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    Full options theme with Replay. Rev 2.8.8 - March 2019
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    Been lurking anonymously around here for some time and then I across @Frogmod's awesome designs on Shapeways through here. Long story short: Been wanting a DNA250C for quite some time, but ALL of the purchasable models available (Triade, Finder, etc) fell short of my criteria: All Day at 100 watt, No LiPO. I'll be honest, Lipos scare the crap out of me. Yeah, I know that the DNA chip itself treats them with kid gloves with its built in charger (Love the fact that it has a Built In Balancer, and it SHUTS OFF after it is done equalizing everything) but the idea of have a half kilo or so of Thermite in my house... Nope... NUh-Uh! So I stumbled on Frog's quad 21700 Battery sled, I messaged him, we then hashed out of design criteria and some weeks later we came up with that large-ISH Monster that ya see below Loaded up with 4 Samsung 40Ts and a Varitube V2 30mm 510 Deck, what a beast, I can suck down 4-5 5ml tanks at 95 watts with the Punch @11 and I only crack past 65% all day :D
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    You don't mention a few key things....Coil diameter, wick material and what type of liquid. Remember that liquids containing higher amounts of sugars, or NETs, will foul a coil pretty quickly. If the coil is not getting enough liquid to keep up, it will start "burning" on the coil surface. If the wick can't keep up with the demand for liquid the same thing will happen. I have no experience with a Kylin RTA, in fact this is the first time I've heard of it. I do use Aromamizers and have used Foggers, both dual coil RTAs, and generally get a month or two of use out of them. I use titanium and SS430 on a 3mm mandrel for the Aromamizers and a 12 gauge needle for a mandrel in the Foggers. Five or six wraps with 28 or 26 gauge depending on my mood. I do use Ni200 in FEV-V4s that I use on my DNA40 devices. Again five or six wraps on a 3mm mandrel with rayon wick. As with everything vape related, YMMV.
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