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    Version 2.2.0


    Supports DNA250c and DNA75c, and Replay on both of those chips. Now you can choose from two different UI from the settings page. You need the latest international firmware 1.1 SP33.2 INT (included with EScribe Suite 2.0 SP15) on your DNA75c for it to work. Note: The status messages, like temp protected or atomizer short etc. are only displayed when firing. Press the fire button to exit the menu or any other page that doesn't have a back button. I hope you guys like it! Also check out my other themes:
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    Full options theme with Replay. Rev 2.8.8 - March 2019
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    Version v2.4


    Note: The lightning bolt on the battery is only visible while charging. Replay ready! (with temp control and wattage modes available too) - See below if you are having trouble with Replay Main menu is on the top right You can hide data on main screen in Main Screen menu (resistance, voltage, etc) You can hide date/time from Lock screen in Time Config page (also can choose MM/DD or DD/MM date format) There is now a ONE WATT version for those who want one-watt increments on the main screen (regular version is 5-watt increments). Now available in BLUE, BLACK, GREEN, and RED see downloads page: Clean-Color--ONE-WATT-#_#.ecigtheme A LOT of other stuff.. check it out! -------------------------------------------------------------- Replay info: This theme works with Replay for 75c devices (250c devices work with Replay by default). BUT you need to have the International Edition of EScribe 2.0 SP15.1 or later. Your 75c needs to have the right firmware as well (at least 1.1 SP33.2 - that one works for me), once you update ESscribe and connect your device it should prompt you to update firmware. You also MUST enable Replay in your EScribe profile for it to work. Using replay: once the above has been completed, load this theme and switch to a replay-enabled profile. There should be a "NO REPLAY" button seen on the main screen. This means there aren't yet any puffs to save. So take a few puffs, until you find one you like. Then the button should change to "SAVE," and you can click that to save that latest puff. Once Saved, the button changes to "PLAYING" and you are in Replay mode. Click that if you want to end Replay. If you are having trouble, check the Replay menu because it gives you more info: Replay Available (if theme/coil supports Replay [read-only]) Replay Ready (Replay is ready to be activated [read-only]) Replay Active (you can toggle this switch to save your last puff and activate Replay). You also cannot use a plain kanthal coil for Replay. You can use any temp sensing wire, including combinations (e.g. SS wrapped with kanthal). -------------------------------------------------------------- If anyone has suggestions, improvements, bugs, or anything else, please reach out in the comments below and/or leave a review. New update coming soon!! Thanks! Here are the available color options. Let me know if you have requests for others:
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    Version 2.3.0


    This is a modified version of the DJLsb theme that came pre-installed on my Lost Vape Paranormal/Therion 75c mods - full credit goes out to Daniel@djlsbvapes for the design of this excellent user interface that offers an array of functionality without being too cluttered and over complicated. I was unable to find a Replay enabled version, so took up the challenge of integrating Evolv's main screen UI so I could continue using my favorite theme with the added benefit of Replay. Edit: Daniel@djlsbvapes as since released an updated version with Replay, a copy of which can be found on his website. Older 75c devices - so long as you have taken all the right steps to upgrade your firmware this theme will work just fine - I found YouTube video: 'Replay Mode - how to get it on your 75C' by 'vaping v1ck' helpful, please also check here for guidance. 250c devices - no firmware upgrade required, just upload and go. Happy days 😉 UIColourToggle function available in V2.1 onwards. This feature appears on both the MAIN and REPLAY screens allowing you to toggle your UI between white and a mono color of your choosing for matchy matchy customisation i.e. orange matches up really well with silver Paranormal/wooden panels, as does Stealth with my carbon/black edition Therion for a classy toned-down look - other colour options to suit Mirage are also available from the download section. UI toggle buttons are conveniently located to provide quick switching between mono color and the default bright white display - useful in bright sunny conditions 🙂 Other modifications include: - PowerBank UI included to support USB-On-the-go (new) - ‘Warmth of Puff’ feature included on REPLAY screen - Up to 4x battery voltages included - Minor tweaks to button/field positions and removal of separation lines to provide clearer/ergonomic viewing. - Lost Vape emblem in place of full logo - for sharper imaging. - Revised battery indicators for improved vividness. Fully optimised for dna250c, and cross-compatible with dna75c devices ColourToggle options: Green, Orange, Stealth, Blue, Red, Cyan, Purple and now Magenta...choose to best suit your setup.
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    Version 3.0


