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    Escribe issues

    OK, I was just fiddling around with themes and ran across this. Go to Themes.Go to theme, Custom Screens, Temperature Protected Set it to “Show Temperature” Upload it and when temp is reached while firing it doesn’t show any message for” temperature” as it does when setting it to “Show Message” it shows “Temperature Protection” message.What step am I missing here. Tried on several DNA200's.
  2. retird

    4 DNA 200's Dead

    How about just contacting Evolv using the "contact" Submit a Ticket and let them guide you?Here is the link....
  3. retird

    4 DNA 200's Dead

    Only a thought..... were you using the same atty on each device when they failed? I have one atty that worked fine on many mods but not on one particular mod.
  4. Two guesses.... maybe e-liquid on the boards or maybe intermittent contact in the fire buttons. And you might check for a loose ground.
  5. So, Escribe won't open??? Try the restore function in Windows to restore the computer back to a date when it worked without issue. That restore point may help.
  6. How about going to device manufacturers web site and installing their latest firmware...
  7. Try removing the Nickel200 wire from the device (click on red X below the Material on Device Box). Then add the Nickel200 wire to the device again.
  8. Works just great with Win-10 lost data.... maybe you are missing something during the update process...when the test update was just out I installed/uninstalled/installed EScribe and the firmware update three separate times on two separate DNA200's without a hitch.
  9. Have you ran Case Analyzer? My two DNA200's are not doing what yours are doing either. Refinement works just as it always has... no problems here...
  10. How about a picture of the wiring? Will help seeing what you have...
  11. Great.... thanks for the info... at least this discussion allows folks to see this is not an issue to be concerned about...hum.... Microsoft?... that's another story.....Have a great day James (and associates)....
  12. Updated to the latest test firmware of yesterday. When I downloaded the .exe file my Norton Internet Security said the .exe file was safe. When I clicked on the .exe file to install EScribe I get the following (using Windows 10, 64 bit). I click "Run Anyway" and install EScribe without issue. The firmware update from within EScribe works just fine. All is good but just wanted to post the Windows warning I got each time I ran the .exe file. CLICK on "More info" and you get this screen: Picture from Windows Control Panel shows settings for Windows SmartScreen: ( Control Panel/System and Security/Security and Maintenance/Security/ Windows SmartScreen/Change Settings) Easy to change setting you want to use for unrecognized apps....
  13. retird

    Different DNA200 chips..

    Reuleaux RX200 by Jaybo & Wismec is a new version of Reuleaux MOD with Joyetech chip board and it doesn't have an Evolv DNA200 board in it. Apples to oranges. RX200 is not a DNA200.
  14. retird

    Updating firmware crash

    You are very welcome.... glad I could help.... enjoy....
  15. retird

    Updating firmware crash

    Good you got it done....
  16. retird

    Updating firmware crash

    So you tried to force the update and got an error message... did you click thru the error message? Try again...In EScribe try clicking Get Information under MY DNA in the General Tab....
  17. retird

    Updating firmware crash

    That is dated August of last year... you can go to post 1 in this thread to load the latest test version or the recommended version below it......after loading the one you want you might see if it works for you... if not try this:Click on Tools/update firmware... open the dna200 folder... click on the latest file and click open.... forces an update which may help.
  18. retird

    Updating firmware crash

    So you have latest version from this forum site or Evolv's main website? Click on Help/about EScribe... and see the version number...latest is 1.0.39
  19. retird

    Updating firmware crash

    So did you uninstall EScribe and re-install it since it crashed? Which version of Escribe?
  20. I had the exact same results as Wingsfan installing the newest EScribe/firmware on Win10 64 bit. Norton said the same thing too. Did not need another driver.
  21. Yes the auto update works but only when Evolv places an update release as such. I guess what you are getting at is that Evolv hasn't formally released the recommended or the test update to the auto update process yet.
  22. Go to post #1 and take your pick of updates. I've used them all including the latest one.
  23. Under "options" in EScribe do you have "Automatically Check For Updates" checked?
  24. Can you post a screen shot of one of your profiles?