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    Version 1.0.0


    TT Theme DNA a theme to end all themes it will be my last for the theme which i will uploaded in various forms of branding first pic is to check that the font size has transferred to theme , if not alter font sizes accordingly , 2nd pic if your default profile names are too big to fit in the screen space then you must change the names of the profiles you have through escribe and not theme builder to shorter names until they fit and upload the changed profile settings to device and not reload the theme again you shouldn't need to as your only changing the profile names. on to the theme no background pics , not enough memory to add any and black background is the way it is , so if you want fancy shit over quality choose fancy shit - the theme comes with 2 colour options white or green accessed by the toggle switch live on the device. mains screen image , big clear wattage and temp numbers at the top of the screen you will have chosen profile name and then below battery bar and then below that voltage amps and battery percentage readouts - moving on past the big number you have ohms , click this it will read ohms again and also update while firing giving you live ohms read out , to the right is locking icon click this to lock coils to ohms ideally used in temp control or replay with temp sensing coils , below that is a puff count - click this readout will take you to puff stats page - and back to the mainscreen we go to 3 icons a bulb icon changes colour of the theme from white to green , moving to the middle icon will take you to settings page where everything can be accessed in the theme - lastly the temp icon will directly take you to preheat options page where you will find something abit unique - whichever coil you are using the arrow at the top of the preheat page will indicate which option is available to that coil , example is boost - punch or warmth the arrow will indicate which mode it is in and further down numbered 1 to 10 will change is values of either boost or punch and below that warmth is used for replay mode - when using temp sensing coils the wattage and the temp values can be changed then you will be in punch mode - i hope i have explained well enough to get an idea how it works.. but please read this throughout and try to follow instructions.
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    Тема очень интересная, но я бы сделал меньше цветов в тексте. А так молодец👍 . Есть же люди, которые делают сложные темы на русском.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Just added some pictures to this theme and will make sure to color coordinate to the image. This theme is smooth and I will mes with some of the theme when I get the free time. See: SirTimmyTimbit's themes for more great things!
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    zark... Добрый день подскажите на Паранормал 250 с вашу тему установить можно?...Недавно приобрел данный мод хочу сменить меню платы....Вы с Украины ????Я проживаю в Одессе как с вами связаться .....Хотелось у знать по больше об настройках данной платы от знающих людей.....
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    Hi guys, I just receive my DNA GO this week and I am pretty confuse with it. I don't know how to find the prefect setting for 60PG/40VG 30ml FOSV juice. My DNA GO gave me a thinner taste than ZERO. Does anyone have any experience with DNA GO and FOSV juice here? Thx you very much!!!
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    Well, let me ask you a few questions, and tell you my assumptions. Do you have any C mod with Replay working at all? And do you want that theme on all your mods? Hopefully my printscreen will get you going with Replay. My assumptions would be; You have both C and non color mods, as well as 75's and 2xx mods. All of mine are setup the same (material or feature wise) except for the few unicorns. I think all you need to do is ensure all your mods are at the latest firmware included in SP19. If you have been jiggying with your Profiles, at least you now know how to set one up.
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    Normally, I'm not a fan of "real" background images in the menus because legibility suffers - but here the wallpaper is chosen or edited to keep the fonts easily recognizable. Good work 👍
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    Your welcome @Hyperar, at least things are getting there for you. Hope that you finally nail it.
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    Hopefully this will be my final update! Contacted Rob at Stealthvape (Evolv/Lost Vape servicing here in the UK) and he has supplied me with a brand new leak free 510, so everything is good 👍 Rejoice leak free drone!
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    @onikami Thank you for saying you did not understand! When your mod eventually dies, or 'weak battery' or 'check battery' warning <- Either on your mod, or an external battery charger you should be able to see the voltage (energy) left in the battery. If we ever say something you don't understand, just let us know
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    My Drone 250C leaked like a sieve! Contacted Evolv here, located in Ohio. Very responsive company. They took care of the issue very quickly. Apparently, the 510 in the first batch(es) were defective. Fantastic customer service from Evolv/Lost Vape!
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    no problem with my drone , i would say you've got a dodgy one , apart from the design flaws its the best squonker on the market if you can overlook the flimsy battery door and be aware of it , the fiddly replacement of the squonk bottle can be difficult to easily place in and out but i use the ceramic tweezers and takes a couple of seconds apart from that looks lovely in ultem and silver takes dual 18650 and has a DNA chip and fits a 30mm rda or rta with ease no many squonkers can boast that
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    Yo what the heck? I posted a link to the EVIDENCE and sample analysis overview that the escribe software is malicious. I DID NOT POST THE FILE. Deleting my post tells me either either you you dont know what you are doing or you are trying to hide the fact that it is malicious. If anyone would like me to repost the link to the ANALYSIS of the exe please post a reply. Trust me you do
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    Version 1.0.0


    Rick & Morty Theme
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    I’m a security research by trade. This is my area of expertise
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    I got a response saying basically that they didn't see any reason for the feature, since you can't see the screen while firing. I pointed out that for some applications that isn't true, and pointed out all the other information they allow live updates of (temperature, wattage, etc.). They were unswayed, and told me they didn't have any plans to do it. I did come up with a bit of a workaround -- I programmed the LED to cycle through a series of colors while firing. I set it up to go through five colors in the order they are in the rainbow with one second for each. (My non-firing color is blue, so I chose red, yellow, green, cyan, and purple). Now I can watch the LED and count the seconds. I hope that helps, since I wouldn't hold my breath for them adding the feature.
