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Just the essentials, no fluff.. practicing restraint was tougher than I thought!

This was a W.I.P, was going to go the traditional route and include every option I could squeeze into the theme.. How often do I use these options? turns out barely.. if ever.

The theme only ever displays options that are relevant to the selected profile, nothing more.. if something is unavailable its hidden.


What do you get?

  1. Wattage control.
  2. Temp control.
  3. Replay control.
  4. Profile control.
  5. Coil ohm control.
  6. Graph featuring last puff wattage & peak temp (accessed by round robin-ing the main screen)
  7. Powerbank.
  8. Puff counters.
  9. Display settings.
  10. Stat dumps.
  11. Moose knuckle.
  12. Camel hump.


That's it and I bet it's all you'll ever need.. refreshingly simple.

What's New in Version 0.1.2   See changelog


  • Fixed font size for "last puff time" field on the graph page.

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