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    Well, the display of the Preheat temperature is quite interesting, but to set this directly seems pointless, since the chipset works in fixed increments. As far as I interpret the behavior correctly, these steps are dependent on the set target temperature, as well as the exceeding of the TC target temperature in Preheat is not possible - even if the direct temperature input suggests something else. There is a direct dependency between Preheat-Temp and Preheat-Punch. So I decided to optionally display the preheat temperature (assigned by the chipset) - but the setting is done as a preheat punch. Should someone explain to me in an understandable way that my explanations are wrong, I will go back this step, of course. In the following standard topics, I have added a screen on which these dependencies can be observed well: PreHeat-Boost-Test.ecigtheme
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    Version 1.0.0


    This theme uses LARGE BOLD FONTS to increase legibility. ( added Adjust Boost Punch picture for latest firmware. ) it can be used for DNA non color boards. individual pics also attached as zip file. DNA 250 LARGE BOLD FONTS.zip
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    Really like the color and layout of your theme. I want to add a picture into bottom of lock screen, does it need to have transparent background to look correct? And do you resize image before uploading into designer?
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    What happened to the 5 watt incremental option. 1 watt at at a time is pants, .5 why would you! The options in escribe are pointless being there as really there is no option unless we actually get decent options. First thing I noticed when got my VShark DNA200 back up and working was the no 5 watts option.
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    Version 1.0.0


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    Hi Gwyar, danke für Deine Nachricht. ja, das "Temp Sensing Detect"-Flag wird vom OS true/false geschaltet, ohne, dass der User darauf Einfluss nehmen könnte - im Gegensatz z.B. beim "Temp Sensing Material"-Flag, welches er ja in den Drahtprofilen setzen oder löschen kann. Daher ist das gewählte und verwendete Theme auch irrelevant. D.h. nicht wirklich, denn meine komplett von Grunde auf selbst erstellten Themes zeigen im Gegensatz zu anderen eben auch den Status des TSD-Flags an. Das erleichtert die Fehlersuche, wenn mal eben solche Probleme auftreten. Die TSD-Überprüfung ist immer aktiv und wird vom OS kontrolliert und geschaltet, sobald man TC verwendet. Nur eben wann und wie oft der Status dieses Flags seitens des OS gecheckt und geschaltet wird, ist mir nicht klar. Und da habe ich eben den Verdacht, dass dies nur beim Upload der Settings auf den Mod und beim Verdampfer-Wechsel und der anschliessenden Meldung "Neuer Coil" durchgeführt wird - was die von mir beschriebene Symptomatik erklären könnte. Nur dann hat der User eben auch keine Chance, das TSD-Flag manuell erneut checken und auf "True" setzen zu lassen, nachdem ein temporärer Fehler bestand und dann seitens des Users beseitigt wurde. Beste Grüsse P.S. beim Drone muss der Dead Rabbit um 1mm angehoben werden, damit der §%&|$$*-Drone sich nicht ins Höschen pisst. - mit einem 0,5mm O-Ring komme ich da nicht weit. Habe mir daher auch 1mm Neopren bestellt, um 24mm Scheiben mit einem 6mm Loch darin anfertigen zu können. Denn die Basis-Platte mit dem 510er möchte ich nicht abdrehen - sonst habe ich auf anderen Mods keinen Kontakt mehr. Hi Gwyar, thanks for your message. yes, the "Temp Sensing Detect"-Flag is switched true / false by the OS without the user being able to influence it - in contrast e.g. with the "Temp Sensing Material"-Flag, which the User can set True or False in the different wire profiles. Therefore, the chosen and used theme is irrelevant. OK, the used theme is not really irrelevant, because in opposite to other Themes, my completely self-created themes "Mr. Theo Bottomfeeder" shows the status of the TSD-Flag. This makes troubleshooting easier when such problems occur. The TSD measuring is always active, controlled and switched by the OS as soon as the User use TC. But in what circumstances and how often the status of this flag is checked and switched by the OS, is completely unclear to me. As I suspect by the last experiences, this verification is just done by the OS when uploading the settings to the mod or if changing the RDA/wire (with subsequent message "New Coil") - that could explain the symptoms I have described. But if so, the user won`t have any chance to set the TSD flag manually to "True" again after a temporary error has occurred and has then been eliminated by the user. Best regards P.S. if using the drone with the dead rabbit, this RDA must be raised by 1/25", so that the §% & | $$ * - drone does not piss in it`s panties. - With a 1/50" O-Ring I don't get very far. Therefor, I ordered 1/25" neoprene now to be able to make 24mm discs with a 6mm hole in them. Because I do not want to shorten the 510 on the base plate of the Dead Rabbit on my lathe - otherwise I have no contact on other mods with that RDA.
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    Make sure you have a good Usb data cable to use... charge only usb cables don't transfer any data....
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    Gwyar you are right the preheat temp even if set > of target temperature will never exceed it. I just looked at device monitor. So for me the best way is to set the punch directly and only show preheat temp for clarification. Thank you.
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    Привет! Температура предварительного нагрева, это отдельная настройка, которая не зависит от настроек температуры катушки и может настраиваться с любыми градациями. Эта настройка малоэффективна из за того, что в ней не корректно используется приращение мощности и как следствие за 1 секунду катушка просто не успевает нагреться до нужных параметров. Настройка температуры предварительного нагрева очень хорошо работает в случае понижения температуры и очень неэффективна в случае повышения. P.S. gwyar, я по-прежнему восхищен Вашими работами и Вашим глубоким пониманием темы дискуссии.
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    I can not understand the statement now, of course it is possible to activate replay directly via a theme ... Not only in my themes this works without problems.
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    That board button is actually composed of 3 pieces. You can carefully remove the top metal section by the raised section in each side, and below remove the rubber and silver disc, then clean them all and re-assemble. Or, failing that, open a Help Desk ticket for their guidance. Link in my sig.
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    They're the same preheat type, just slightly different ways of adjusting it. You can show both on the same screen in your theme and you'll see that adjusting the punch changes the preheat temp (by about 8-9°C per step).
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    What is the coil material? I see both coils actually dropping resistance when firing by a couple mΩ's. And you can use a sniping tool for decent printscreen.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Red and Black Theme for Rebel Vape DNA C Devices. Packed with features, this has taken a while to perfect. Please note that the "Charging Stats" , USB logo and Power Cord logo are only visible when conditions are met. They will not interfere with the normal look of the theme, as they are only there to provide information when needed. (I would not recommend charging your device via the USB, but I have included the feature incase it is needed) This is my first theme I have created, I hope it is enjoyed and would like to here your opinions.
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    Version 1.0.0