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    NO, YOU CANNOT!! For at least more times than fingers on one hand , kanthal is NOT a TC wire. There is NO evolv board available that will temperature protect/control your kanthal wire.
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    Thanks , but I already sold the mod.I keep my DNA200
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    I doubt it , sincerely. Also Sony and LG are fake? Simplifying : eats batteries and heated.
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    ¡Viva Marte con Fobos y Deimos incluidos, txmonkey214! Sé perfectamente que Efest re-etiqueta otras baterías. Por eso investigué para encontrar una buena batería que alguien hubiese verificado a fondo.Creo que ECF y Mooch están suficientemente contrastados como para confiar en sus análisis.https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/threads/efest-metallic-purple-35a-4200mah-26650-bench-test-results-just-a-23a-battery-but-4300mah.747579/Sony, Samsung y LG no tienen baterías 26650 de alta capacidad y que den al menos 20A.Y, o ya no vale la Ley de Ohm, o con resistencias del orden de 0.35? no se necesitan 25A para nada.Con los propios datos de la pantalla del chip DNA75: R=0.39? - V=4.39 - I=11.7A en el atomizador. Incluso suponiendo un voltaje real de la batería de 3.5v (y a ese voltaje, el mod ya indica "week battery"), eso me da 14.68A con una eficiencia del 85% --> 17.26A en el lado de la batería.No uso coils de 0.1?, así que ¿donde está el problema?Se que se asumen muchas cosas, pero creo haberme tomado la molestia de comprobar las que puedo.Por cierto, en mi MOD, con EScribe, el límite de la batería está fijado a 23A.Y otra cosa que no me gusta nada del chip es que efectivamente se calienta, pero no es por la EFEST, ¡más quisiera yo!. Es que se calienta con la VTC4, la VTC5, la VTC5A, la LG HG2... y la Efest.Y un últimos detalle, la mitificada Sony VTC5, según su datasheet es de 30A solo si se emplea en un dispositivo que corte si se alcanzan los 80ºC. Si no tiene ese control, Sony la rebaja a solo 20A. ¡Que curioso!-----------------------------Google traductor, I am aware that Efest rewrap other batteries. So I researched to find a good battery that someone had checked thoroughly. I think ECF and Mooch are sufficiently tested to trust their analysis. https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/threads/efest-metallic-purple-35a-4200mah-26650-bench-test-results-just-a-23a-battery-but-4300mah.747579/ Sony, Samsung and LG 26650 batteries don't have high capacity at least 20A. And, or not worth Ohm's Law, the order of 0.35? resistors no need 25A for anything. With own data chip DNA75 screen: R = 0.39? - V = 4.39 - I = 11.7A in the MOD. Even assuming an actual battery voltage 3.5v (and that voltage, the mod already indicates "week battery"), that gives me 14.68A with an efficiency of 85% -> 17.26A on the side of the batería.No use coils of 0.1?, so where is the problem? It assumed many things, but I think having taken the trouble to check I can. By the way, in my MOD, with write, the limit of the battery is set to 23A. And another thing I do not like the chip is actually heated, but not by the EFEST, the more I wanted !. It is heated with VTC4, the VTC5, the VTC5A, the LG HG2 ... and Efest.And a last detail, Sony myth VTC5, see the datasheet, is 30A only if used in a cutting device 80ºC are achieved if. If you have no such control, Sony rebate only 20A. What curious!
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    HCigar VT75 - Efest methalic Purple 26650 4200mAh 35A/50A (Mooch says 23A)load VT75.ecig, last versión EScribe 1.0.56Coil Matterial: WattsPower: 50wno preheatBillow v3 Plus. Clapton kanthal A1 26/32 ga. Dual coil 5 wrapps. 0.37??Heisenberg 10% - 25PG/75VG - 0 nicoSX Mini M Class . Sony VTC5A Mode POWER 50wSettings: POWERFULSame Atomizerbattery use: Sony VTC5A: 23.000J / LG HG2 - 26500JCharger: OPUS BT-C3100 v2.2
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    My DNA75 is HCigar VT75. I need to put the 26650 , the 18650 ( HG2 LG , Sony VTC5A ) not even two deposits 50w With the 26650 hard the same as my SX M with a 18650
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    They remain words to the wind to justify a botched chip.Also apply that Asian contempt for Yihi, SX350x (1x18650) and SX450 chips (2x18650)?
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    It's a good excuse, but Joyetech or Yihi chips has a efficiency factor so low?
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