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    Hello all, For some time now, as time has permitted, I've been separating out and making platform-independent the Windows-specific portions of our EScribe code. About a month ago I finished this, and began porting EScribe to MacOS. Today, I believe the Mac port has few enough bugs to be usable. I expect this will have bugs. Please let me know what you run into. Also, I don't use Mac on a daily basis, so if there is anything that seems unnatural to you relative to ordinary Mac look-and-feel, please mention that as well. https://downloads.evolvapor.com/SetupEScribe2_SP13_US.pkg https://downloads.evolvapor.com/SetupEScribe2_SP13_INTL.pkg Enjoy James Revision information: SP13 - Updated to SP13. SP8 - Updated to SP8. SP6 - Updated to SP6. b13 - Updated to SP5.2. Fixes a number of MacOS-specific bugs. b12 - Fixes a DNA 75 Color SP25 scale bug. b11 - Fixes minor DNA 75 Color SP25 bug, and extends the beta to support DNA 75 and 200. b10 - Updated to SP5.1. This version fixes Available Materials not saving, ECigStats minimizing to the Dock, and other bugs. Includes DNA 75 Color SP25. b9 - Updated to SP5. This is the first version to also support ECigStats. Includes DNA 75 Color SP24, and extends the beta to support DNA 250. b8 - Updated to SP4.2. Includes DNA 75 Color SP23. b7 - Supports dragging files onto EScribe (.ecig), Device Monitor (.py), and Theme Designer (.ecigtheme). Includes revised DNA 75 Color SP22. b6 - Supports OS X High Sierra. Includes revised DNA 75 Color SP22. b2 - Supports OS X versions earlier than Sierra. b1 - Initial test release.
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    Here's my 3D printed DNA75C. It needs more finer sanding and in the next version I will make the secondary buttons larger. However, it feels rock solid in the hand and more importantly very comfortable!
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    I don't see anybody building DNA 60s. I dont know why there great. Well here is mine 1550p DNA 60 Jimmy rigged a bit
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    I am going to post here software and firmware Service Packs before they go on EScribe Suite's auto-updater, for those interested in trying things early, and so if yall find a bug we don't release it to the auto-updater. We appreciate your help testing these. RECOMMENDED SERVICE PACK EScribe Suite 2.0 SP17 EARLY SERVICE PACK EScribe Suite 2.0 SP19
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    I've had the boards, DNA250s, since they came out and got the enclosures about two months after that. Finally got the pair of them done. Drip3D enclosures. They seem bead blasted then anodized and the finish is really nice and feels nice to hold, no finger prints either. I use FDV V3 510 connectors, had to use them since they've been sitting for a few years, and Nanotech 1300mah batteries. The black one is mine and has an Aromamizer V1 on it. The violet one is for the Mrs. and has a Fogger V4.1 on it. Here they are, side by side, with the covers off - And here's a closer view of the inside of mine, but they're bot the same. I compromised by mounting the board sled/screen holder with LokTite, gel, instant adhesive. The batteries are secured with Velcro, two one inch squares per battery. Normally I would have kludged some metal brackets and JB welded them into place for both the sled and battery but I wanted to get these things completed and in use. Overall, I'm happy with them but still need to run case analyzer on both of them.
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    Dual 18650's, nice! Looks good! I put one in a ZNA mod, I love those ZNA's, they feel good in my hand and make for a nice pocket mod when working around the house. It's still a work in progress mod, I replaced the crappy adjustable 510 with a VariTube V1 spring loaded 510, need to get some pics showing that. I've also got to do something different with the patch cable I made for connecting to the charge board so I can use escribe, I've started a thread looking for some answers on that in the modders section --> https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/68792-can-i-bypass-the-charge-board-wire-a-usb-port-directly-to-board-for-escribe-no-charging-needed/ I'm very happy with the 60 so far, I'm getting just as good a vape as I do with my 75's and 200's.
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    Alpinetech GXL Dual 20700 I just built this today I really like it. It went together fairly easy. I used a varitube V2 510 but I think I'm going to order a Cisco 510 and replace it. I don't like The varitube V2. Also I love this board. I really hope they come out with a 250C.
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    Soda blasted and painted with Rustoleum Matte Clear.
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    The underlying code already works on Mac and Linux, actually (the Downloads section's theme previews are being generated by EScribe running command-line on Linux, for example), but the graphical interface needs to be ported over. As of today I've converted the last screen from Microsoft Windows Forms to our platform independent windowing layer. I work on it when I need a break from other code, so don't hold your breath, but I have been making progress.
