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Remixed 1.3.3

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About This File

Remix of SirTimmyTimbit's Gauges theme, the default Evolv theme, and a few custom touches.

  • UI from Gauges, but without the gauges. Instead there's a minigraph. Click it to go to the full Puff Info screen.
  • Status bar at top of Main and Menu screens shows battery level and Cold Ohms when idle, Live Ohms while firing, and USB current while charging.
  • Last Puff Time and Last Puff Average Power are displayed in small font below the minigraph.
    • In TC modes, Power is below the minigraph in normal font, and Temperature is in the large font.
    • In TC + Replay, Temperature is below the minigraph
    • In TC + Replay with a puff saved, Last Puff Average Temperature is below the minigraph.
  • Profile editing allows Temperature to be edited when Replay is enabled. DNA supports TC+Replay so this theme does as well.
  • Classic/New UI switch moved to Display options.
  • Indicator LED stays green while mod is idle, goes out in lock/standby:
    • The DNA writes the current settings when this light goes out. If you pull the batteries while the LED is on, you'll lose your changes!
  •  Menu is icon grid from Digital.

What's New in Version 1.3.3   See changelog


  • Main screen clean up, elements are less crowded and graph is larger
  • Lock and Main no longer have (nonexistent) wallpapers selected. This might fix the occasional "Error Press Up" on wake, not sure.

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We can not reinvent the wheel, actually everything was already there. But I'll tell you a secret:

The art is rather to select the right thing and to combine it again. If necessary, pick up new suggestions. To refine the whole thing with an individual touch.
And that's exactly what you did very well.

5 Stars!

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