    This is an enhanced version of the stock default DNA 75C / 250C theme. A lot of changes and some new screens, exposing the full capabilities of the chip, while keeping with the stock look and feel. Priority and care were given to make this theme as clean, functional and intuitive as possible. Now supports international firmware's Boost and Replay functions, as well as all features of the DNA 250C chip. Hope everyone enjoys!
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    Version 1.3.0


    Data Miner - DNA75C Theme Designed to incorporate as much data and settings as possible while remaining clear and easy to navigate. Feedback and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    I don't see anybody building DNA 60s. I dont know why there great. Well here is mine 1550p DNA 60 Jimmy rigged a bit
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    I am going to post here software and firmware Service Packs before they go on EScribe Suite's auto-updater, for those interested in trying things early, and so if yall find a bug we don't release it to the auto-updater. We appreciate your help testing these. RECOMMENDED SERVICE PACK EScribe Suite 2.0 SP17 EARLY SERVICE PACK EScribe Suite 2.0 SP19
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    Version 1.0.0


    Authentic theme from the VapeDroid X1C2-N NB: You may need to abbreviate your material names in order to fit in the menu screens - eg. Nickel 200 > Ni 200
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    Version 1.0.0


    Custom for VaporShark
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    I've had the boards, DNA250s, since they came out and got the enclosures about two months after that. Finally got the pair of them done. Drip3D enclosures. They seem bead blasted then anodized and the finish is really nice and feels nice to hold, no finger prints either. I use FDV V3 510 connectors, had to use them since they've been sitting for a few years, and Nanotech 1300mah batteries. The black one is mine and has an Aromamizer V1 on it. The violet one is for the Mrs. and has a Fogger V4.1 on it. Here they are, side by side, with the covers off - And here's a closer view of the inside of mine, but they're bot the same. I compromised by mounting the board sled/screen holder with LokTite, gel, instant adhesive. The batteries are secured with Velcro, two one inch squares per battery. Normally I would have kludged some metal brackets and JB welded them into place for both the sled and battery but I wanted to get these things completed and in use. Overall, I'm happy with them but still need to run case analyzer on both of them.
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    Dual 18650's, nice! Looks good! I put one in a ZNA mod, I love those ZNA's, they feel good in my hand and make for a nice pocket mod when working around the house. It's still a work in progress mod, I replaced the crappy adjustable 510 with a VariTube V1 spring loaded 510, need to get some pics showing that. I've also got to do something different with the patch cable I made for connecting to the charge board so I can use escribe, I've started a thread looking for some answers on that in the modders section --> https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/68792-can-i-bypass-the-charge-board-wire-a-usb-port-directly-to-board-for-escribe-no-charging-needed/ I'm very happy with the 60 so far, I'm getting just as good a vape as I do with my 75's and 200's.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Evolv version of my Therion theme, for other DNA75C devices. carbon: blue: leather: red (or orange/purple/pink/whatever): white: .
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    Version 1.0.0


