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    Welcome to the forum, as a small incentive I've made something simple for you: my_default_dark-VW.ecigtheme You can modify it, share it, or keep it exclusively for yourself, but remember what Wayneo wrote: "If you were to decide to publish it for others, just give credit to the original theme author." my_default_dark-VW2.ecigtheme Another version with better displayed monitor in the Puff-Info-Screen, so the space for graphics is already at the end and there is little room for further changes ... (my english is awful - translated by google)
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    Finally able to get my profile unity connected to the mod without breaking the coil. I adjusted the 510 positive pin on the atty. Make it shorter. Then, disassembled the mod. Insulate the the whole wire that comes from the battery to the board with the insulation tape. And wrapped the bottom of the 510 connector together with the wire that goes to the board with the insulation tape. And make sure both wires (one from the battery to the board, and one from 510 to the board) are at distance. Looks good so far. This is what happen before the modification -->
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    Yeaaaaaaah, I'm still hoping for a more long winded answer touching on type of new battery, running his own battery analyzer, etc.
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    Welcome @Simon23484 I believe in your manual it stated to contact Stealthvape in the UK as they are the contracted service centre for Europe.
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    The majority of all the service packs (going back years) as well as noteworthy items they update for each board or just escribe itself, can be found by clicking the escribe link in my signature line.
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    That's great ... I have no printer but just wanted you to kinda know our traditional view on buying and selling here.... Welcome to the forum, by the way.....
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    My understanding of preheat is to add quicker temperature increase to shorten the time needed to reach temp.... I always adjust my preheat at a lower level than set wattage. On your settings turn preheat to 5 watts and graph in DM (watch puff temperature curve), then 10 watts, them 20 watts then set it back to your normal preheat and graph that. Do you see a difference using different preheat settings that are less than your wattage setting? You can adjust punch settings also to see how it effects preheat timing...
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    Version 1.0.0


    gently modified factory theme with a nice battery indicator for inexperienced users
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