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Therion 75C - 8 Background Options - UK/AU & US versions 1.0.6

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About This File

* NEW preheat feature in watts mode for kanthal / non temp control coils *
Please see the release notes below for how to use.
Note: For this feature to work correctly you will need to upload this theme using EScribe Suite 2.0 SP6 (or later) to a device with international firmware 1.1 SP26 (or later). For more information please see here: Early Firmware and Escribe Suite and here: Why international only .

I have made this theme with the aim of including as many settings as possible whilst remaining user friendly.
The text is large enough to see at a short distance but still (hopefully) remains visually appealing. 
I started with JCBs therion theme and added elements I liked from various other themes, I've also added a few extra screens to fit in all those settings.

US version: Date format m.d.yy and spelling e.g. atomizer
UK/AU version: Date format d.m.yy and spelling e.g. atomiser

Different backgrounds have different colour schemes, e.g. the mossy green version uses green headings and green highlights etc. 

  Dark Twilight            Light Rays                Cloudy                   Colour                  Deep Blue           Diagonal Blue         Mossy Green              Ocean

 598e73959e09d_CloudyDemonBlood.png.47afe8e6a2a3a2497cf61a2e49f41a73.png         598e739738b5d_CloudyLightRays.png.cabc865939f11072a3554d0f6644651d.png         598e7397c85cd_CloudyRainbow.png.30db759aba3d0e7aa8268e9782066b81.png         Multicolour.png.54d487dce699acb6bfc2a9022ac33819.png         59855a66c0104_DeepBlue.png.bb88b7fae1ecf338c721db191f9d52f3.png         59855a838c68e_DiagonalBlue.png.4b85bac102b93f822af7776239ae3448.png         599e27e1adfa9_CloudyGreen.png.bbce1bbec3e1ff918f67419c278a1c16.png         599e27e377f39_CloudyWater.png.90809669d0c6dea68b4a1a0557c02649.png

Features / how to use:

~Main Screen~

  • The two icons toward the middle if the screen are selectable, the left one takes you to Device Monitor and the right takes you to Puff Info.
  •  The value below the left icon displays the achieved wattage during the last puff, this is mostly useful for temp control but it can also be useful for battery diagnostic. 
     The value below the right icon display last puff time.
  •  Selecting the coil material (when in temp control) will take you directly to Atomiser Settings.
  •  The values at the very bottom are board temperature and battery voltage, useful for quick diagnosis.

-Large battery bar on lock screen for quick viewing.

-Dynamic status bar on Lock Screen, Main Screen, Settings Menu, Lock Settings and Device Monitor Settings. 
  -Lock Screen shows asterisks (**) as you enter your unlock sequence.
  -Settings Menu shows the name of the highlighted icon. (Atomiser, Display, Puff Info etc.)

-Temperature, resistance lock and preheat options will only display when a temperature sensing material is selected. i.e. in plain wattage mode the options for these will disappear.

-Most screens feature a 'Back' or 'Exit' button or a combination of both. 'Back' will take you back to the screen you came from, e.g. if you go to Atomiser Settings from the Settings Menu the back button will take you back to the Settings Menu. If you go to Atomiser Settings by selecting the coil material on the Main Screen, the Back button will take you back to the Main Screen. In all cases the Exit button will take you directly to the Main Screen.

-Black background on the Device Monitor, Diagnostic and Device Info screens to make the text easier to see and read.

-You can alter 'Watts:' and 'Temp:' on the Diagnostic screen.

-Screens you can fire from: Main Screen (obviously), Atomiser Settings, Device Monitor and Diagnostic. Pressing the fire button on any other screen will give the same result as selecting 'Back'. e.g. if you are on the Display Settings screen you can press the fire button twice to go back to the Main Screen- pressing once goes back to the Settings Menu and another press takes you back to the Main Screen.

-Select the graph on the Device Monitor page to access the Device Monitor Settings.

-Time & Date and Lock Settings are accessible from the System Settings screen.

-The 'Display' icon on the Settings Menu changes based on whether stealth mode is enabled or disabled.

-The options for stealth level are 'Off', '1', '2', or '3'. 
  3 = Screen turns off
  2 = Very dim
  1 = Dim
  Off = Stealth mode is disabled

-Indicator light: 
  Fade in/out red = charging
  Green = charge complete
  Blue/purple = firing



P.S Thank you to all the theme creators whose elements I've ruthlessly and mercilessly pinched. Happy to remove them if it is an issue, just let me know :)

Deep Blue.pngDiagonal Blue.pngMulticolour.pngCloudy Demon Blood.pngCloudy Light Rays.pngCloudy Rainbow.pngCloudy Green.pngCloudy Water.png


Edited by jakeT

What's New in Version 1.0.6   See changelog


Updated to include preheat in watts mode, a feature introduced in SP26. It is now possible to set a 'boost' power for non temp control materials for up to 1 second. When Watts mode is selected Preheat Temperature on the Atomiser screen is replaced with Preheat Time.

To use preheat in watts mode you must update to SP26. Using a preheat power of up to 100W is now possible but requires some configuration in Escribe. Refer to official documentation to effect these changes but please have a decent knowledge of battery safety before doing so.


Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 10.07.36.png

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Hi Jake,

if ya want to implement Replay-Mode easyly into your Theme, have a look onto my Theme Mr. Bottomfeeder:

Simply copy the replay-botton from one of the mainscreens in my theme and insert this button into the mainscreen of your theme.

All neccessary functions are included:

"Replay Off->On" - "Initialize" - "Replay Play/Pause" all in just one switch combined.

You can chose other symbols for the three states of course.

Kind regards



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