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    I'd say your mod has dropped out of TC mode and is just firing in straight watts. If you look at your 3rd pic it shows what you've selected for those 3 parameters. 'Device Monitor' will prove that if you tick cold ohms and live ohms. It's usually a connection issue somewhere. You can use Atomizer Analyzer to see how stable the coil is, and it should fluctuate a few milliohms at best. Either at the 510 connection (where yours is manual), or one of your coil legs is loose, or even hotspots. I'd check those in that order. Just wondering why you locked the ohms? That should be a solid setup. Finally (IMHO and some might disagree) unless you set your preheat wattage HIGHER than your set watts, you're not getting any benefit out of that option Welcome
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    I'm currently building my 4th 250c, and thought about wireless charging. My enclosure has more spare room than any mod that I've built so far, so I've been thinking of useful features that I haven't used yet. It will have a 4s 1600mah Turnigy nano-tech. The battery fills my vertical space, but leaves about 10mm between it and the door, and 18mm between it and the chipset. I've also contemplated a fast charge port via external bms, but not sure how well either would play with the dna. In the next day or two I'll try to upload some pics as I'm still waiting for the 250c to actually arrive.
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    Version 4.4.2


    Für DNA75C und DNA 250C Replay fähig.
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    So you were able to get it back using the "Backup" feature in EScribe after all?
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    Version 1.0.0


    Enjoy. lmk if youd like changes made . Features Pickle Rick, Snuffles/Snowball, Bird Person, President Morty(?), MR. Meseeks, also the "Peace Among World's" bit. steve@stevencasino.com, I didnt see any problems with it so far. Um... ya . Get Schwifty. IF you are looking for a color version, I am working on one. It will be available soon.
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