock as I want the device to "refine" along the way.
  10. retird

    Case analyzer results

    Case Analyzer:Thermal The Case Analyzer and/or Device Manufacture specific settings should be used to populate the data in the fields. Manual field entries are discouraged. Case Analyzer: EScribe can be used to analyze your case’s thermal properties. This should already be populated with the manufacturer’s settings and will not need to be changed. Case Cooling Time Constant: The time for the case to cool 63.2% of the way to a steady temperature. Case Heating Time Constant: The time for the case to heat up 63.2% of the way to a steady temperature. Case USB Charge ?T: The amount of heating caused by USB battery charging. Minimum Ambient Temperature: The minimum ambient temperature this device will ever be used in. Typically this will not need adjustment. Maximum Ambient Temperature: The maximum ambient temperature this device will ever be used in. Typically this will not need adjustment.
  11. retird

    Temparature Protected

    Not an error message but just telling you that the set temperature was reached.
  12. retird

    How to change the fuse ?

    Could it have been a sound from a bad or loose connection sparking inside the device?
  13. retird

    Stopped Charging via USB

    Have you ran Mod Analyzer, Watt-hour Calculator and Battery Analyzer and set up the new device accordingly?
  14. retird

    Battery Discrepancies

    Why not send it to Hana under warranty. It may just be a bad battery or an assembly flaw? If is turns out to be a board then Hana can deal with Evolv on it.
  15. Have you contacted who ever made the device and asked them to check it out under warranty? It is easy to say it is the board when one doesn't really know the cause.
  16. retird

    unbalanced cell ?

    If I understand your posts you are running modified software. Could that be the issue?
  17. retird

    Leakage current from USB killing the fuse?!

    hum, I wonder, as I've vaped a reference device since early June and much of the time I vape while it is charging via the computer USB. Each time I press the fire button the charging stops and continues charging again after releasing the fire button. After more than 3 months of doing this daily I've not had a single fuse let go. Just giving my experience vaping while plugged into charging USB. No issues here.
  18. retird

    EE PROM Programing Failed

    John posted this back in June:/topic/66331-topic/?do=findComment&comment=896275
  19. retird

    Error press up to continue

    Good to know that's an Evolv error message.
  20. retird

    Error press up to continue

    It may be a "custom screen" put in the Littup44 by whoever built it. Maybe ya need to contact the vendor and get an explanation.
  21. retird


    One major issue that others noted somewhere else.. at 9:20 in the video when the reviewer shows the Lipo connector, note that the male and female connectors are not installed properly.. Lipo has the exposed leads connector and even in the video there was a high likelihood it would do a dead short on the mod metal body when he was moving the cables around.. yikes.. @Evolv... I don't know what to say, but this kind of puts you also in bad situation, if any user were to get hurt with inferior mods that are built with no proper QC or vetting .. I am at loss for words here ..[/QUOTE]Vape Cige should tell the mod manufacturer to change the connector leads so the battery has the female connector. Easy fix at that point. If you noticed the batteries Evolv has do not have connectors for the main connection leads and only have a connector for the balancing leads. I really don't see Evolv being in a bad situation as the mod maker configured the connections and built the mod.
  22. retird

    Hana modz v200 warranty service message

    That's a question for John or James I think. Here is a bit of discussion on it./topic/66934-topic/?do=findComment&comment=902104
  23. retird

    Hana modz v200 warranty service message

    It means it is failing a self-check and is out of calibration, so the wattage settings and temperature settings aren't correct anymore. RMA it.
  24. retird

    Temp control

    Since you built your own device you need to run Case Analyzer in EScribe (found in the Mod tab). It takes 1 to 6 hours to run.EScribe tutorial:
  25. retird

    Mac Suppport

    Ran across this "Adding Windows 10 to a Mac: