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  1. retird

    2s 18650 discussion

    So you wired it as described by John in Post #1 here and it doesn't work? Maybe John will drop by this thread as he has time.
  2. retird

    Running List of 3S LiPo Options

    I've been looking at batteries also. Do you know what "lifetime warranty" on the maxamps 2000 mah 3s Li-Po means? Is it a free lifetime replacement, prorated, or ?EDIT: Found this on their site and answers my question:Lifetime Warranty During the first year of ownership, MaxAmps will replace any defective LiPo or LiFe battery at no cost. After one year, any defective MaxAmps LiPo or LiFe battery can be exchanged for just 50% of the new pack's list price. Our lifetime warranty is non-transferrable. You must be the original owner to receive warranty coverage. Free Lifetime “Re-Wraps” Is frequent use making your MaxAmps packs look heavily worn? We offer free lifetime “re-wraps” to all our past customers. We will remove the old shrink wrap and decals and give your pack a facelift with brand new decals and shrink. Then we will ship it back to you at NO CHARGE. Yet another valuable service that you receive for being a loyal fan. Send your packs along with your name, address and phone number to, 1015 W Garland Ave, Spokane, WA 99205.
  3. Maybe this could be an optional setting for those who want it. Wattage scrolls very fast as currently configured. I like it just as it is but can see others may want this option if they choose.
  4. retird

    Windows 10 Incompatibility

    Windows 10 just pushed an update requiring a reset. The first cumulative package of non-security-focused updates.
  5. retird

    Power Off Option

    Just for sake of discussion I ran a simple test. Fully charged device was laid aside for 24 hours and the voltage dropped (as seen in EScribe) from 4.20 volts to 4.19 volts. The device when idle and then sleeps, and then powers off uses little power. What advantage will be gained by having an "off feature" thus requiring an "on feature" when so little power is used?
  6. retird

    what battery

    Depends on your vaping style and settings.
  7. retird

    Displayed Fields

    Charging Brightness must not be 0% you need to change it to say 75%.
  8. retird

    Praise evolv

    Well I've PIF'd all of my DNA20,25,30 and 40's except two DNA40's to make room for the DNA200's. No need for the "herd" to just collect dust on the shelf. I kept the Beta DNA40 and the Hana V4 and the two DNA200 reference devices. That should be adequate till my "urge to splurge" kicks in.
  9. retird

    EScribe Software

    Concerning Mac software this was posted a while back./topic/68493-topic/?do=findComment&comment=915973
  10. retird

    Trade ya!

    So we get the build issues taken care of in the Opus and Hana then that should get us closer to the end game, right?
  11. Why not just buy the connectors and make your own extension cable to your desired length.
  12. retird

    Trade ya!

    Sounds like a plan. Having the deficient mods in your hands to dissect and test will help ya get to the root cause. Consumer can trade for a reference device thus a win-win in my books. It's difficult at best to solve issues long distance (over the internet) as much as one tries.
  13. retird

    2s 18650 discussion

    EScribe version 1.0.28, Firmware version 7/29/2015, and Windows 10 64-bit Home version here and the drop down for 3 cell/2 cell works here.
  14. retird

    Praise evolv

    John I'm curious as to the % of bugs being seen between the reference devices vs. others in the wild. Does one or the other have higher % per number of devices in use?
  15. retird

    New issue

    Just for reference purpose, May 28 and June 10 are the production dates for the reference mods here and both have come thru all the beta and firmware updates and the May 28 one has been vaped 12 to 15 hours daily for a few days short of 2 months now absent any mod killing things. The June 10 one not vaped as much but all is good.
  16. retird

    All day battery?

    Forgot to link the power bank. Edited previous post but here it is.
  17. retird

    All day battery?

    Any reason something like this power bank won't work with the 200? It is both a charger and power bank.
  18. retird

    Windows 10 Incompatibility

    OK, I bit the bullet and installed Windows 10 Home version, 64 bit (upgraded from Win 8.1) on one of my laptops this morning. Using latest EScribe and 7/29/15 firmware and it is working great. Device Monitor using Live View has done everything I have asked of it. Everything I have tried throughout EScribe is responsive. Nothing special with the laptop and it is wireless connected to my home network. I did turn off Wireless Sense in Windows 10 during configuration and set Chrome as default browser instead of Edge.
  19. retird

    Windows 10 Incompatibility

    hum, maybe something different between the Home version and Pro???
  20. retird

    Windows 10 Incompatibility

    Yep it'll get sorted out but until then no Win10 for me. LOL
  21. retird

    Windows 10 Incompatibility

    My bad, updates I was talking about were Windows 10 updates.
  22. retird

    Mod just stopped working without being plugged in.

    In Device Monitor lower left corner what does the "Mode" say, Normal? Locked? etc.Also to the right lower corner what is shown for "button"? None?
  23. Just an idea, can you install EScribe on another computer and try it there?
  24. retird

    Windows 10 Incompatibility

    Basilray, did you run the two updates that I read came today?
  25. Ran across some pic's of the Hana v200.