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This Theme having most features of the DNA 75C Board on Screen, was still made as simple and as big characters as it could be, not only is a material based theme where you only need to change the material to vape on the main screen but still gives you access to the profiles under the settings menu, all of this with a cool taste of one of the most famous games ever in games world which is The Witcher 3, hope you guys would enjoy it and please give me your feedback if anything need to be enhanced. Thanks

The Witcher theme preview.png

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This is the newer version of old version which I added the replay mode feature on it and changed the profile color within the theme to be more clear than before, please guys down load it try it and give me your feedback with any enhancement we need to do to improve the theme if needed. thanks all and hope you will enjoy

The Witcher theme preview 2.png

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