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    Not having things in my hand, this is only a guess. From what you're describing I'd say the 510 on your mod is the culprit. If you can, make sure the center pin of the 510 on the mod has some free travel and isn't sticking "down" or otherwise too far down in the connector.
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    Thanks for help, it’s the strangest thing, I unscrewed the torque screws looked at the 510, nothing looked bad, so I put back together, now it all works 👍 , oh well I’m not complaining. Cheers
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    3 Torx screws and you get easy access to the entire 510 assembly. I think if you look/measure the length of threading on your atty's you might find one is longer than the others that could have started this issue.
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    The DNA75 max voltage is 6.2 volts. On a 250C with two cells max voltage seems to be the voltage of the cells under load. On a DNA250 with two cells max is 6.2 volts. On DNA200 with 2 cells max is 6 volts. 6.1 volts @ 1.3 ohm on a 2 cell DNA250C should be no problem.
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    For this reason I don't allow the combination "Temp Sensing Material" AND "Replay" in my enhanced themes. "Replay" is only provided for power mode with material selection "Watt".
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    Got a new Drone 2 weeks ago, and also own a Phobia. Running it with simple round SS304 dual coil wich gives me 0.111Ω. TC and Replay working fine. So, dual coil and/or material is not an issue. Also its not a problem of the atty. But I have a PulseX with a "fancy" Alien SS316L dual coil (0.214Ω) where Replay is also not working, not giving me the "SAVE" option on the display. So I guess its the complex wire which creates the problem with Replay. @drjohnson61 When you do Replay, do you run it in SS316L mode or do you switch to Watt as material ? Because Replay combined with TC is a mess, as they work against each other, because TC tries to calculate the optimum Temp/Watts, and at the same time Replay tries to recreate the last saved puff. So try to run Replay with Wattage, or TC without Replay. Replay is NOT TC ! So use only one of them at the same time. Lots of people are getting confused with this. I did this in the beginning too, as I thought it would be "common sense" to use the correct material and then use Replay on it. But in practice its counterproductive. Hope this helps to solve your problem. If not, then maybe try a simple wire. Also the source of the problem could be your low resistance. The official manual is not very clear on this, but I found a review where these numbers are mentioned (related to the DNA250C chip): Min Kanthal Resistance: 0.1ohm Min Temperature Resistance: 0.08ohm So your 0.058Ω is out of that range. But I wonder why you don't get a "Ohm too low" message... Did you try this atty on a different mod ?
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    Hi, from my own experience come together three things that the replay function does not like each one: - complex wire (fused clapton) - Dual coil - very, very low impedance In your setup I almost doubt that the TC-Mode delivers reproducible results ... But, as indicated at the beginning - it's just a guess! What is it like to take out one coil and steam as a single coil? Next step would be a simple wire as a single coil, then as a dual coil. Limit the sources of error. (Translated with Google translator")
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    Thanks for the input. I didn't get a chance to do another escribe monitor, but I did replace the battery. So far so good. Even though I know it's a bad battery now, I've attached some pictures of the old one just because. Thanks again.
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    Гораздо проще создать профили для каждого атомизатора в EScribe suite с названием испарителя, потом просто выбирать нужный профиль
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    I believe that you trouble shot it well and as you probably figure it's most likely a bad board. They are real good about taking good care of their customers.
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    In escribe, go to Mod -> Atomizers and change the 'Max resistance' value to 0.4 for the old .25(DL) settings
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    Point is - with 510 connected across "OUT" and "GND" pads - multimeter shows Resistance correctly - however eScribe and board show no Resistance - "Check Atomiser". Double and triple checked Grounding - both B- and GND pads continuity checked - board powers up - Escribe sees it - so B+ is ok . . . Reads voltage on Battery ok . . Opened a Ticket now . . . Hopefully the boards' not Borked ! Photos at : No resistance
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