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    My Drone 250C leaked like a sieve! Contacted Evolv here, located in Ohio. Very responsive company. They took care of the issue very quickly. Apparently, the 510 in the first batch(es) were defective. Fantastic customer service from Evolv/Lost Vape!
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    I upgraded these old Hana box's. I found a 3D printed sled at Shapeways & fitted the box with a 20700! It fit perfect with no mods to the case at all! Battery life is great with the Sanyo B I wanted to upgrade the door from screws to magnets, but never got around to it
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    Hopefully this will be my final update! Contacted Rob at Stealthvape (Evolv/Lost Vape servicing here in the UK) and he has supplied me with a brand new leak free 510, so everything is good 👍 Rejoice leak free drone!
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    Well, I would say no wonder about the Temp flux because you've set your power to 300 Watts ! As you (should) see on the graph that after the big spike your coil only needs around 65 Watts to keep the temperature. So why don't you try 70 Watts, and if you have a big fancy coil set some preheat of 80 Watts for the first 1 second ? Then you probably won't have trouble with gunking anymore, because the gunking is caused by that 300 Watt inferno. I bet your coils will thank you too with giving you more life out of them. Just remember: Because your mod CAN do 300 Watts doesn't mean you SHOULD do it ! Also you have longer lasting batteries... so basically its a win-win-win-win situation (no gunk, no flux, longer lasting coils and longer lasting batteries) And it also will probably don't blow up in your face one day, too 😉
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    THE FORMULA DESCRIBED ABOVE DOESN"T SEEM TO APPLY TO YOUR ORION QUESTION. IN A NUTSHELL, I RECOMMEND THAT YOU USE A 50/50 E-LIQUID OF WHATEVER STRENGTH YOU LIKE. I OWN 5 ORIONS AND HAVE BEEN ROTATING THEM SINCE LATE OCTOBER IF MEMORY SERVES. We don't have options on what metal are pods are made with. Lost Vape has made that decisions for us. We can only program the wattage, up to a max of 40. I never go beyond 20 + boost. Lost Vape suggests in the owners manual that freebase nicotine should be used with the 0.25 ohm coil and that nic salts can be used in the 05 ohm coils (as well as the new Q coils). In truth, nic salts can be used in the 0.25 ohm but I wouldn't go higher than 35 mg niece salts as 50 gives you a buzz. it's your decision wha mg and which nicotine you use in any of their pods. VG/PG RATIO IS A GREAT QUESTION & WARRANTS YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF A FEW FACTORS. E-liquid is the combination of 3 or 4 things. Flavored adult lube is almost identical in composition (vegetable glycerin, flavorings & corn starch). nicotine - in either a pg or vg base flavorings - in a pg base (most common) PG - or not for Max VG e-liquids VG - smooth and tasty enough to vape by itself if the vapocaplyse comes and I could only bring 1 thing. After a few years you may be down to 0 or 3 mg and still want to enjoy the pleasures of vaping. This is the stuff to go with, its the stuff to clear your tank between flavors now (go buy some), the same stuff my Mom puts in her salads & teas. YOUR NICOTINE and Flavor content: Your 12 mg nicotine is a freebase e-liquid. Good level. WHERE DID YOU START AT? WHERE DO YOU WANT TO BE? In the Orion you are good to go with freebase in any of their pods and while 70/30 works, 60/40 or 50/50 works better. If you aren't familiar with the differences between freebase and nic salts I suggest you do more research to better understand it. I'm not a chemist, but have been making my own e-liquid well over a year now. I make them with both types of nicotine. Nic salts require a higher percentage of flavoring and usually have a higher nicotine content that freebase nicotine e-liquids. Example: If I make 100ml of a strawberry pineapple cream like Illuminati tastes, the freebase version might include 10ml PG based flavorings (4 in all), 20ml pure PG, 12 ml VG based nic (100mg/ml), 18 ml Kosher VG resulting in a 70/30 e-liquid good for any Subohm tank. The same flavor profile for a nic salt version might include 16ml PG based flavorings, 34ml Pure VG, 35ml VG nic salts & 15ml VG for a 50/50 e-liquid designed for a pod like the Orion, the Nord, the Breeze II and others. DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE BIG NUMBERS. Many people who used pod systems like the Juul when transitioning switched from that 50mg nic salt directly to a 6mg freebase easily... once they became quit from smoking. You can go back and forth. The nic level should be matched for the device you are using. I would suggest you try a 24mg nic salt like Time Bomb or Yami's Taruto 35mg salt nic which are both a 50/50 ratio. As are Dinner Lady, Naked 100 and Vaptesia nic salt lines. You will find with nic salts you take less puffs and yet feel very satisfied. From my experience the coils will give you the best lifecycle at 50/50 too. THE VG/PG RATIO: Yes VG can produce a larger cloud, but wattage limits that top a certain extent. The VG/PG ratio plays an important factor in wicking. With my Orions 70/30 has required I regularly take a 'wicking pull' to get e-liquid into the chimney side of the pod/ it burns out my pod within 2 weeks (vs 5-6). 70VG/30PG is fairly thick (did you reverse pg/vg in your question). Higher VG adds a thicker viscosity to your e-liquid. This means you must allow more time for your wick to saturate and keep up with your coils. Yes PG carries flavor better, in the short run. Flavors do oxidize in the VG well given a longer steep time. Its all about the oxidation process. Years ago 60PG/40VG & higher was commonplace. Then 50/50 emerged reigning until 2014 (?) when 70VG/30PG and Max VG became more readily available. At the same time nic salts hit the market in 2014. Some people have an allergy to PG. PG by itself doesn't taste great and many e-liquids include more sweetener to offset this. VG on the other hand has a pleasant sweet taste on its own so less is added. Sweetener can have a negative effect on your coil life. While 70/30 is what you see most e-liquids at, I believe some like Beard use 60VG/40PG for their freebase nicotine line. You might want to try that next. I don't notice a big difference from what parent company Charlies Chalk Dust offers in 70/30 for flavor. I think 60/40 works well for people who use mid range wattage and ohms. NIC SALTS ARE ALMOST ALWAYS MADE AT 50/50 & THESE E-LIQUIDS WERE REALLY DESIGNED FOR USE IN POD SYSTEMS EXCLUSIVELY. SIMILARLY MANY POD SYSTEMS WERE DESIGNED TO BE USED WITH NIC SALTS. You should never use them above 25 Watts or in an rda. You are more likely to burn your cotton/get a dry hit in the Orion with 70/30 e-quids. Don't worry about the clouds but be considerate of those around you when you vape. VAPING SAVES LIVES AND YOU ARE HELPING.
