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    I have a problem with my Paranormal 250c my Replay on kanthal coils (cleito 120 and the aspire pro) worked, but very difficult, I really have to pull them warm and then the puff pastry appears. It is better not to make suggestions
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    It's a tricky one to explain and not very intuitive. But in the theme designer, 1. Go to the screen that has the wattage displayed. You may have to select the tab 'Temp Sensing Material or Can Replay' depending how the theme is set up. 2. Click on the watts number 3. Click on 'options' under 'source' 4. Change decimal places to '0' 5. Change step size to '1' If you'd rather, I'm happy to change it for you if you save the theme you're using and post the file on this thread. I can amend and post it in a reply.
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