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    Version 1.0.1


    If you like a lot of information on the home screen, and want to adjust preheat / boost settings from the main screen then you might like this! All the features present on my previous themes, Gauges and the Material-ish themes, are available on this one too. Please let me know if you find any bugs / issues. Happy to take feature suggestions too! Check out my other themes
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    First off, absolutely awesome theme. love your work. Clean, clear. and really classy.... could go on with the compliments... Just found one small issue, on the the main page. there is a hidden replay icon for "can replay" / " can replay now" that shows under the boost bar... there is also another bar like the boost bar that looks like it should not be there just left of the replay icon. Just thought I would bring it to your attention. Thanx once again for such a awesome theme
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    Version 1.0.2


    I have modified the original theme to include "Replay" features, this theme allows you to enable the "Use Replay on this profile" in the "Coil" screen, after enabled, it enters into "Replay" mode, and allows you / shows options "Recording" (when firing), "Save" (to save the puff", "Playing" (Replaying), and "Cancel" (stop Playing). Additionally, it allows to change the wattage and temperature (temp mode with Replay enabled), wattage (no temp mode), Resample Coil (Measure atomizer Ohms again).
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    Not got one, but looks like those tabs are the screen holder, try removing the 3 hex screws holding the board down I suspect it will lift easily after that and you will be able to change the screen easily. ETA You can see the lower screw in the bottom left of the photo, the other two are in the top corners of the board.
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    Возьми любую тему, открой с помощью Theme disigner, на вкладке Appearane вставь свои картинки в поля Wallpaper. Не забывай проверять вкладку Space Used, чтобы видеть. что памяти устройства хватит для для работы устройства. Больше экспериментов, чип DNA нельзя испортить программными настройками, а поскольку учебника по Escribe нет, то мы все учимся на собственных ошибках (перед началом экспериментов с собственным дизайном лучше сохранить установленную тему, чтобы иметь возможность вернуться к исходной точке ) Надеюсь. что скоро увижу твой файл с 10 000 скачиваниями. Удачи!
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    You should contact the person that made this app for Android and ask him. As far as I know this app is not from Evolv. You can contact the maker of this app at dnamate.info@gmail.com
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    Отличная тема получилась! Пользуюсь ей на двух устройствах на Finder 250c и Hcigar 75d. Спасибо автору за великолепную и функциональную тему, да ещё и на русском языке!!!
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    Maybe your question could better be answered by contacting the mod makers (manufacturers) as to why they are not marketing a 75C single battery mod. As far as I know the 75C board is still available at Evolv.
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    The OP is 100% correct. No selection of inexpensive SINGLE battery, NON squonk mods with the DNA75c chipset. I bought the Mirage (love the single 21700 bats), when it first came out, fairly long time ago now, and started googling for other brands, with similar specs, I waited a few months, kept checking weekly, then monthly, and eventually I’ve given up. I lost count of all the Chinese DNA75 (non-color) mods I own. I realize the color version of just the board is more expensive, but it sure seems odd to me that they are so scarce. So, it was either the cost, or little demand for ones like the Mirage, or as some have speculated, Evolve has a different policy compared to the original 75 chip. I don’t know, and stopped caring, in the end it actually helped me stop buying more mods, as I know what I liked, and don’t see anything inexpensive to match. Saving money is good, I’m certainly not short on mods. If you have the budget for high end mods, that’s great, but not the point the OP was making. I asked a similar question probably over a year ago, here someplace, as I was curious why there were so few choices, like there was for single 18650 mods. Oh well, enjoy what you have!
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    Don't use Excel. Download an already created file. Use a straight text editor. Save line 1, the header In the subsequent lines fill in the values created in excel. Every temp/resistance pair in your file will generate that vertical line. Mind posting your raw data here?
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    Version 1.35 beta