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    Hello. DNA75C has arrived. I made MOD. Comparison with DNA 75 and summarized the points I noticed. If it is helpful. However, it is Japanese. http://ecig.eucaly.net/archives/15506415.html
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    Coming from years of using YiHi boards, I found it hard to remember all the different button combinations to configure my Therion 166. To help alleviate that problem I made a creditcard sized cheatsheet that you can print, and store in your wallet.Print the attached PDF (do NOT scale to fit), cut out the desired cheatsheet (regular creditcard size, and slightly smaller to leave room for laminating), then fold it over. One side has TC mode, the other side wattage mode.Glue the final product shut, or laminate it and cut it out again. The smaller version has 2mm less on each side, which makes it creditcard sized after laminating.Any ideas for improvement are of course welcome.DNA250-cheatsheet-v1.0.pdf
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    Well now.I just received my Paranormal back from repair(thanks Evolv.that was a fast turn around) and now,finally it works as it should have all along.It works great in TC and it vapes and behaves like I like it to do.All of my tanks work on it and now I'm satisfied.Thank you Evolv.
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    Just finished stab wood box with dna250. Awesome performance, as with all my DNA mods. Installation is straight forward and the custom options with escribe make set up a breeze.
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    Bit of a lash up but was quite keen to play with this board. Got a bit happy with the milling around the USB. 1mm brass sheet.
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    Powder coated matte black with Varitube v2 510
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    My silo 75c. Brushed, magnets, 20700. I used a cheapo brass 510 that I had, but will be machining my next silo to hold a cisco/avid 510.
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    Let's see your DIY 75c's!! Not trying to be uppity but no mass produced mods allowed and we don't need to know how many ohms or what material your coil is or how many watts you are running at. The original show us your DNA200 was fantastic until people started posting their Lostvape zinc alloy rubbish and such. I have bought a modcrate silo case and have used a Sanyo 4000mAh 20700 battery. Screen holder from the modcrate link to Shapeways. Have also soldered straight to the battery instead of using a sled.(don't own an external charger) FYI the reference 510 copy from stealthvape UK does not fit. The magnets are included in the kit but I have epoxied it shut. I'm in the UK and the silo cost me $15 postage and £13 customs charges.
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    In EScribe, the "Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (approximate)" option has a minimum TCR that it allows to be specified. This is essentially an editorial decision on my part -- below a certain level, it's just not going to work well. The firmware of DNAs has no such restrictions, so you are welcome to upload any monotonic curve, and it will happily *attempt* to control to it. It will try. As an aside, here are a few reasons that controlling very low TCR can't work well: The smaller the resistance change, the more other parts of the system will distort the accuracy of the result. For example, some stainless steel atomizers have nickel legs. Suppose the nickel legs heat 20F. If the legs are a tenth of the resistance, stainless has 1/6th the TCR of nickel, so that's going to measure as if the stainless steel has increased 20F*(6/10)=12F. So as the legs heat up, your vape gets 12F colder, even though the coil is staying the same. Suppose the material you chose has 1/60th the TCR of nickel. That's going to be a 120F distortion. As the TCR gets smaller, this kind of problem gets bigger. Even copper wiring has a TCR. Sometimes screwing in an atomizer slightly differently can shift its resistance some fraction of a percent. If (say) 400F is 1%, how can you hope to get the vape consistent? There's an electrical noise problem at a certain point. Suppose you have a 1 Ohm atomizer and can read to 1 mV / 1 mA. At 25 watts, it's 5V, 5A. If (say) 400F is 1%, 1.01 Ohms is 5.025V, 4.975A. You've got 25 values between 70F and 400F, so a single bit of electrical noise on either voltage or current will be 13 degrees. That's going to be a rather bouncy vape. etc.
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    Case Analyzer (at least prior to the newest SP, which I'm testing) does not populate the Case USB Connect Temp Rise field. I haven't gotten my LV mod yet, but on the VapeDroid and on two BAR mods (stab wood) DNA 75c mods that field is around 2°F. Currently, the best way to set these (assuming CA still isn't working right) is to first put on or create a theme that shows you the room temperature. Let the mod set for 2+ hours in a place you KNOW the temperature (use two thermometers or something and average). The difference between what the mod room temp reports and the actual room temp should be placed in the Case Static Temperature Rise. That's the most important field of all because it's how the mod determines ambient when it's just sitting. Then hook up the mod to escribe and use the diagnostic disable usb charging feature in device manager. Let it sit for a good hour, again in a place you know the temperature of. The difference between room temperature and the mods reported room temperature should be placed in the Case USB Connect Temp rise field. Upon setting that field the ambient temperature reading will be right both when the mod is just sitting and when it's connect to computer but fully charged. The rest of the settings only matter when you're hooked to a charging source and actually charging. Evolve is incorrectly assuming you are charging at 0.750A and everything they do here is wrong. It's also hard to determine these values manually, so you're probably best off not resampling while you are actually charging.
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    DNA 75 in a g+ alpinetech box way way better then the p box.you can only see the effect in the right light other wise it looks almost black.
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    my dna 75c alpinetech B box....... 2 - 4,000 mah sanyo 20700 (parallel) separate 2 amp charging module (for 3a charging total) varitube v2 30mm (horrible 510, very poor for TC. will be replacing) mamu v2 75c faceplate (shapeways)
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