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    They could certainly improve on the user info available, great boards but poor in that respect IMO. I can't advise on replay as I only briefly played with it, been using TC on DNA boards for a couple of years though and learnt to get the best out of it (for me anyway) through experimentation. How I set TC up My goto set up: Edge mods Type R SS316L fused clapton (2 x 0.36 + 0.06 wrap) 7 wraps 3.5mm ID. Various 75C squonk mods I set power first. I'm not worried about fast ramp up with this, I set enough power that can comfortably increase coil temp under my normal draw, use device monitor if you want to find this visually, around 45 watts for this atty. Set temp to get decent flavour. If the vape is too warm or too cool then I'd change the build. Enable preheat. I set preheat power at 70W for this atty/build, it can be as much as you think your build can stand. I'd start with preheat punch around 7 or 8 and adjust to taste from there. In case you don't know what preheat punch does, it changes the the temp at which it cuts off the preheat power and drops down to your main power setting. The higher the punch the nearer to your set temp it stops preheat. What I'm aiming for with the settings is that there's enough preheat power to blast through the useless no vapour zone, then the power drops and you get a slower ramp through 'the flavour zone' up to the main temp limit. HTH
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    Different architecture and generation boards. On your 75, click Atomizer Analyzer button. Different generation board. Click Diagnostics in Device Monitor.
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    YOU are over complicating things, and using terminology that has different meanings here. Use your 30 watts in a straight Replay profile. No TC, just a TC capable material/wire. Adjust the BOOST PUNCH to Preheat your wire. Enable Replay, when you like the puff. Turn down warmth. Only think flavor. If you have an issue after that, tell us. Once you START ranting, I stop reading. Sorry man, just trying to be helpful. OR If TC's working for you, just use that
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    Sorry I misunderstood your posts...... There are many ways to adjust the settings to get the results you want. I may do it one way and somebody else may do it another. Some, of the settings you mention should be adjusted to get the vape you desire. When you find that then do Replay. If your coil doesn't heat fast enough then adjust preheat, boost, warmth, or whichever function you need to to get the coil heated quicker. Adjust the Temp and/or wattage, depending on whether you are using TC or Watts. Replay is activated (saved) only after you get that great hit. You may need to vape once, twice, or more using the settings you set to achieve the hit you want to save (Play). Folks have different ways they set the settings to get the results they want to Replay. Only after you get that great hit do you press Replay to (Play). Also there is a lot of posts in this forum where folks talk about replay so you might google Replay in the 250C and 75C sub-forums. Using EScribe Profile named Replay (if your Theme has that Profile) you will notice different settings are available depending on the Material you select. Adjust till you get the hit you want then "(Play) Replay. You night spend some time in this Profile to find the hit you desire from the coil you use.
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    From Protovapor, LE Silo DNA250
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