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  1. See page starting with "Installing the screen"..... It starts out like this: Installing the Screen The TFT screen connects to the DNA 250C using an 8 pin ZIF socket and a flexible cable to allow for design flexibility. The cable can be bent or folded (once) but care should be taken to not apply tension or strain to the area where the cable attaches to the screen itself. Once the screen is mounted the cable should be tucked up under the screen and not out towards the fire button. Positioning the cable near the fire button can allow the mods fire button to contact the cable when pressed which will cause eventual screen failure. Only insert or remove the screen before the board is powered on.
  2. retird

    Vicious ant club omega

    If you don't get it here you might contact VA and ask them for it..... link.....
  3. retird

    Need how-to for screen replacement on drone 250c

    OK..... you might google "Lost Vapes Drone 250C disassembly video" I've seen disassembly videos of other drones (maybe one of those could be helpful.....
  4. retird

    Need how-to for screen replacement on drone 250c

    I don't think a DNA200 screen will work on the 250C...... here is a link to the 250C replacement screen.....
  5. Start a ticket with Evolv.... link in my sig line below
  6. retird

    DNA250c Ohms too low / not reading ohms

    Since you just purchased it and had it only a few days you might contact the vendor to see about getting a replacement under their warranty.
  7. What happens when you only plug in the usb cable with no device connected? Is this a Windows computer? Have you tried a different usb cable?
  8. retird

    DNA 60 - Not reading anything on output

    Can you post a picture of the board/wiring? Also have you tried a different atomizer?
  9. retird

    Mac Suppport

    The Plus requires SP20
  11. retird

    dna250 one battery unavailable

    Nothing in your video..... Did you follow the 2s Wiring diagram and bridge properly? Battery set to 2-cell in Escribe? How about a picture of the wiring on the board and battery holder?
  12. retird

    Lost vape drone squonk mod dna 250c

    Can you save the .ecig file to your computer and post that file here? Are you using the same Theme on both devices?
  13. No hornets nest here..... the thread was always active but few can participate as they aren't users of Linux.... 😀
  14. If you all still want to communicate with @James about Linux you might try asking by starting a ticket with Evolv Help Desk....there are few, few Linux folks around here.... @James is your go-to guy at Evolv... ask that your ticket comments be given to @James....
  15. retird

    Getting "Too Hot" error message

    Also..... Too Hot: The DNA 75C has onboard temperature sensing. It will shut down and display this message if the internal board temperature becomes excessive.
  16. retird


    The very first vendor linked on the google searched page says this if you try to buy look at the color selections as some colors are not sold out......... and this and this I didn't check all the other vendors... good luck....
  17. retird

    Need a bit of help

    As posted in the other thread you asked this question.... multiple posts are not necessary and can confuse...
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    Just Google DNA 250C........
  19. retird

    Orion Go upgrade to Orion Plus

    After defining your profile did you upload it to the device?
  20. After defining your profile did you upload it to the device?
  21. retird

    Weird Battery Behavior

    he-he.... I had no battery issue.... @erroct did but he/she didn't post back so I assume it got fixed.... ❓
  22. Hard to tell from the picture but are both coils fully spaced where no coil wrap is touching another anywhere? It looks like on 1 of the coils 3 wraps have heated up hotter than any other coil wrap in either coil... may indicate a hot spot... Can you try a different atomizer as sometimes certain atty's just won't play well (the Zeus is said to work but don't know about the clone). I guess you don't want to try just 1 spaced coil only.... and you don't want to " increase wattage to 70 watts instead of 60 watts " and see what happens and you don't want to just lower your temperature setting to 250C without changing anything else " Are your dual coils matched as far as ohms go? Time for me to hand this thread off to someone else. Good luck....
  23. retird

    3 out of 4 suddenly dead

    So you tried charging them with a wall charger instead of a computer usb? Did you try a different usb cable?
  24. What atomizer are you using... show us a picture with the coils in the atomizer too....
  25. What happens if you lower your temperature setting to 250C without changing anything else? What happens when you only increase wattage to 70 watts instead of 60 watts... Did you ever try a single spaced coil? We are trying to help but we need to rule out things along the way to get to your issue. So please try a single spaced coil after you try the two things above.... It was pointed out to me the other day that we don't see where you have used Replay.... In Device Monitor it doesn't show any Replay puffs... Example showing replay puff totals... partial screenshot: