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    Actually, the theme should be called "SirTimmyTimbit's Gauges by Jkronicle". Usually we refer to the original theme, especially if the changes are so marginal.
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    Instead of just 'Enjoy!'. The 'About' area above should start with recognizing the original author/theme and the modifications you did. @gwyar is correct. SirTimmy has spent countless hours on the original.
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    How about a ZNA 60! Took a new old stock ZNA clone, installed the 60, drilled a hole in the bottom for a USB post, wired it up for Escribe access w/o charging. I also upgraded that darn crappy screw adjustable 510 by drilling out the top cap so I can drop the 510 in and lock it down with a set screw from the side, I used one of the VariTube V1 510's, they have always worked well for me. I have three more of these new old stock ZNA clones on my bench but I don't know if I want to build any more of them. I also put a 60 with the data/charge board in one of the Hana V4 mods. Don't have any pics of mine which is the same blue as John la's above, these pics are just some I grabbed off the net to give you and idea what the V4 looks like. I have one more of these waiting on my bench for another 60 build. Bought a pair of them that were new old stock, there was a fellow (zbbmods) on ebay who was selling left over stock from Hana after they closed their doors. I really like this tiny and light V4, and it really works well.
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    Ok. So have you verified it's an authentic board? Once escribe has started, click the 'get information' button, it will open a web page. If you've gotten that far, back in escribe, click the 'Theme' button/tab. Are those in Chinese? If yes, save the 2 logo's if you want. Now you have a choice. You can either load the entire evolv defaults which is pretty quick (just click "default theme') OR, in Theme Designer, up at 'Options' 'Language' choose English, then 'upload setting to mod'. Let me know how that works out.
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    You didn't mention what the wire material is, if TC wire resistance when heated is going to be higher yet. I'd guess that you are hitting the maximum voltage output of the board.
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    This Theme having most features of the DNA 75C Board on Screen, was still made as simple and as big characters as it could be, not only is a material based theme where you only need to change the material to vape on the main screen but still gives you access to the profiles under the settings menu, all of this with a cool taste of one of the most famous movies ever in cinema world which is The Joker 2019 the brand new movie theme, hope you guys would enjoy it and please give me your feedback if anything need to be enhanced. Thanks
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    In escribe, go to Mod -> Atomizers and change the 'Max resistance' value to 0.4 for the old .25(DL) settings
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    I'd say it's time for a new battery.
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    Are the voltage readings during firing or at Idle. Also instead of posting battery percentage it would be better to post standing voltage as percentage is just an estimate. But it's the voltage during firing that I'm interested in. In my snip where the red arrow is pointing it says 3.47 volts when I hoover my mouse there. This is firing at 45 watts for 1 second then 35 watts on single 18650.
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    IMHO none of us here are battery experts, but this post by a very senior moderator had the similar thought process as mine. A quick 'search' found it. https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/69584-vapecige-vtbox250/?do=findComment&comment=924036 P.S I couldn't tell English was not your native language. (tresse a dessouder in french) <- desoldering braid.
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    After these problems started did you ever check if cell 1 was draining and charging in a balanced manner? Or after a day if cell 1 had drained some? Which efusion? If the JST connector (white connector the battery plugs into) is soldered to the board, I'd replace it after cleaning up around the solder points. On my efusion Duo, it's easy to get at the LiPo which is behind a removable side panel. I'd probably replace from the to the board itself up to and including the JST connector. Not easy to get at the board itself.
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    Excellent theme and very well put together. Once I was told how the replay worked on this theme I haven't looked back. The colours used in this theme are quite nice and the option of turning them grey is a bonus. Would definitely recommend to any fan of the new movie or stylish themes in general.
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    @Odysseus seems I kicked the hornets nest 😉 At least this thread is active again, hehe
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    Thanks guys for the correction and input!
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    Had this, my problem was that my ohms reading wasnt stable. Had to open everything up on my rda, let it sit on water for a day then clean it troughtfully. After that i wicked it SPACED COIL, and voila, working as a charm
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    Yeah that seems to be working. I think it was just because there was no "save puff" or "playing" that came up but what you said there appears to be saving the puff and repeating it. Again excellent work on the theme and thanks for the reply
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    Hey guys, figured what the problem was, i was having really unstable ohm's readings. Disassembled my atomizer cleaned it thoroughly and now it works flawlessly, thanks a lot for the support.
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    As posted in the other thread you asked this question.... multiple posts are not necessary and can confuse... https://www.google.com/search?q=dna+250c&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS840US840&oq=dna+250c&aqs=chrome..69i57j0j35i39l2j0l2.5037j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
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    Hey man great theme! I'm having some trouble getting the save puff on replay to work any advice . Otherwise excellent work and can't wait to see more
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    Welcome to the forum, as a small incentive I've made something simple for you: my_default_dark-VW.ecigtheme You can modify it, share it, or keep it exclusively for yourself, but remember what Wayneo wrote: "If you were to decide to publish it for others, just give credit to the original theme author." my_default_dark-VW2.ecigtheme Another version with better displayed monitor in the Puff-Info-Screen, so the space for graphics is already at the end and there is little room for further changes ... (my english is awful - translated by google)
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    I upgraded these old Hana box's. I found a 3D printed sled at Shapeways & fitted the box with a 20700! It fit perfect with no mods to the case at all! Battery life is great with the Sanyo B I wanted to upgrade the door from screws to magnets, but never got around to it
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    Those external buttons are directly below the tank/boro. Sounds like a leak to me, but you will check that. The board is behind the fire button panel. If you didn't buy one with the USB port already in it, it complicates things for you. Keep us posted 👍
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    I'm a big fan of the Billet Box and a big fan of your theme @laurie9300 Really good job....thanks for sharing it
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    I love this theme by laurie9300 . I use it on all of my four Billet Boxes. Keep up the great job!
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    Are you running the latest approved version of EScribe? You might try installing the INT version from this link https://www.evolvapor.com/products/dna250color Scroll down to EScribe Suite..... Select INT version
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