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    This might not quite be the answer that your looking for but I have the same problem. The way I deal with it is to use a cable of "lesser quality", it only happens to me with my best cables.
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    This is a curve for 3 Sony VTC5A cells >>>>>>> https://forum.evolvapor.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=233534 Cell Soft Cutoff >> 3.0v Wh capacity >> 26.219
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    I have seen one other device reading high, and when we got it back, it looked like there was an issue with the connector, it was sticking slightly and the user had been using the Beserker tank on it, which is right at the limit of the spring in the 510, over time it started to cause the connector to stick a bit, sometimes it would jam in, and cause odd readings. I am sure people will have more insights here, but if you continue to have issues, and can't get it sorted, we can replace the device for you if it is a fault in the device. The case resistance is 0.003, and I have a file for setup which was produced by one of our testers if you want that setup to see if it helps. I've attached it. It was done for using a 25R Jacsetup.ecig
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    So far as i know, after i used my dna75 and escribe for a while, the battery profile seems quite simple, the profile affect only what you see on screen but not how the device works with the battery. It wont help the device to manage a better power or whatever related to the battery but only the tinny bar on screen so why so many battery profiles online with so many complicated information on it? I made my own csv based on my personal use and it works quite good with any 26650 and 18650 batteries no matter the brand and the rate of the battery. For me, a battery with 4.2v is fully charged and i know i will never go below 3.2v before i change my battery. I generally switch my battery at 3.5v but my csv go from 3.2v=0% to 4.2v=100% charged and i set my cell soft cutoff to 2.8v so my weak battery warning or my battery bar start to blink only when the bar is low, and it sounds pretty normal to me. It's that simple and it might sounds wrong to many dna pros here but hey, why not? I'm sharing my file and you can use them if you want or don't use them if you don't want to. Enjoy! ndca-18650-3.0v-to-4.2v.csv ndca-18650-3.2v-to-4.2v.csv ndca-26650-3.0v-to-4.2v.csv ndca-26650-3.2v-to-4.2v.csv
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    Not sure if this will cover it.Settings from mine, new resistance and case settings.23-1-2017.ecig
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