The Six Green Skulled Vaporizer Themes MK III

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About This File

Six themes to choose from with toggle switch for all green main screen and certain features of the sub menu.

hope you enjoy this theme let me know if there is a problem and thumbs up or a like would be much appreciated 

if you would like to join my facebook group you can join by clicking the link underneath


What's New in Version MK III   See changelog


I just updated the riddler theme lockscreen , he looked a bit odd with no title

also just added changes to the main menu i put a toggle switch in above the OHM read out for ease of use to lock and unlock the coil and changed the text size of wattage numbers and temperature numbers from 26pt to 30pt - these slight new versions are mark with (II) on the end of the title of the theme - example ( The Green Skulled Riddler II )




OK this is a test file for The Green Skulled Vaporizer III + phb toggle TEST -- as the picture indicates below you should now be able to alter Preheat , Punch , Boost from the main screen and when Replay is available you will get Replay warmth on screen to number 1-11 also move the lock ohm toggle in between the number values of these new options but vertical instead of horizontal  - also new lock page now can alter unlock clicks and lock clicks - atomizer page has had a little face lift and moved somethings to preheat menu 


preheat options has also been revamped with the same icons on the main screen and rearranging of other items , stats (puff info) page also has a new shortcut aswell as the device page

basically this is a test file i need and want feedback if everything works as it should regarding the Preheat , Boost ,Punch , Replay Warmth options of 1-11 which are on the mainscreen now

T , icon is Preheat

B , icon is Boost / Punch

W, icon is Replay Warmth

What to download - this test file is named  "The Green Skulled Vaporizer III + phb toggle TEST"


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Wow! This is my new favorite theme. Formula one clearly put a lot of work into the design here and it shows.  Beautifully designed and uniquely laid out. Uses lots of toggles and icons to save space and make screens easier to read. I had to poke around a bit to understand all the functions as there are approximately a bajillion tools and settings the user can define, some with abbreviations that are new to me (preheat and replay options initially confused me). It doesn't feel cluttered or overwhelming though because everything is spread out with related tools and settings grouped together on their own pages. Plus there are icons and toggles instead of text everywhere possible. Aside from a couple personal taste changes I made like the date format (default is dd/mm/yy) and swapping out the puff counter for a clock on the main screen, this thing is about perfect. Having tried and liked most of formula one's themes, I think this is the best one yet. Well thought out and beautifully executed. Thanks for sharing your hard work! 👍👍

Response from the author:

what a glowing review many thanks for that , these late nights and early mornings and putting themes on here to share makes it all worthwhile when i read such reviews  - thankyou very much again always thinking of another theme to do

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