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About This File

Tailormade themes for private use are available on request for almost every brand in almost every color

- deutsch und englisch umschaltbar in einer Bedienoberfläche

- too many details to list them; You will discover them in daily use and you will love them ...





Description_for _translation.txt

If someone is interested in a version with a brand logo / background according to their own wishes - just leave a comment and I'll see if it can be implemented.


See also my other Themes:

Edited by CMK aka gwyar
new description

What's New in Version 4.0.3   See changelog


V4 - completely revised version with further configurable lock and main screen

2.9: small graphical adjustments

Scarlet Passion: Bug "Out of space" fixed

INT_2.0_SP20 _2-5:
- minor changes in TC mode; Among other things, the peak temperature is displayed instead of the average temperature of the last puff
- Resistance setting back to 3 decimal places; 4 Decimal Places are nice in the lab, but not in daily use


Well, the display of the Preheat temperature is quite interesting, but to set this directly seems pointless, since the chipset works in fixed increments.
As far as I interpret the behavior correctly, these steps are dependent on the set target temperature, as well as the exceeding of the TC target temperature in Preheat is not possible - even if the direct temperature input suggests something else. There is a direct dependency between Preheat-Temp and Preheat-Punch.
So I decided to optionally display the preheat temperature (assigned by the chipset) - but the setting is done as a preheat punch.
Should someone explain to me in an understandable way that my explanations are wrong, I will go back this step, of course.

In the following standard topics, I have added a screen on which these dependencies can be observed well    PreHeat-Boost-Test.ecigtheme

Tja, die Anzeige der Preheat-Temperatur ist ja recht interessant, aber dies direkt einzustellen scheint sinnlos, da der Chipsatz in festen Schritten arbeitet. 
Soweit ich das Verhalten richtig deute, sind diese Schritte von der eingestellten Zieltemperatur abhängig, ebenso ist das Überschreiten der TC-Zieltemperatur im Preheat nicht möglich - selbst wenn die direkte Temperatureingabe etwas anderes suggeriert. Es existiert eine direkte Abhängigkeit zwischen Preheat-Temp und Preheat-Punch. 
Ich habe mich daher dazu entschieden, zwar wahlweise die (vom Chipsatz zugeordnete) Preheat-Temperatur anzuzeigen - die Einstellung geschieht jedoch als Preheat-Punch.
Sollte mir jemand für mich verständlich darlegen, dass meine Ausführungen falsch sind, gehe ich diesen Schritt natürlich zurück.

Im folgenden Standardtheme habe ich einen Bildschirm hinzugefügt, auf welchem siche diese Abhängikeiten gut beobachten lassen PreHeat-Boost-Test.ecigtheme


INT_2.0_SP20 _2:


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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

This is really a hidden gem. 👍Super solid theme! I'd suggest you really take the extra 5 minutes and read the 'about' section so you understand what's going on.

Actually, this Author really knows his stuff. Helpful and responsive with others on more than just his many themes.

And if you like it, or not, sign up and leave a comment or review. No spam on this site :raised_hands:

Response from the author:

Thank you for this award 😊

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Thunder Dick

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

I have a question about your enhanced evolv landscape theme . I was running this same theme before with a couple of tweaks and it worked flawless best theme I have used. I wanted to get rid of the changes I made to the theme so I reinstalled the theme just as you made it with no changes this time. I am now having a issue every time I take a puff after it's been sitting for a second it keeps asking if it's a new coil . I have made small changes to this theme countless times and it runs with no problem but now this time it's acting up with no changes . I am really kinda stumped on this so any insight you might have would be greatly appreciated thanks again for all the hours you spend making these themes and sharing them with all of us and I'll be looking forward to seeing what you might think this issue might be .

Response from the author:

Hi - I have no idea how long your question has been here, I just saw it ... I cannot actually explain the behavior described to myself as a (mal) function of a / my theme ... Does this behavior only and always occur in connection with the theme, regardless of the coil?

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Hallo erste mal,


habe runtergeladen und getestet.Entscheidung positiv ✌️ 

Response from the author:

Probier bitte nie neue Version aus - lohnt sich! 

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aMir S


Many additions, corrections and improvements, while maintaining the general look of the Evolv theme! everything needed is there. Thanks for your hard work 😍

Response from the author:

Thanks, I appreciate your words - you also put a lot of time into your theme. Not to mention your support...

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