    First Theme based on some older Captain America comic covers. Some of the text is hard to read due to the color scheme of Red, White, and Blue.
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    Version 1.0.1


    If you like a lot of information on the home screen, and want to adjust preheat / boost settings from the main screen then you might like this! All the features present on my previous themes, Gauges and the Material-ish themes, are available on this one too. Please let me know if you find any bugs / issues. Happy to take feature suggestions too! Check out my other themes
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    The 510 on the Drone is spring loaded and has a fairly stiff spring. This simple test will tell you if the 510 is electrically sound: Open EScribe with mod connected to computer with data cable with no atomizer and select Atomizer Analyzer at the bottom of the General page. Atomizer Analyzer should show "?" Next use a small screw driver inserted into the 510 to short the positive pin to the ground of the 510 (threads). If you get a reading of Ohms instead of a question mark then the 510 is connected to the board. If no change then the 510 is not properly connected to the board or the board it faulty.
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    The problem with EScribe on Linux is (technical explanation follows): in its library HidSharp. Specifically, since Mono (and Xamarin) were purchased by Microsoft, they've been making the code on Mono act more like Windows. They altered how ICustomMarshaler operates on Mono (now its behavior matches Windows), and it broke HidSharp on Linux. Newer versions of HidSharp fix it. It's working fine on Linux in my development version. We could make an intermediate release for Linux, as long as folks are fine with it being explicitly a test version. Well, I guess this thread has always been named Beta Thread? :)
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    Вот ресурс на котором есть подробное описание методики
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    You could search for it or even better, run your own battery analyzer. Guaranteed accurate for your mod and batteries.
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    Great you got it sorted out... but it would be good to keep the battery in the device, use it till it gets to the point it needs to be charged, and charge it within the device to make sure the charging circuit balance charges the battery up to 99% again....... 😉
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a fully configured Escribe settings file for the new Lost Vape Mirage DNA 75C. Highlights: All 8 profiles configured, with: 3 temp control profiles for favorite atomizer and build combos. My go-to is the Pharaoh RTA as the primary profile, plus the Crown III and the SMOK Baby Beast for emergencies while traveling 5 power-only profiles, at presets of 35, 40, 45, 50 watts Includes my posted DNA 75C Enhanced Default Theme v2.2 which greatly expands the stock theme's capabilities Standard materials plus two SS316L materials, one curve and one TCR set at 0.00094 Mod fully configured: Battery Analyzer run for iJoy 21700 3750 mAh 40A battery Cell Soft Cutoff set to 2.75V, max sustained discharge at 24A, max peak discharge at 35A for longer cell life Output currents set at DNA 75C spec sheet typical rating Mod internal resistance at 0.0031 ohms, measured with copper plug (actual 0.004 x 80%, minus an extra 0.1 mOhm for kick(s) Built for EScribe Suite International v2.0 SP12 or higher, running beta firmware v1.1 SP27 or higher Hope everyone enjoys!
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