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  1. retird

    250C into Therion BF

    Haven't heard that one..... 2 batteries in series or 3 in series and 4 in series... here is the data sheet....
  2. retird

    250C into Therion BF

    Will there be enough room to add the 2 batteries in series????
  3. Check all your profiles and make sure all are set to F or to C, whichever one you use... The sometime change in profiles without reason may be bouncing to non-TC from TC due to atty or wire issues and the switching fro C to F may be due to not setting all profiles to either C or to F. Best guess I have from the limited information you give...
  4. retird

    Won't turn on from deep sleep

    Can you guys post a screenshot of Device Monitor with batteries just being installed.... ...
  5. retird

    Replay Mode Help

    Not really desirable to lock ohms but whatever works for you is what you should do.... lots of posts on this subject if you want to google them here....
  6. retird

    Help Me!

    5 clicks on and 5 clicks off... click rapidly....
  7. retird

    Paranormal 166

    You might review these video's about EScribe..... EScribe is used for the DNA's like yours and other boards also. Since you are new to DNA you might want to review these to learn a bit about how the device works and what Escribe is for....
  8. retird

    Automated Data Export

    Google link.... Here is a FAC section from the .org....
  9. retird

    Automated Data Export

    As far as I know the DNA has no way of knowing your nicotine level nor how many ml of liquid you use per day (or how much is used with each puff) and I guess you could also use different nicotine levels during the day if you have juices of different nick levels or absence of nick. You could manually measure your ML usage, it's nick level, track the number of puffs and build a spreadsheet for that data.....
  10. retird

    Fire button not working

    Evolv only provides the circuit boards. They don't build the device. hum..... @Wayneo gave you good information...... good luck......
  11. Replay is Replay..... must be TC wire profile.... not Kanthal....
  12. retird

    Fire button not working

    Start a ticket with Evolv and explain just what you did here and they will guide you. (link below for help desk) If it was new and DOA from where you bought it why not just get it replaced under their DOA warranty since you are in Europe?
  13. retird

    Please Help, Qpods VS Dna Pods

    The Q pods are not designed to use on the Orion but some use them... I think they adjust the watts, boost and warmth but from what I'm told they won't work very well and they don't Replay on the Orion at all..... I don't use them on the Orion. Maybe someone that has used the Q pods on the Orion can pop in and provide some first hand info.... previous version of software will make no difference..... I hid your duplicate post.... no need to post multiple posts.... welcome to the forum....
  14. retird

    dead screen? gone all white

    The web site says they have this: ELECTRICAL DEVICES WITH NO BATTERIES INCLUDED: Where applicable these will be subject to Consumer law and a 12 month warranty And here is their contact phone numbers... why not call them?
  15. retird

    DNA 250C Error Press Up message

    Do let us know what Evolv says.....
  16. retird

    dead screen? gone all white

    You have to disassemble the device (usually voids warranty). I googled repair for your device and found this for your device (located in UK). You might contact them and explain the issue and ask for info if nobody pops in here to help.... I know nothing about this company......
  17. retird

    dead screen? gone all white

    If the fire button pinches the ribbon cable to the screen you can have issues.... happens often when the ribbon cable isn't positioned correctly.... ribbon cables fails....
  18. retird

    New Orion 0.5 Ohm Pods - Improved MTL

    I get plenty restriction by closing the airflow almost completely off....
  19. Not necessary.... With Replay you vape till you get the hit you desire then you activate Replay. Replay takes you to the hit you set.
  20. retird

    Button colours on Vaporshark rDNA 60

    OK.... I don't know but your device is either the large or the small screen and both can be purchased from Evolv... They ship worldwide.. here is a link to their site... maybe someone in your country cn fix it for you I think shipping is $2.00
  21. retird

    Button colours on Vaporshark rDNA 60

    I don't own a rDNA60 but I don't believe you have that functionality.... VaporShark used to do some repair on their devices so you might contact them and see if they can replace the screen....
  22. retird

    Need a theme

    Here is the download part of this forum.... lots of themes to choose from for the 250C....
  23. retird

    New Orion 0.5 Ohm Pods - Improved MTL

    Haven't tried the 0.5 pods lately but just loaded a fresh 0.25 pod just received and it has more wicking than my older ones I have.... and I can MTL with it..... I know.... it designed for DL
  24. retird

    is this normal?

    if the coil overflow happens when the tank is open then the wicking is not too tight.... if you take multiple hits in a short time the wicking maybe can't keep up......
  25. retird

    is this normal?

    You should get bubbles with the tank closed.... it also may be the juice (PG/VG %) you are using or the wicking inside that tank is too tight.... some people take a paperclip and play with the wicking but I don't know if that really helps....