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    It is fair to say replay replaces temp control, it is built on top of Evolv's temp control tech and couldn't work without it. A bit like some cars having computerised driving aids replay would be like the manufactures preset that works for most folks, but having all the fine adjustments with TC is more akin to a track car and can provide greater control and performance when desired.
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    При использовании сетки из 316L очень часто приходится корректировать сопротивление катушки вручную. Мне кажется это связано с тем, что катушка из сетки имеет большое количество точек электрического контакта и для того чтобы эти точки приобрели стабильное соединение необходимо провести несколько выстрелов. При этом конечное сопротивление катушки может сильно отличаться от табличных значений, а алгоритм Evolv слишком чувствителен к малейшим отклонениям от CSV (измеряемые отклонения +/- 0,0001 Ом). В этом случае можно пойти по двум направлениям: 1. Корректировать холодное сопротивление вручную (шаг регулировки 0,0003 Ом). Так же я иногда использую корректировку Cold coil temperature 2. Использовать режим Реплей (в этом режиме мод не использует CSV) P. S. Предварительный нагрев скорее всего не виноват в том, что Вы не можете получить знакомые ощущения (как на другом моде), чип DNA использует более совершенные и профессиональные настройки TC, поэтому, если Вы решили использовать этот продукт, то будьте готовы потратить больше времени на настройки, но получить при этом идеальный вкус!
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    As long as you credit the original designer, most won't have an issue. Welcome to the forum
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    Thanks greatly for those. You can't find anything, because there's nothing really to find. TC (or material type) doesn't care about coil ID, or number of wraps. Just the material. The numbers are identical because the wraps are pretty much just along 'for the ride'. The material file (values) looks fine. Your profile numbers are all backwards. Quick answer: Swap the 75 and 200 watts. Upload to device. Longer answer: 'Settings -> Power is the HARD MAXIMUM you want the mod to use, Ever. So if your TC is wonky, or not the right something, you won't get 136 watts blasting your lips. 'Preheat -> Power is the maximum you want the mod to use while it is getting your coil up to the temp you've set. Punch says how close to the set temp it gets before ENDING the Preheat values. The higher the value for Punch (max 11) the closer it goes to your set value. SO, you should always set your preheat value higher than the power value. BTW, I hope you can vape that atty at 75 watts comfortably. If you now post a Printscreen from Device Monitor while taking a puff, we can try to decipher more. (Tick/check the cold ohm/live ohm (2) and power boxes (2).
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    With the batteries removed try connecting to EScribe with different "data/charge" USB cables if you haven't already done that.. just ruling out a possibility. Did you find a screen in the theme on the device to change (turn off) discharging power bank?? My theme has a screen called USB and I can turn it on/off and can set it to auto detect or connected. My theme is not the default theme either... From the 250C data sheet it says: USB On-The-Go The DNA 250C supports USB On-The-Go. An OTG adapter may be plugged into the Micro USB port on the device to charge any other device capable of charging via USB. By default OTG charging must be toggled on manually from the device. OTG charging can be configured to begin automatically using the Power Bank option in EScribe on the Display tab. OTG charging will not over-drain the DNA 250C.
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    You'll get much better support at OTHER forums more dedicated to that style of atomizer, friend. I hear FC is a good one.
