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    Cat out of bag?.... deleted info...... You read it so now deleted to maybe not get banned from ECF....
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    Tub Thumper, Here is the theme and a pdf showing the changes. It was easier to make the pdf than to make a wall text trying to explain. Works great on the 75c and 250c. I hope this suits your needs......... Enjoy,,,,JT 75c-250c 5w 10°.ecigtheme Theme Changes in Pictures.pdf
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    Who knew there was a 'Retired' and a 'retird' moderator over there. Man, years ago I got sent my first and only ever warning and my post removed by 'retired'. I even asked you once @retird if that was you. Moderator Edit: Juicy bits removed due to Rules 10 and 12 I still have that tank, pristine in its shrink-wrap if anyone wants a pic. (I was rebuilding those tiny Aspire BVC coils with SS) and didn't want to do other factory coils.
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    Memories........ 😀 Yep I too started with the Darwin too and have a " herd" of one of each board.... still use the Darwin from time-to-time... As you said... "I really miss seeing Basil, Mike P, Jaquinth, Retird (that's me)and others. I even miss Dr G because when he wasn't beating back the perceived trolls he had great posts Great times, days and people!" Those were good times at ECF before Dr G got booted and some of us got grilled and investigated twice by ECF for false claims...... put a bad taste in our mouths' and I left ECF.
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