    This here is a personal theme i made for myself, its my 1st theme for my 1st dna rebel mod. it has a slight nintendo feel, main wallpaper is of bowsette. its currently version 1.34 beta 1.35 beta. still learning this stuff so please excuse any bugs. anyways it works great so far for me and has tons of info and customization, I hope you enjoy it. Feedback is appreciated.
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    Wow Sir Timmy, this is a fantastic theme! Definitely my favorite of the 30 or so I've tried. Very slick and clean and such a cool old school effect with that background. Major points for originality. Most of the themes here are tweaked versions of someone else's work but this is totally new and different. I can think of only 2 others that are as unique and this one is cleaner and prettier than either of those. I love that the file size is small enough I was able to add 2 wallpapers and a custom main screen. If you like Gauges or Materialish you'll like Digital. I predict this will be the next theme with over 1,000 downloads. Fabulous work sir, many thanks. The one issue I found (other than mentioned by Redman2u) is with the battery level field on the main screen- there are 2 conditions- the default doesn't show units (%) but the other one does and at 100% wont fit in the box . Easy fix but worth a mention. For future updates consider adding a color background option or 2 since you've got ample space. I added a fire and a water background (fire and ocean, hmm, where have I seen those?) both of which look great.
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    Try using a different USB cable and see if that helps. 90% of the time if I get a Eeprom error, it is the USB.
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    Эта тема, действительно очень интересна и выглядит совершенно по новому, Вы по прежнему удивляете дизайном! Но, мне интересно, по чему Вы используете в условиях включения Реплей (экран Главный профиль) Temp sensing detect, мне кажется, что интереснее использовать Temp sensing material. Это даст возможность переключаться на Реплей в любом профиле, где используется термо контрольный материал. Я не нашел отображения температуры холодной катушки, мне кажется этот параметр важен для понимания насколько корректно мод определяет параметры новой катушки, ИМХО.
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    BESSER GEHT NICHT 👍 Wirklich eine Überraschung, ein komplett neues Design, dass nenne ich mal Kreativität - da kann man nur Respekt zollen.
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    What's not to like @nibo The soldering to their board needs repairing, and being in the EU, you've been given an EU authorized repair shop. Probably cheaper shipping for you, less customs and duties issues? No?
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    clean the ramps on the side of the cap and the corresponding areas of the mod. Did this problem start as soon as you received the mod or was it over time?
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    C'mon gents, can ya go argue with each other via private messaging. Please
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    Version 1.0.0


    Enjoy. lmk if youd like changes made . Features Pickle Rick, Snuffles/Snowball, Bird Person, President Morty(?), MR. Meseeks, also the "Peace Among World's" bit. steve@stevencasino.com, I didnt see any problems with it so far. Um... ya . Get Schwifty. IF you are looking for a color version, I am working on one. It will be available soon.
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    Hier stellt sich natürlich die Frage, wie mit den Möglichkeiten verschiedener Profile umzugehen ist, bzw. was vom Hersteller vorgesehen ist. Ich favorisiere die Nutzung der Profile dahingehend, dass ich meinen Verdampfern eigene Profile zugeordnet habe ("Salix" / "N'[duro]-MTL" / "N'[duro]-scr" / "N'[duro]-DL" / "Pharao" / "Zeus" / "Ammit MTL" / "Brunhilde"). Von hier an möchte ich EScribe nicht mehr bemühen, sondern alle Änderungen der Konfiguration direkt am Akkuträger vornehmen, also Wechsel der Wicklungen, der Materialien usw... Der Gedanke dahinter - Verdampfer wechseln, entsprechendes Profil einstellen, fertig. Ich sehe (für mich) weniger Sinn darin, nach jedem Verdampferwechsel ein in EScribe vorkonfiguriertes Profil neu anzupassen. (Oder ich habe da jetzt was falsch verstanden). Aber das ist hier das Schöne; sich mit anderen über deren Beweggründe, also weshalb etwas in welcher Form umgesetzt wird, auszutauschen 😃
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    As long as you credit the original designer, most won't have an issue. Welcome to the forum
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    My Drone 250C leaked like a sieve! Contacted Evolv here, located in Ohio. Very responsive company. They took care of the issue very quickly. Apparently, the 510 in the first batch(es) were defective. Fantastic customer service from Evolv/Lost Vape!
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    Version 1.0.4


    czech language football club ac sparta prague
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    Version 1.0.0


    Paranormal Logo Themes
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