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    https://lostvape.com/upgrade-software/ it’s straight from lost Vapes website. The only thing I notice on the instruction was that once the update completes, reset the device to defaults for it to reflect on escribe then you can customize your presets
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    Finally able to get my profile unity connected to the mod without breaking the coil. I adjusted the 510 positive pin on the atty. Make it shorter. Then, disassembled the mod. Insulate the the whole wire that comes from the battery to the board with the insulation tape. And wrapped the bottom of the 510 connector together with the wire that goes to the board with the insulation tape. And make sure both wires (one from the battery to the board, and one from 510 to the board) are at distance. Looks good so far. This is what happen before the modification -->
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    I've had my paranormal for a little over 2 months, and last week I had it sitting on my desk and it started auto-firing. I popped open the battery try to make it stop, closed it again, and the problem went away, until the next day. It was fine for another few days, but I set the max puff time down to 6s and lock time to 5 minutes just in case. It just happened again, so I figured I'd hook it up to eScribe and restore defaults. It connected fine, downloaded the settings, but I got an error trying to restore defaults: https://i.gyazo.com/b9be250347ee3aa1d8957d4c28f606e5.png There also seems to be some issues with the buttons. My normal unlock sequence is FFF, however when this problem happens, F does nothing, and up/down/enter 3 times will bypass the lock screen and seem to be acting as fire buttons. I tried contacting Lost Vape but they haven't responded, and VaporDNA says I'm past the 30 day return rate. Is there anything else I can try? I did have an RDA on there that was leaking out of the 510 screw, so I opened up the Paranormal and cleaned out the bit of juice with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol, but there was not that much, and no signs of it trickling down to where the board is. Unsure what to do next, as it's pretty much unusable at this point. Even taking the batteries out for 5 minutes, then re-inserting them and the problem persists.
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    Yeaaaaaaah, I'm still hoping for a more long winded answer touching on type of new battery, running his own battery analyzer, etc.
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    Welcome @Simon23484 I believe in your manual it stated to contact Stealthvape in the UK as they are the contracted service centre for Europe.
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    The majority of all the service packs (going back years) as well as noteworthy items they update for each board or just escribe itself, can be found by clicking the escribe link in my signature line.
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    That's great ... I have no printer but just wanted you to kinda know our traditional view on buying and selling here.... Welcome to the forum, by the way.....
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    My understanding of preheat is to add quicker temperature increase to shorten the time needed to reach temp.... I always adjust my preheat at a lower level than set wattage. On your settings turn preheat to 5 watts and graph in DM (watch puff temperature curve), then 10 watts, them 20 watts then set it back to your normal preheat and graph that. Do you see a difference using different preheat settings that are less than your wattage setting? You can adjust punch settings also to see how it effects preheat timing...
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    Version 1.4.0


    Rev 1.4.0 Replay ready
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    Version 2.0.4


    I welcome improvements, suggestions and errors. Based on the original Evolv DNA Color theme. -Added missing options and fields -Standardized control size, spacing and location. -Dropped the default background and replaced it with a carbon fiber one. -Adjusted the selection colors. -Replaced some labels with icons to reduce clutter. Lock Screens:
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    I'm a COMPLETE moron...I was pressing the replay button 5 times instead of the fire button. Ever feel like you've completely wasted people's time? Yeah, that's me...right now. Thanks for the super-quick reply @aimfire72.
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    Did you try clicking the Replay button 5 times to unlock it?
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    @Wayneo I restored the chip to stock, still the same voltage issue. I'll run the battery analyzer tonight. @retird The battery was working fine, and I'm confident that it has nothing to do with the mod. I tried a different battery and had no issues.
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    TimmyW and all..... I must be out to lunch today and apologize to all ..... forget all my other posts (deleted them or updated them)...... the Update requires 2.0 SP 20...... My old mind had SP19 in my head...... so Lost Vapes says the update only works with Windows..... Checked my notes: I wrote this to Lost Vapes on August 29: When installing the Orion Plus Upgrade on a Orion it will not complete properly when installing from a MAC computer. EScribe Ver 2.0 SP20 is not included in your install files for a MAC computer. Please update your install procedure to also include the MAC version of Ver 2.0 SP20. Please e-mail me your answer within 3 days as you state in your instructions. Thanks..... They replied on the same day: The upgrade can only operate on windows system. MAC computer can not operate it. Could you find a windows computer? Best regards, Chloe
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    @zark Comrade, considering the thread is about the message, and 'message' was mentioned 3 times in the post I replied to, my response was about ........ the message.
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    Thank you for your recommendation, Evolv replied and I will send my Orion to them.
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    В Российской части СССР, если быть точным. Давайте попилим русских тем, какие проблемы!
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    @Vapor2600 If you will be using 3 different battery models, why not just leave it at the default? You can only ever have 1 profile on the mod at a time
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    Great information Thom. Stealthvape in the UK is responsible for LV repairs. I do believe if you contact them, they should be able to send you a replacement. But first, you should remove the other 2, lift that assembly gently and see if the broken remaining portion falls out. IIRC it's a T5 torx. If you're lucky, you can remove one of the others, and check for it if you have a specialty fastener shop close by. Good luck
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    Ti ringtazio per avermi mandato il materiale DNA200 SS316L , lo inserito in escraibe e nella box ma il risultato era sempre lo stesso. Allora ho fatto un'altra prova , ho cambiato atomizzatore ho rigenerato un spped revolution (non la versione 2019) ho posto più attenzione nella rigenerazione . Ho fatto 6 spire (non 7) di SS316L diametro 2 mm della UD ho fatto una spira in meno per distanziare di più le spire e ho posto attenzione che non si toccassero. Poi non so se ho fatto bene ho fatto un paio di accensione delle spire prechè secondo me si stabilizzano gli ohm . Ha subito funzionato e dopo varie prove con il monitor di escraibe l'ho settato con tredici watt e ho posto il limite a 250 gradi C senza preriscaldamento. Nei prossimi giorni rigenererò una altra volta Strike 18 con la stessa rigenerazione se vuoi ti farò sapere. Mi piacerebbe un tuo commento a quanto scritto sopra se ho sbagliato qualcosa. Ciao ringrazio tutti e a te dwcaig1
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    Version 1.0.2


    I have modified the original theme to include "Replay" features, this theme allows you to enable the "Use Replay on this profile" in the "Coil" screen, after enabled, it enters into "Replay" mode, and allows you / shows options "Recording" (when firing), "Save" (to save the puff", "Playing" (Replaying), and "Cancel" (stop Playing). Additionally, it allows to change the wattage and temperature (temp mode with Replay enabled), wattage (no temp mode), Resample Coil (Measure atomizer Ohms again).
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    Datasheet/specifics for each board available here https://www.evolvapor.com/ The 60 does not have integrated charging, but you can get/use an Evolv 1A data/charging board.
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    Sony_VTC5a (3)_18650_26.219 Wh.csv
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    Version 1.0.0


    gently modified factory theme with a nice battery indicator for inexperienced users
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