1.03 Evolve 24Hour Big Letters BusardoStyle :-) 1.0.2

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Have done some big letters and numbers when possible. Its a 24 hour watch, also in vaping mode "main Screen) You can use it in wattage and temp Control With different wire

I try to set up big enough letters and numbers on the screen, so Phil Busardo can see what the f......is going on in there. XD 


Best Regards

Ivar Isaksen

What's New in Version 1.0.2   See changelog


Small changes With color and its now possible to change wattage and and temp 1 watt at time.

Hope it Works okei,if not ,please let me know :)

Best Regards


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Thank you!

I found a bug. The New Atomizer screen is only accessible if the mod is plug in.  If not plugged in, the option to go the new atomizer screen is unaccessible.  And the ohm reading is not visible, and subsequently the "measure again" seems to not working.

Also, the preheat function option "off" is off screen (no puns intended :)

Thank you again for working on the theme.  Cheers. 

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Okei,thanks.I havent use it myself,but i Will do my best to fix it :-) please give it a Day or two, i will let you know when its done.

Best Regards 


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