    Authentic theme from the VapeDroid X1C2-S and X1C2-B
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    Alpinetech GXL Dual 20700 I just built this today I really like it. It went together fairly easy. I used a varitube V2 510 but I think I'm going to order a Cisco 510 and replace it. I don't like The varitube V2. Also I love this board. I really hope they come out with a 250C.
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    Soda blasted and painted with Rustoleum Matte Clear.
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    The underlying code already works on Mac and Linux, actually (the Downloads section's theme previews are being generated by EScribe running command-line on Linux, for example), but the graphical interface needs to be ported over. As of today I've converted the last screen from Microsoft Windows Forms to our platform independent windowing layer. I work on it when I need a break from other code, so don't hold your breath, but I have been making progress.
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    Hello. DNA75C has arrived. I made MOD. Comparison with DNA 75 and summarized the points I noticed. If it is helpful. However, it is Japanese. http://ecig.eucaly.net/archives/15506415.html
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    Coming from years of using YiHi boards, I found it hard to remember all the different button combinations to configure my Therion 166. To help alleviate that problem I made a creditcard sized cheatsheet that you can print, and store in your wallet.Print the attached PDF (do NOT scale to fit), cut out the desired cheatsheet (regular creditcard size, and slightly smaller to leave room for laminating), then fold it over. One side has TC mode, the other side wattage mode.Glue the final product shut, or laminate it and cut it out again. The smaller version has 2mm less on each side, which makes it creditcard sized after laminating.Any ideas for improvement are of course welcome.DNA250-cheatsheet-v1.0.pdf
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    Version 3.5


    Several modifications keeping the overall default Evolv theme look. Main screen "Firing" now red when firing as well as all menu or status bars. On main screen when not in active Replay saved puff you can select the ohm reading to shortcut you to the Coil Info screen. Settings changed to Menu for new menu / settings platform Most "Back" buttons removed and scroll up of down off the screen to go to the previous screen. Watts now adjustable in 1 watt increments instead of .1. Temp adjustable in 5 degree increments. New menu platform dived into Profile, Puff Info, Coil Info and Settings on main menu. New coil install screen now has cold ohm temp for new coil and old coil resistance and temp when deciding on new coil or keeping old settings. Profile Menu has added cold ohm temp with current ohm reading and coil material setting added. Also added is the availability to have advanced preheat settings with the Preheat+ toggle when temp control is active. Puff Info screen enhanced with chart and ability to change wattage and or temp for dialing in a perfect puff. Also the addition of several live readings of the last puff. Live ohms, room temp,average power, puff duration, puff volts, puff amps, and average puff temp, and max puff temp when in temp control. When a non-temp sensing coil is installed gives you current battery % instead of temp. Recording Screen with new additions to be able to monitor with every puff. New Coil Info screen added with time, battery %, current profile, coil material, cold ohms, live ohms, coil temp, ability to remeasure resistance, and ability to lock ohms. New settings menu with System, Display, Device, and About. System gives you date, time, 12 / 24 hr, F or C temp, max puff time and serial number. New Display menu has brightness adjustment, always on, stealth level, auto lock, auto lock time out, and # of clicks to lock, and ability to set unlock device sequence. Device screen now has power bank settings, and battery voltages for up to 4 batteries. About Menu with Lifetime puff count, Theme revision, current firmware, current revision, edition, current puff count, puff count total energy, and reset to take you to a rest statistics screen. Thanks to everyone on the Evolv forum for ideas and themes to give me inspiration for this theme! Evolv Default Enhanced 250C.ecigtheme Evolv Default Enhanced 250C.ecigtheme
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    Version 4.4.0


    Für DNA75C und DNA 250C Replay fähig.
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    Version 2.0.0


    Strongly recommend updating to this new version 2.0.0 as it adds new features. A material colored theme for DNA75c and DNA250c. Customization options far beyond what's featured in the default Evolv theme. Notes: You can press the fire button to exit out of a screen that doesn't have a back button. LED colors styled to the theme. When you change the material of a profile (eg. from Watts to SS316L) you won't have the appropriate toggles (eg. Temp Control, Replay) activated right away. You need to back out of the Atomizer Profile screen, fire the mod and go back into the Atomizer Profile screen. This is an Evolv/Theme Designer issue. If you have temp control enabled, you can switch positions of the power and temperature field on the main screen by enabling "Big Temp" in Menu -> Settings In the Atomizer Profile screen you can adjust the Pre-heat temperature either via a Punch gauge or via a Temperature field. You can switch between them with the new toggle next to the Pre-heat label. Also check out the other version of this theme
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    Version 10.2


