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    With the batteries removed try connecting to EScribe with different "data/charge" USB cables if you haven't already done that.. just ruling out a possibility. Did you find a screen in the theme on the device to change (turn off) discharging power bank?? My theme has a screen called USB and I can turn it on/off and can set it to auto detect or connected. My theme is not the default theme either... From the 250C data sheet it says: USB On-The-Go The DNA 250C supports USB On-The-Go. An OTG adapter may be plugged into the Micro USB port on the device to charge any other device capable of charging via USB. By default OTG charging must be toggled on manually from the device. OTG charging can be configured to begin automatically using the Power Bank option in EScribe on the Display tab. OTG charging will not over-drain the DNA 250C.
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    I decided to give it another go, and went to buy another cable, Surprisingly your right! it loads right up without the batteries! How odd, even the original lostvape cable didn't work for me. Cheers to that! If only you know how grateful I am for the advice! Spent countless hours troubleshooting, even taking it apart to check for any hardware faults. Odd how the cable was able to update and charge it, suddenly stopped working for that particular mod. Will update here once i've set it all up and test the 'powerbank glitch' again
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    Are you connected to a usb port on the computer or to a hub? Can you connect to a different usb port on the computer? It works a work.... same version of EScribe on both computers?
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    плата DNA250C работает без батарей, значит Ваша проблема а кабеле или в разъёме. Разрядка мода через кабель возможна только с помощью OTG adapter в котором замкнута масса и провод "-", послушайтесь Retird и замените кабель.
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    Hey man, thanks to you, your theme is awesome as is, i just wanted to make it more my own. Keep up the good work!
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