my basic themes for dna75c / 250c - just for vaping V3.1

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Unfortunately, the preview is not complete - look at my own screenshots!



LCARS BasicTheme-3.pngLCARS BasicTheme-3-5.png

I have reduced the functions to the absolute minimum; no clock, no date, no nothing ...

The navigation is simple - screen exit down round robin and exit up to lock the device.

The result: no shuffling through menus and submenus - just vaping and everything you need is on exactly one screen!



The change of wire type must still be completed by pressing the firebutton, since the wire is tested internally

- The gradation of the power setting is of course adapted to the performance

- all protections against erroneous settings (eg Temp-Protect in power mode), as usual from my enhanced themes



-the functions for REPLAY are only enabled in power mode (as provided by Evolv) and only after activation if the coil is REPLAY-capable.


- if replay is activated, the specific functions are only displayed, if the coil is replayable


In addition to the battery indicator in the upper area of the screen, the entire display is framed by a charge level indicator.
If the battery level is less or equal to 5%, a clear warning appears.

battery indicator.png




Well, the display of the Preheat temperature is quite interesting, but to set this directly seems pointless, since the chipset works in fixed increments.
As far as I interpret the behavior correctly, these steps are dependent on the set target temperature, as well as the exceeding of the TC target temperature in Preheat is not possible - even if the direct temperature input suggests something else. There is a direct dependency between Preheat-Temp and Preheat-Punch.
So I decided to display the preheat temperature (assigned by the chipset) - but the setting is done as a preheat punch.
Should someone explain to me in an understandable way that my explanations are wrong, I will go back this step, of course.


I have permission from the companies "StattQualm" and "Vapor Giant" to use their protected logos for private use.
I expressly point out that any commercial use, including the distribution of my themes with upstream advertising banners, is prohibited.

Mir liegt die Erlaubnis der Firmen "StattQualm" und "Vapor Giant" zur Verwendung ihrer geschützten Logos für den privaten Gebrauch vor. 
Ich weise ausdrücklich darauf hin, dass jegliche kommerzielle Nutzung, dazu zählt auch die Verbreitung meiner Themes mit vorgeschalteten Werbebannern, untersagt ist. 

What's New in Version V3.1   See changelog


V3.1: small bugfix on the lockscreen
(only occurred if replay was activated, but no puff was saved. Version "StattQualm" is not affected due to the different layout)

V3: - contrary to my original intention, I saw the need to add another screen - "Profile".
In addition to the direct selection of a profile, the resistance query can be locked ("Lock Resistance") and the suitability of the coil can be tested (TSM detect) if a TempSensitive material is selected.
With the "Fire" button, the new wire selection is immediately confirmed for the system, the coil is tested internally and a possible change between power and TC mode is carried out.


V2.9: - the new atomizer screen is also colored red in battery less or equal than 5%

V2.8: Function update:
- Similar to the mainscreen, a clear battery warning on the lockscreen, but here depending on the set power: over 20W at 15% and less, below 20W at 5% and less (on the mainscreen generally at 5% and less)

V2.7: - small change on the "New Atty" screen
- Since I started the theme about 6 months ago, I had a tiny display problem on the main screen, which probably only bothered me.
Eliminating the problem always resulted in 1.) exceeding the control limit, 2.) exceeding the memory limit, or 3.) flickering of the screen.
Well, I woke up this morning with an inspiration - the solution was amazingly easy. Thus the graphic development of the theme is finished.



Here I publish my personal theme.
I use it on my paranormal, only with atomizers from StattQualm and VaporGiant.
Since I only use my Squape above 0.3Ω, my VapoGiant below 0.2Ω, the "NewAtty" screen is displayed every time I change the atomizer, so that I can / have to change the profile there.
In this way it is possible for me to assign a suitable logo on the lockscreen to each atomizer; Profiles 1 to 4 are reserved for StattQualm atomizers and profiles 5 to 8 are reserved for VaporGiant atomizers.
Of course it looks great if you have previously renamed the profiles in Escribe to match the atomizers 😉

(In the screenshot, profile 1 is active on the left - renamed "N [duro] SCR". On the right, profile 5 is renamed "KRONOS". Otherwise, only "profile 1" would be displayed as an example)

V2.6: - I redesigned the NewAtomizer screen

V2.5: since it is my daily theme, I made some small visual changes ...
As inconspicuous as they are, they took a lot of time until I was satisfied.

V2.1: I have made minor changes in the color, as well as the manual measurement of the resistance and display of the same

V2: I have incorporated extensive changes that are not visible at first glance.
The most obvious is the fact that the switch between the individual operating modes no longer has to be confirmed with the fire button; the display changes immediately (only the change of wire type must still be completed by pressing the Firebutton, since the wire is tested internally).
Otherwise, the theme runs more smoothly and further, better warnings in the case of incorrect, unpredictable operating mode, and low battery are added.

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