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    Version 4.4.2


    Für DNA75C und DNA 250C Replay fähig.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Enjoy. lmk if youd like changes made . Features Pickle Rick, Snuffles/Snowball, Bird Person, President Morty(?), MR. Meseeks, also the "Peace Among World's" bit. steve@stevencasino.com, I didnt see any problems with it so far. Um... ya . Get Schwifty. IF you are looking for a color version, I am working on one. It will be available soon.
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    simple and concise, I like
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    Version 1.2.0


    Big power font, Custom light)
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    Version 1.0.5


    I'm proud to present my first completed theme. As you can see, it's based on the Arctic Fox theme, but I've replaced most components with Google-style Material Design. Hope you like it! Leave a review and let me know what you think. I'll make updates based on your feedback! If you'd like to use this theme commercially, please contact me here. I don't require any licensing or royalties, however I would like to keep track of companies using the theme so I can maintain it properly. Credits: Original layout used was Arctic Fox by @Gavnaf.
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    Version 2.0.0


    Strongly recommend updating to this new version 2.0.0 as it adds new features. A material colored theme for DNA75c and DNA250c. Customization options far beyond what's featured in the default Evolv theme. Notes: You can press the fire button to exit out of a screen that doesn't have a back button. LED colors styled to the theme. When you change the material of a profile (eg. from Watts to SS316L) you won't have the appropriate toggles (eg. Temp Control, Replay) activated right away. You need to back out of the Atomizer Profile screen, fire the mod and go back into the Atomizer Profile screen. This is an Evolv/Theme Designer issue. If you have temp control enabled, you can switch positions of the power and temperature field on the main screen by enabling "Big Temp" in Menu -> Settings In the Atomizer Profile screen you can adjust the Pre-heat temperature either via a Punch gauge or via a Temperature field. You can switch between them with the new toggle next to the Pre-heat label. I made this version with the new DNA250c Paranormals in mind. I think it would look good on the darker ones especially. I'd love to see some handchecks if you're using it on a Paranormal! Also check out the other version of this theme
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    Coil: Dual SS904L Coil 0.2 Ω Material: SS904L Replay Compatible: Yes Coil: Dual SS904L Coil 0.4 Ω Material: SS904L Replay Compatible: Yes
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    For REPLAY the only things you need are a TC capable coil, a straight 'watt' coil material type, a theme that supports Replay and the 'use Replay on this profile' option enabled. No wire setup needed at all.
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    Don't know if you're aware, but with the 250C you can change the watt increment to 5 or even 10 watts at a time.
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    What do you you get by doing this? Tools>Apply Service Pack
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    Same place the software has always been. Unfortunately all those versions have been lumped into 1 post, and they're not in order, but it's in there. https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/66731-early-firmware-and-escribe-suite/?do=findComment&comment=918219 Probably, but I wouldn't if I had a choice. You probably already have multiple versions of the drivers, etc. A clean install on a machine never having run escribe is what I would do personally. (I used to run multiple versions years ago because the last Feb 2016 update was the last time setting the internal mod resistance worked properly on the 200. IIRC file extensions changed, even the USB Product ID changed for the board. If you're not really savvy with lower level computer stuff you'll have nothing but frustration) No need to prove anything to us. @retird and I just don't remember ........ we never said you were wrong.
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    My guess would be the wiring from the battery sled has come undone. Not at all sure but that's what I think.
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    @Buellbloke I'm Feb 2016, so you were here a solid 5 months before me. My very first puffs were TC on a 40 and RDNA40. Both Sharks with that less than stellar rubberized finish. Like @retird my 200's are all still working fine. I just checked and the software goes all the way back to the EScribe 2015-07-16 version. EScribe 1.0.34 was the first with the ability to change the Watts Increment (Theme tab). Knock yourself out if you want to try and load it. I don't think it will but you can always try. Perhaps if you have a spare PC.
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    hum.... if I recall, Vapor Shark had their DNA 200 boards specifically made for the Shark from Evolv and they used their own charger board.... never bought one just for that reason.... all of the beta versions of the 200 I tested for Evolv (before they released the 200) are still working perfectly to this day..... but at any rate, whether of not the 200 had a 5 watt increment in the past it does not have it now.... as you know Evolv constantly improved the boards and the EScribe software over Evolv's history....
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    I have been deep in Evolv stuff also, since the Darwin days, then the Kick, then the DNA 20D, 30, Kick2, 25, DNA 40 (Temp Control), 1 amp charger board, DNA60, 75, DNA200, and etc, etc, including the latest DNA Go board ..... just ask Brandon.... ha ha..... but you may be right about the 5 watt increments but I'm just not remembering it that way.... ☺️
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    Just checking 🤔 You did insert both batteries, positive up?
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    First off your video doesn't play. Use EScribe Device monitor and see what the voltage for the cells is listed as and post them here.
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    Temp Sensing (my definition) - Material (wire) that changes its resistance enough (when heated) that will allow TP/TC to work.
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    У меня лично нет проблем с чтением шрифтов с цветами, которые я использовал. Хотя я заметил проблему с контролем температуры, читая полное название используемой температуры. Спасибо за обратную связь, я ценю критику.
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    This was about stupid tight especially with the extra wire for better contacts later.
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    Version .75


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    My Drone 250C leaked like a sieve! Contacted Evolv here, located in Ohio. Very responsive company. They took care of the issue very quickly. Apparently, the 510 in the first batch(es) were defective. Fantastic customer service from Evolv/Lost Vape!
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    Version 3.6.6


    Schwert klinge ist Weiß, beim laden Blau. Replay Fähig und alles in Deutsch.
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    always "error press up" with SP38 on my VTBox, only SP33 works fine
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