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  1. retird

    Battery Discrepancies

    Why not send it to Hana under warranty. It may just be a bad battery or an assembly flaw? If is turns out to be a board then Hana can deal with Evolv on it.
  2. Have you contacted who ever made the device and asked them to check it out under warranty? It is easy to say it is the board when one doesn't really know the cause.
  3. retird

    unbalanced cell ?

    If I understand your posts you are running modified software. Could that be the issue?
  4. retird

    Leakage current from USB killing the fuse?!

    hum, I wonder, as I've vaped a reference device since early June and much of the time I vape while it is charging via the computer USB. Each time I press the fire button the charging stops and continues charging again after releasing the fire button. After more than 3 months of doing this daily I've not had a single fuse let go. Just giving my experience vaping while plugged into charging USB. No issues here.
  5. retird

    EE PROM Programing Failed

    John posted this back in June:/topic/66331-topic/?do=findComment&comment=896275
  6. retird

    Error press up to continue

    Good to know that's an Evolv error message.
  7. retird

    Error press up to continue

    It may be a "custom screen" put in the Littup44 by whoever built it. Maybe ya need to contact the vendor and get an explanation.
  8. retird


    One major issue that others noted somewhere else.. at 9:20 in the video when the reviewer shows the Lipo connector, note that the male and female connectors are not installed properly.. Lipo has the exposed leads connector and even in the video there was a high likelihood it would do a dead short on the mod metal body when he was moving the cables around.. yikes.. @Evolv... I don't know what to say, but this kind of puts you also in bad situation, if any user were to get hurt with inferior mods that are built with no proper QC or vetting .. I am at loss for words here ..[/QUOTE]Vape Cige should tell the mod manufacturer to change the connector leads so the battery has the female connector. Easy fix at that point. If you noticed the batteries Evolv has do not have connectors for the main connection leads and only have a connector for the balancing leads. I really don't see Evolv being in a bad situation as the mod maker configured the connections and built the mod.
  9. retird

    Hana modz v200 warranty service message

    That's a question for John or James I think. Here is a bit of discussion on it./topic/66934-topic/?do=findComment&comment=902104
  10. retird

    Hana modz v200 warranty service message

    It means it is failing a self-check and is out of calibration, so the wattage settings and temperature settings aren't correct anymore. RMA it.
  11. retird

    Temp control

    Since you built your own device you need to run Case Analyzer in EScribe (found in the Mod tab). It takes 1 to 6 hours to run.EScribe tutorial:
  12. retird

    Mac Suppport

    Ran across this "Adding Windows 10 to a Mac:
  13. retird

    Titanium coils

    Have you ran Atomizer Analyzer? What doers it show when you look at a vape in Device Monitor Live view?
  14. retird

    China warranty??

    Since you are wanting to bypass any China involvement concerning their warranty you might want to talk to Evolv and get a clear understanding of the process. It will be generous of you to carry and stock all the additional parts necessary to replace defective or poorly installed components of the device and assuming the full warranty liability after you replace/repair the device as you are not a warranty repair/replacement facility approved by the China Manufacturer. Making any repair may void the remainder of the China Manufacturer's warranty which you will then assume for your customers.Just my thoughts....
  15. retird

    Newest Firmware Update 8/7/15

    Did all that before posting. Repeated again and still doing the same thing. When all items are checked under Current Puff it displays all data immediately in Current Puff section. When all items are unchecked the data may fill in slowly or may only fill in a few items of data and sometimes not fill in any data. When only a few items are checked those items fill with data immediately but uncheck items may or may not fill in slowly. No matter whether items are checked or not the current puff under Statistics updates just fine.Strange that it just started doing this yesterday on both reference devices that have been used since June 2. Wondering if a Windows 10 update has anything to do with it?Not a big deal and it doesn't effect vaping but just wanted to let James and John know I've noticed this.Attached video
  16. retird

    Newest Firmware Update 8/7/15

    USB cable good but tried a new one also. Both good and transfer data.Windows 10 x 64 bit recently installed. Defragged. (was only 1% fragmented) Uninstalled EScribe and reinstalled and firmware. (also tried with 7/29 version of EScribe and 2 earlier firmware versions)Don't see the need for Hard Reboot but did a soft reboot.Still doing the same thing.
  17. retird

    Newest Firmware Update 8/7/15

    I've been using the EScribe 1.0.30 and 8/7 firmware and just today I noticed this:In Device Monitor the data under Current Puff doesn't always fill in while vaping as it always has before. Power, Temperature,Current, Voltage, and Live ohms may or may not fill in while vaping. (See below captured screen while vaping) When I tick Power, Temperature,Voltage, Current, and Live Ohms to show in Live View the data fills in under Current Puff every time but when I untick them it goes back to not always showing data. ( If I take an extremely long vape it may fill in the data sometimes) Could this have to do with transfer of data being slowed down for some reason? It happens on both reference devices. Tried 7/29 and 7/27 firmware with same results.
  18. retird

    Buttons and soldering

    Yes, those are the ones. See pdf here for wiring information.
  19. retird

    Buttons and soldering

    No just use the 6 thru-hole solder points.
  20. retird

    Zif socket and cable

    Will be interesting what VS comes with. Maybe with no daughter board this time?
  21. retird

    Ohms not showing

    OK. Good that you see ohms now.
  22. retird

    Ohms not showing

    EDIT: posted as you were adding info. Do you have it connected to EScribe? What does Device Monitor show you?
  23. retird

    Zif socket and cable

    Think you may find the VS rdna40 uses standard screen/ribbon.
  24. RE: Not Connected error message. I saw that message 4 times while trying 4 different USB cables. Bought a new quality USB data cable and no more error message. No saying that is your issue but it was mine.
  25. retird

    Fuse Popping Tracking

    Yes, I shorted the center pin to the 510 shell and pushed the fire button and got the error message. No error message until the fire button was pushed.