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    Hey gang, One of the reasons I wanted a DNA device was to replace the chip or screen if anything went wrong and not having to buy a new housing etc... I had about 7 weeks ago cracked the screen on my Lost Vape Paranormal 250C by being an idiot and walking into a table while it was in my pocket, I live in South Africa and reached out to Evolv consulting about repair, they referred me to an international partner. Not having the money for shipping I opted to buy a replacement screen for $14 including shipping and replace it myself, I have just completed this task. It was an amazingly awesome experience taking my mod apart and successfully replacing the screen. I only had to wait 6 weeks on shipping which is the international standard toSouth Africa, it was well worth the wait considering I now have my mod back in working order! Kudos Evolv for having created a system that is not closed off. A very happy customer over here! Conrad
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    Sure would be ice if the mod maker would set the device up right and test before shipping.... Just my thoughts....
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