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  2. Drughugs

    Nifethal 52 and 250c

    I guess at this point I should mention the fused claptons made of the same material, spaced wraps, are doing the same thing. I’ve made fused claptons from nifethal with ss316l cladding before, and the custom csv I got from wire wizard worked fine for those. I figured having nifethal 52 cladding with a nifethal 52 core would be more accurate, using the nifethal 52 csv from SE. Same problem, 100+ Watts and it says it was only like 300f. Just tried the spaced 26g build, seemed to be working before I wicked, now it’s a vapeable temperature but still seems way too warm . Could the csv somehow have corrupted?
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  4. Citrael

    Violet theme

    Version 1.0.0


    Violet theme for DNA 250c, DNA 75c.
  5. retird

    Nifethal 52 and 250c

    Try a spaced coil instead of a contact coil....
  6. Drughugs

    Nifethal 52 and 250c

    I’ve recently purchased nife48 from, which, as I understand it, is listed on SE as Nifethal 52. So I acquired the aforementioned .csv, wrapped a set of 8/7 wrap 3mmID contact coils out of 26ga (0.40mm) and installed them in a Creed RTA. Everything worked great! Loved it. Fast forward a bit, I’m recoiling the creed, same kind of wire, wraps, everything, and when I fire it up, it blasts me with the hottest vapor I’ve ever gotten off a round wire build. Puff info says 136 watts, and that it didn’t reach 450f (my nearly burned tongue says otherwise) I really have searched everywhere, to no avail, for information regarding this. So, this is my first post on any forum! Lurker no more!
  7. drjohnson61

    Battery life isn't that great on dna250c Why?

    I use 2 Molicel/NPE INR-18650-P28A 35A 2800mAh Flat Top 18650 Batterys, in my Lost Vape Drone DNA250C BF Squonk Mod, and I'm getting 2 days out of them. I vape a lot and it's not my only good mod but it's my favorite. I'm super impressed with the Whole Molicel/NPE Line of Batterys. I use all of them, 18650 2600 mAh and 2800 mAh, 20700 and 21700. I love them all!
  8. drjohnson61

    Lost Vape Drone 250C issues.

    I got some cool Squonk fill bottles from WOTOFO, Stentorian Easy Refill Squonk Bottle. I have some others but these hold 30ml and they are silicone bottles. Much easier to squeeze and they seal up tight. It's a lot more convenient than replacing the bottle.
  9. retird

    Reset Total Hits

    I don't do code so if there is a line of code then somebody may jump in to help.... I've not heard of anybody doing that tho.....😊
  10. JaI Haze

    Mac Suppport

    yea I can 100% confirm that with the coffee lake cpu's it does not work, or any of the quad cores. It does work on the mac mini and even on catalina. So whoever is coding this, if you want to make it open source or send me the files I can also help code it to be more compatiable. Not 100% sure when I can get to it, but I do have a strong coding background
  11. JaI Haze

    Reset Total Hits

    @retird there isnt a way to run a line of code? There has to be something to wipe the memory
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  13. F0RGE

    Data sheet dnaGo ?

    Thanks for your answer Wayneo. Very useful
  14. Citrael

    Simple RUS

    Version 0.0.3

    1 download

    На форуме удивительно мало тем на русском языке. И вот моя задача сделать простую и понятную тему для Dna 250c. тема рассчитана на устройство на 2 акб, но можно добавить и 3й. У кого есть предложения и кто готов протестировать - милости прошу в комментарии или в ветку на форуме. Если понравится, то могу добавить и английский язык для того чтобы больше народу попробовало тему.
  15. retird

    DNA250C in the Topside carbon?

    I guess anything is possible depending on how much modifications are needed in that device.... may not look too pretty however.... here is a datasheet that shows dimensions and etc.... Your duplicate post has been deleted.... not necessary here to post duplicate posts as it only can confuse.... welcome to the forum....
  16. retird

    Reset Total Hits

    Total Puffs since Reset is the only one you can reset... Total Puffs is the total puffs since new and remains....
  17. I was curious if anyone knows if it would be even possible to install a dna250c chip in the new topside carbon?
  18. Citrael

    Simple Russian Theme DNA250c

    Simple RUS a3 -Исправлены переходы при входе за границы экранов -Изменены обои главного экрана -Добалена статистика USB и двух АКБ -Исправлен сброс количества затяжек -Поправлены цвета темы У кого есть предложения по добавлению или изменению меню, настроек, внешнего вида или перевода милости прошу сюда или в раздел с файлами. simple_rus_a3.ecigtheme
  19. JaI Haze

    Reset Total Hits

    I have tried everything from reset stats to hard boot and restore from defaults. There has to be a way to totally reset how many hits are logged on the memory. Anyone know?
  20. Amr Samir

    DNA 250c dead

    Dear All kindly help me as my DNA250c stopped working during using it no any hint before dead to show me if i had problem in my device or not , it was work good and normal i tried to change battery , connect it with direct charge and connect to E scribe but no response its just dead
  21. Wayneo

    Think Vape Finder DNA250C issues

    YOU need to read and set the resistance in each profile you're using that coil. New coil, or not That alone might fix the majority of your issues.
  22. DBA

    Battery Cover

    so did they tell you they're not supporting broken battery covers any more? I got one a few months ago.
  23. Wayneo

    Data sheet dnaGo ?

    NO Datasheet posted. HxWxD(mm): 29(including protruding usb) x 10.2 x 5 Hit up the Help Desk (link in my sig) they should be able to answer your questions.

    Request for escribe software on android!

    I said it..2 and a half years ago..damnit I should at least get my name put up in there somewhere as credit towards the idea.. next time I will patent an ideas and keep my mouth shut lol... I would of certainly loved to beta tested what I feel was my idea cause I certainly back in January of 2017 wasnt seeing or hearing anything about people wanting to use their android based phones to program their DNA devices. Good lookn cegunter87 for letting me know my idea was brought to life. Ahh its 1 of those things that few people could of thought about but just takes that 1 person to get up and actually do it. If I wasn't running an automotive repair facility 7 days a week with a 6 year old and a 5 month pregnant wife I might of actually tried to make the idea come to life cause it was a good one for sure.. much love to all the DNA family out there and HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all!!!
  25. I bought one last year after my Realeaux died, can't say that I was taken by the screen, menu, changes to the accessibility of e-scribe and the way that (this particular mod at least) the new/old coil recognition made burning in a Kanthal/Ni-Chr coil so damned difficult. A few hours on escribe and at best its certainly nowhere near as good as the 200 it was supposed to replace. So two more of my old dna200s have since died and I'm back to using this POS,the issues ... it reads under on resistance, constantly but won't register the correct res even if the atty is removed and re-set. it lags, even in boost it'll show resistance, power setting but no voltage : it ttakes a couple of presses to get it firing. Kanthal or TC, reminds me of the vtc-minis inability to set its base resistance . Batteries are new K-sony vtc-5s, battery profile was set, 510 is clean Earth-negative issues or really truly a bad mod and strangled board?
  26. F0RGE

    Data sheet dnaGo ?

    Is there any data sheet somewhere ? I can’t find it looking for complete mechanical dimensions too
  27. mess0302

    Original theme for therion dna 75c

    hi , i m looking for too
  28. Wayneo

    Lost Vape Drone 250C issues.

    Myfreedomsmokes has replacement squonk bottles
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