DNA75c black & white theme 2.8.3

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Just noticed that the font seems to have some problems: Sometimes there are appearing whitespaces between the numbers  (e.g. battery charge or amps) where there shouldn't be any: e.g. "7 1 %" instead "71%" or "12.2 1 A" instead "12.21 A". It seems to be related to char "1" at certain positions in the string.

You can even see it in the screenshorts here: Take a look at the date and the "17" in the lock screen.

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Nice profile, however, I like Temp Control best, in Celcius.  When adjusting temp, it goes in 5 degree increments, instead of 1 degree.  I tried to fix it, but then I somehow get rid of wattage mode (when I switch to wattage it still shows degrees instead of watts).  How to adjust the temp steps to be in 1 step instead of 5?  Otherwise a really nice theme, kudos!

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