    Preheat (Boost) für den Watt-Mode! ---- English versions for countries with date format m/d/yy (U.S.) and d/m/yy (UK/AU) available. Um Preheat (Boost) für den Watt-Mode nutzen zu können, benötigt ihr EScribe Suite 2.0 SP6 (oder höher). Download hier: https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/66731-early-firmware-and-escribe-suite/ Bitte beachtet, dass dieses Feature nur auf Geräten mit der internationalen Firmware-Edition funktioniert - die U.S.-Edition ist davon ausgeschlossen. Falls ihr nicht sicher seid, in meinem Theme wird unter "System-Info" die Version angezeigt - dort muss "INT" stehen. Die Navigation ist denkbar einfach... Gefeuert kann vom Main Screen aus, und vom Device Monitor (Aufzeichnungen). Hoch/Runter: durch's Menü scrollen, Werte verändern. Mittlere Taste: auswählen/bestätigen Von allen Seiten gelangt man mit der Feuer-Taste (außer Main Screen und Aufzeichnungen), bzw. dem Zurück-Pfeil, wieder zur vorherigen Seite. Das "Haus-Symbol" bringt einen - ohne Umwege - wieder zum Main Screen. - Auf die Seite "Neue Wicklung" gelangt man automatisch, sobald ein neuer Verdampfer/neue Coil montiert wurde. - Die Seite "Coil" ist zu erreichen, wenn man auf dem Main Screen den Widerstandswert ansteuert. - Die Seite "Einstellungen" ist über das Zahnradsymbol zu erreichen. - Der "Schalter" versetzt das Gerät in den Standby-Modus (Lock Screen). Die AM/PM-Anzeige verschwindet automatisch wenn das 24-Stunden-Format für die Zeit gewählt wird. Die Einstellungen für "Stealth" werden erst dann wirksam, wenn das Gerät einmal in den Ruhemodus gegangen ist, oder versetzt wurde. Stealth Level: 0: Stealth aus 1: Das Display dimmt nur leicht ab 2. Das Display dimmt etwa auf die halbe Helligkeit 3: Das Display schaltet sehr schnell ab (Vorsicht! Nix für langsame Zeitgenossen) LED im Feuer-Taster: Blinkt langsam Rot: Gerät wird geladen Grünes Dauerlicht: Akku voll geladen Lila: Feuern Über Lob, Anregungen, aber auch Kritik, würde ich mich sehr freuen. Viel Spaß Andy (Alle Werte und Bezeichnungen im Screenshot sind nur beispielhaft) Für eine etwas vergrößerte Ansicht auf's Bild klicken...
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    Version 1.0.0


    I made to be usable for you lot and to see how you can use conditions, gauges, toggles etc work as making themes has a significant learning curve. As a quick start base for you to use and abuse, no rights claimed use/share any of it. Looking forward to far more beautiful theme from you lot. Things that are not obvious are: Clicking the profile name on the main screen takes you to atty setting. Clicking on the profile name in the atty screen let you change profile. Clicking the Ohm symbol in the atty setting page remeasures your resistance. Temp is swamped for voltage on the main screen if temp protection is turned off or you have a non-temp sensing coil. On the recording screen if you click the number you are taken to the most recent puff and if you click on the graph you are take to the field selection screen. Most icons you can select will show some text in the status field saying what they do. In the photos the 1st is when preheat is on, 2nd is preheat off, 3rd is dropped out of temp protection. 4th is TP-enabled=false, 5th is TS-Material=false. This is how the conditions are set: The TP icon: default shows on image, atty\temp-protect-enabled=false as the condition for showing the off image. atty\temp-sensing-material=false also for showing the off image. Text status: default shows "PH" for preheat atty\preheat-enabled=false shows "---" atty\temp-protect-enabled=false shows "PWR" in yellow atty\temp-sensing-material=false shows "PWR"in yellow atty\temp-sensing-dectect=false shows "???" in orange (tested with an ss coil using a NI profile) Temp Field: atty\temp as default atty\temp-protect-enabled=false shows diag\atty\voltage atty\temp-sensing-material=false shows diag\atty\voltage Enjoy
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