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    The very first vendor linked on the google searched page says this if you try to buy look at the color selections as some colors are not sold out......... and this and this I didn't check all the other vendors... good luck....
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    Need a bit of help

    As posted in the other thread you asked this question.... multiple posts are not necessary and can confuse...
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    Just Google DNA 250C........
  4. retird

    Orion Go upgrade to Orion Plus

    After defining your profile did you upload it to the device?
  5. After defining your profile did you upload it to the device?
  6. retird

    Weird Battery Behavior

    he-he.... I had no battery issue.... @erroct did but he/she didn't post back so I assume it got fixed.... ❓
  7. Hard to tell from the picture but are both coils fully spaced where no coil wrap is touching another anywhere? It looks like on 1 of the coils 3 wraps have heated up hotter than any other coil wrap in either coil... may indicate a hot spot... Can you try a different atomizer as sometimes certain atty's just won't play well (the Zeus is said to work but don't know about the clone). I guess you don't want to try just 1 spaced coil only.... and you don't want to " increase wattage to 70 watts instead of 60 watts " and see what happens and you don't want to just lower your temperature setting to 250C without changing anything else " Are your dual coils matched as far as ohms go? Time for me to hand this thread off to someone else. Good luck....
  8. retird

    3 out of 4 suddenly dead

    So you tried charging them with a wall charger instead of a computer usb? Did you try a different usb cable?
  9. What atomizer are you using... show us a picture with the coils in the atomizer too....
  10. What happens if you lower your temperature setting to 250C without changing anything else? What happens when you only increase wattage to 70 watts instead of 60 watts... Did you ever try a single spaced coil? We are trying to help but we need to rule out things along the way to get to your issue. So please try a single spaced coil after you try the two things above.... It was pointed out to me the other day that we don't see where you have used Replay.... In Device Monitor it doesn't show any Replay puffs... Example showing replay puff totals... partial screenshot:
  11. retird

    Escribe and service pack versions?

    Open EScribe then click on Help>About EScribe and that shows the version of EScribe. The Service Pack version of the device can be seen in the lower right corner of Device Monitor when device is connected. When EScribe says there is a updated service pack you can download it (device connected). Service packs are saved to the computer in case you want to install a previous update or reinstall the most up to date SP... In EScribe....Tools>Apply service pack will take you to the saved SP's on the computer...
  12. retird

    3D model Lost Vape Triade

    That's great ... I have no printer but just wanted you to kinda know our traditional view on buying and selling here.... Welcome to the forum, by the way.....
  13. My understanding of preheat is to add quicker temperature increase to shorten the time needed to reach temp.... I always adjust my preheat at a lower level than set wattage. On your settings turn preheat to 5 watts and graph in DM (watch puff temperature curve), then 10 watts, them 20 watts then set it back to your normal preheat and graph that. Do you see a difference using different preheat settings that are less than your wattage setting? You can adjust punch settings also to see how it effects preheat timing...
  14. @Wayneo why do you say the preheat is never activated? (punch set to Hard at 10)? And why do you say the wattage settings are backwards? You must do it differently than I....
  15. retird

    Lost Vape Triade battery amp draw

    Where are you getting the specs for your battery.....? Google sony vtc5a specs and here is Mooch's results....... And his discussion:
  16. retird

    3D model Lost Vape Triade

    Advertising and selling is not normally permitted here.... just so you know...
  17. Your temp is set at 286C Your temp peak on the last puff shown is 300C.... 572F and if I'm seeing it right the power at 300C is almost 80 watts on your last puff shown but your set power at 70 watts.... What if you lower your preheat to 50 watts and the punch down to a much lower level? Could you be over driving your 70 watt setting with the preheat and punch being so high? Again.... contact coils are not usually used by most DNA users...
  18. retird

    Lost Vape Triade battery amp draw
  19. retird

    automatically apply the profile

    You would need to ask Evolv employees..... ask here....
  20. retird

    automatically apply the profile

    Not automatically but you can define the profiles in the Theme and name them by the coils you will use. Then just upload your settings and then you will be able to select from the profiles...
  21. Contact coils do not usually work well with DNA's. Try a spaced coil.... since this is your first dna you might try a single coil then add the 2nd coil if things go well with the 1 coil....
  22. We need a lot more info so lets get started.....So do you vape it and it does reach it's set temp or does it reach temp message quickly? What type coil are you using? Is it a spaced or a contact coil?
  23. retird

    orion red light blinks but dosn't charge

    So you just got it.... contact the vendor and tell them it was DOA... They should help you I would think....
  24. retird

    orion red light blinks but dosn't charge

    Can you connect it to EScribe?
  25. retird

    Soldering New Buttons

    Hope this helps