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    Yo what the heck? I posted a link to the EVIDENCE and sample analysis overview that the escribe software is malicious. I DID NOT POST THE FILE. Deleting my post tells me either either you you dont know what you are doing or you are trying to hide the fact that it is malicious. If anyone would like me to repost the link to the ANALYSIS of the exe please post a reply. Trust me you do
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    No problem... message me the link if you could..... I can forward your message..... THX I sent you a message to message me with the link you posted and will forward it to Evolv.... Please explain in your message what you found and any info you want to be seen by Evolv personnel.... The Moderators of this Forum don't try to cover anything up and we strive to have a clean forum....devoid of spam and malicious links..... I don't work for Evolv.... THX
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    I took it down so Evolv folks can look at it.... You only needed 1 post not multiple post.... that is what spammers do,.... thanks for the added information... it will get looked at... AND WELCOME TO THE FORUM,......😊
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    I use Conthrax SB font. I find it easy on the eyes. I suppose it's all subjective though...
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