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    you can go into escribe and preset the profile setting wattage and pre heat and replay on all other features that the material you choose can start off with like a basic level you cant start from like setting the watts to 50 or 60 and preheat options to a required level before altering them on the device , that's as much as a preset you can do - changing materials or swapping tanks will always trigger the new coil detected which you have to set - as the photograph shows where to alter the default levels
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    no problem with my drone , i would say you've got a dodgy one , apart from the design flaws its the best squonker on the market if you can overlook the flimsy battery door and be aware of it , the fiddly replacement of the squonk bottle can be difficult to easily place in and out but i use the ceramic tweezers and takes a couple of seconds apart from that looks lovely in ultem and silver takes dual 18650 and has a DNA chip and fits a 30mm rda or rta with ease no many squonkers can boast that
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    @etab75 LV has a repair centre right there in the UK if you don't wanna take it apart yourself.
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    You're very welcome. And welcome. Now that it's working, longer answer. The coil resistance is stored 'per profile', so if you want to use the current coil in a different profile, when you get to the new profile you need to read the ohms. ONCE, per profile being used. Remember to hit select/accept/confirm.
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    YES Easy answer ........ say 'Yes', read resistance of coil, confirm, select to get back to normal. Then try. You should be fine at this point.
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    On a side note: Since your batteries have heated DO NOT USE THEM ANYMORE...THAT'S VERY DANGEROUS...BUY SOME NEW ONES
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    Yo what the heck? I posted a link to the EVIDENCE and sample analysis overview that the escribe software is malicious. I DID NOT POST THE FILE. Deleting my post tells me either either you you dont know what you are doing or you are trying to hide the fact that it is malicious. If anyone would like me to repost the link to the ANALYSIS of the exe please post a reply. Trust me you do
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    Seems there's two different models: http://www.avatarvape.com/jazz/index.html http://www.avatarvape.com/soul/index.html From an Italian company.
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    Ваша информация верна при использовании ecribe и если у вас есть проблемы с морозостойкостью по умолчанию. устройство установит базовую линию, когда вы ответите «да», если вы хотите установить ручное сопротивление, тогда просто загрузите новые числа без блокировки его ... использование режима блокировки - это когда RDa или бак делают катушку нестабильной, и вы хотите переопределить его на установленное количество your information is correct when using ecribe and if you have issues with the default cold resistance. the device will set the baseline when you answer yes if you wish to set a manual resistance then simply upload the new numbers with out locking it in... using the locking mode is when the RDa or tank makes the coil unstable and you want to override it to your set amount блокировка омов - это бандаид для ошибочного или не идеального соединения. Единственная причина, по которой он находится в программном обеспечении, заключается в том, что конкуренция предлагает это, и многие просили об этом, и это выполнимо, поэтому evolv сделал это, но в идеале вам никогда не придется блокировать Омы. если вы часто получаете новую катушку с такими же сообщениями катушки, то, возможно, было бы лучше просто измерить сопротивление вашего мода, а затем добавить сопротивление к смещению, как описано, если ваше сопротивление прыгает вокруг достаточно, чтобы вам пришлось использовать блокировку сопротивления, тогда Существует проблема, которая должна быть исправлена. locking the ohms is a bandaid for an erratic or less than ideal connection. only reason it's in the software is because the competition offers this and many have requested it and it is doable, so evolv did it, but ideally you shouldn't ever have to lock the ohms. if you get frequent new coil same coil msgs then it might be a better idea to just measure the resistance of your mod then add the resistance to the offset in escribe, if your resistance is jumping around enough that you need to use the resistance lock then there is a problem that should be corrected.
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    I checked the article and it indeed says "Check that the resistance is reading accurately and lock the resistance (typically by pressing the +/- buttons)." Which is stupid I think. Well, we can now discuss the quality of this reference, or we can agree that for example there is no reference to that action in any DNA manual, or any vodeo/article I read about TC in the last 1,5 years. The only firmware I know of that locks ohms "by default" is ArcticFox, but only when you set the ohms manually. Maybe some devices will work better with it, I don't know, but as we talk here about DNA devices let me ashure you that there is no need to "lock" the ohms (except when they are not stable). Reason is that when you use TC mode, the mod knows that the material will change the resistance (and can calculate the temperature correctly when you have choosen the correct material). And because when you are asked "new atomizer yes/no" the mod will use this value as a reference point for all calculations. Can we agree on that ? PS: It's nice if you like to help people here, but when you say your english is not good, then you know that can be difficult, right ? BTW: What is you native language ?
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    @zark Just to clear up a bit of confusion, whenever I've typed "mods" I'm referring to the volunteers in this forum, and nothing else as we really only discuss DNAs here.
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    The change in resistance during heating is the main condition for temperature control material. The fixed cold resistance is the starting point for calculating the temperature of the coil when the mode is TC mode operating. In Watts mode, it calculates the coil power from the cold resistance, if it is fixed or from the live resistance, so without locking the resistance (using a thermocontrol coil), the power values may differ from the given values. I apologize for breaking English, I am writing with the help of a translator P. S. To quote Orwell it was necessary to be born in the USSR, and before repeating Einstein, make sure that he did not speak about you.
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    Use a magnifying glass if needed. It goes into the slot marked by arrow, not above it. Put it in squarely past the notch marked by arrow and carefully close cover. I had major problems with this on my first one, I kept trying to put it between the door and connector instead of the slot. https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/67402-best-way-to-put-the-screen-ribbon-in-place/?do=findComment&comment=906534
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