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    Evolve are concentrated on making sure there latest board is working correctly so now 250c is just coming out and other manufacturers are now releasing there versions with 250c they need to make sure first all these are all working correctly , so the 75c will vet put on back burner until these are all out and stabile then they can focus on 75c update , its standard buissness practice why vet tied up with w lots of updates problems ect when you make sure you do one at once why send out an update now when your wanting your newer one to sell first ? Once they got money from sales of new one they invested so much into , then they can update the older one after ,
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    Nope, we have to wait for the one written for the 75C
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    In EScribe select Help/Backups....... ecig files Always good to save ecig file and ecigtheme files to your computer for future needs.....
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    I had a little free time today and made my own connector fitting tool of solid 304 stainless steel. The 5mm deep hole in the middle of the threaded rod, serves a purpose, the threaded rod screws all the way in, but it doesn't push spring loaded positive pin, the pin fits inside the hole. The problem is, that this tool is not universal, it is only good for this Boxer connector, but it works very well on it.
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